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A giant stamper slammed down on the bundle of papers. As it left the page, it left behind a huge, crimson 'APPROVED' stamp right across the residency papers.

'You're all set,' beamed the official who had stamped the papers and handed the sheaf to Grimmjow. 'You are now official residents here.'

He thanked her and smiled before walking back to where Shiro was waiting patiently. He grinned widely and waved the papers in the air.

'We got it,' he exclaimed and handed the papers so that the albino could see the proof.

'Congrats,' Shiro laughed and handed the papers back. 'You are now officially gay.'

Grimmjow chuckled. Then, he looked up to give Shiro a strange look.

'What?' Shiro queried and touched his face. 'Have I got color on my face or something?'

'No, I just wanna…' Grimmjow hesitated but then he steeled himself to look Shiro right in the eye. 'Thanks.'

'For what?'

'For making me gay.'

Shiro blinked in surprise.

'Come again?' he said in confusion.

'When I became gay, I got to meet a guy like you. And a girl like Yoruichi,' Grimmjow started, 'I got the most amazing friends anyone could ever dream of. You guys are like family to me.'

Shiro raised his eyebrows at the bluenette. This was the first time Grimmjow had said something so honestly and from the heart. It was touching and Shiro couldn't help smiling.

'But the minute we walk out this door,' Grimmjow continued, 'all that's going to be over. We're going to have to go back to pretending that none of this ever happened. Though Yoruichi's already been doing that for the last six months. And the only reason we've been in contact is because of these stupid papers. Now there's nothing holding us together. We're over.'

'Hey! Don't say that, Grimm!' Shiro said sharply, scowling. 'There's no way I'd abandon you! We're close! I mean, we're closer than most guys will ever be considering we were a gay couple once but there's no way I'm going to forget about you and our times together!'


'Grimmjow, quit running away! Why do we have to forget? Was it that bad? No! And it's not like we hated being together, right?'

'Well, no, um, I, uh,' Grimmjow coughed uncomfortably and refused to look Shiro in the eye. 'I kinda missed you.'

'See? So we're not going to fall apart! Look, I got an apartment on the other side of Miami and I know it's a little far from yours but we can make plans and-!'

'Shiro, did you even understand what I just said?'


'Don't make me repeat myself!'

'Well, you'll fucking have to because I don't know what you're trying to say!'

'Argh! I said I missed you, pasty! I missed being around you and hanging out with you and all that!'

'Okay, yeah! I missed you like that, too!'

'Are you that fucking clueless!'

'About what?'

'About us!'

'What about us?'

'You're a fucking idiot!'

'What the fuck! What the hell are you talking about, Grimmjow?'

'Oh, for God's sake, he confessing his feelings for you, Mr. In Dire Need of a Sun Tan!' sighed an aggravated voice behind them. Shiro turned around and gaped when he saw who it was.

'Shinji?' Grimmjow uttered in disbelief as he saw the blonde official. Shinji rolled his eyes and cocked one hip out while pointing an accusing finger at Shiro.

'You need a reality check, hun, because you are just as head over heels in love with your ex-lover as he is in love with you!' Shinji exclaimed dramatically. 'You both need to realize that you can't live without each other and are meant to be! It's the way of life and you can't escape it! So kiss and make up and then go get your shemale friend, okay? By the way, Grimmjow, honey, those jeans make your ass look fab-ulous!'

With a final flourish, Shinji sauntered off to his post leaving both males with their mouths open. Shiro was the first to recover, with a light pink dusting across his cheeks.

'So, uh, um, so is that true?' he muttered, glancing at Grimmjow from the corner of his eyes.

'Pretty…pretty much,' Grimmjow coughed before cracking a feeble grin. Shiro rubbed the back of his neck.

'You know this is all happening way too fast, right?' he said rather awkwardly.

'Totally!' Grimmjow agreed quickly, trying not to blush too hard.

'Don't get me wrong! I like you! I mean, I guess in the sense Shinji says but it's gonna take a while for me to realize that I want this to go somewhere. You get me?'

'So...taking it slow?'

'Taking it slow.'

'Fine by me.'

They both grinned before moving in for a hug. Though something felt wrong and out of place.

'You got that feeling, too?' Shiro stated as they parted. Grimmjow nodded.

'It's not the same without Yoruichi,' he replied. Shiro grinned.

'Let's go get out shema-I mean, our girl,' he said boldly. Grimmjow laughed.

'Ready? Okay! Now stretch out your arms and swing them to your left!' chirped the spritely aerobics girl on the workout DVD. Rangiku huffed as she lifted her arms and swung them around.

'You're lucky you don't have boobs like mine or you'd be having a tougher time swinging your upper body around!' she panted and groaned as she heard some joints pop. Maybe she's getting too old for this.

The house phone suddenly rang out urgently in the house. Not wanting to pause in the middle of her workout, otherwise she'd just give up on the rest, Rangiku jogged over to the cordless phone on the wall while still swinging her arms about.

'Hello?' she said breathlessly.

'Hello? Rangiku?' buzzed Shiro's voice. 'Hey, it's me, Shiro!'

'Hello, Shiro darling, where have you been? You must come visiting again with your boyfriend!' Rangiku said excitedly. She missed the boys! It was so dull around the house what with Yoruichi hanging about with gloomy expression and not even telling Rangiku why the boys left the apartment.

'Of course we will! But first, we wanted to know where Yoruichi is!'

'Oh, Yoruichi? She's at the Dildo!'

'The what?'

'The Dildo Hotel!'

Shiro smacked his forehead.

'Do you mean the Delano Hotel?' he said in an exasperated tone.

'Yes, yes, that's the one!'

'Okay, thanks! Bye!'

'Her phone's switched off!' Grimmjow remarked as he got off from his own phone.

'She's at the Delano! Must be some fashion show or something!' Shiro stated quickly.

'Well, what the fuck are we waiting for? Let's go!'

'Yo! Hold it! You guys on the list?'

'What list?'

'That means they're not on the list, Love.'

'Sorry, you guys can't get through.'

'WHAT? Okay, you guys, we really need to get in! It's serious!'

'That's nice, boys, but that won't get your name on the list. Right, Rose?'

'Right, Love.'

'Argh! Shiro! Help me out here!'

'Give 'em some cash, Grimmjow!'

'You gotta be fucking kidding me!'

'Cash'll do nicely. Right, Love?'

'Right, Rose.'

'Buncha cheapskates,' Grimmjow muttered as he stuffed a couple of bills in the security guards hand while Shiro did the same with the blondie who had been blocking his path.

'At least we got through!' Shiro pointed out and scanned the hall.

It was dimly lit, with purple and black lights flashing about. Everything else was decorated according to that scheme; the tables were covered with a lilac silk and black napkins on the plates, the curtains were done up in heavy lavender and black chiffon, and even the walls were painted alternative purple and black. In another hall they could distinctly hear people clapping as a upbeat rhythm played in the background followed by the flashes of many professional cameras. People were also streaming in and out, some greeting while others eating from the snack table.

'There she is!' Grimmjow announced and turned Shiro to his right side. Just as Yoruichi finished greeting a guest and turned to coincidentally face them. A blank expression crossed their faces, not knowing what to say or do perhaps because each thought they must be dreaming.

As always, Yoruichi was dressed elegantly in an icy lilac silk dress that cut just above her knees. It was bunched up at the bodice with a single strip of fabric neatly slung over one shoulder. She had let her hair down so that it flowed naturally about her face and her makeup was so subtle yet smoky to show off her vibrant eyes.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the two boys felt nothing. They looked at each other, realizing at the same time that despite the fact having the most gorgeous woman standing before them, neither of their hearts skipped a beat. Perhaps this was a sign that what they were doing was right. That they were there not to ask for Yoruichi's forgiveness as jilted lovers but as guilty friends. The latter was, after all, a better situation.

Nodding in determination to one another, they faced Yoruichi, who had now steeled her face as she looked at them. They slowly approached her, not breaking their gaze.

Yoruichi pursed her lips. She couldn't take this anymore. She ducked her head and began to walk away.

'Yoruichi, wait!' Shiro said firmly but touched his ex-best friend's arm tenderly to stop her. Surprisingly, she did stop. 'Just…just hear us out…'

'Please?' Grimmjow added, trying to get her to look at them again by making eye contact. She still refused to look at them. But she made no effort to leave at least.

'Yoruichi, look,' Shiro started, struggling with what to say. Shit, he was all prepared to apologize but he hadn't planned on how he was going to bring it up! 'We know we lied to you, and that was wrong of us. We broke your heart and…and…'

He bit his lip. He was normally good at this. Well, he was normally good at spinning up lies. But this time, he was telling the truth. No more lying. No more stories. And no more spinning.

'And?' Grimmjow asked and raised an eyebrow at Shiro. The albino glared at him.

'I'm trying!' Shiro snapped. 'Why don't you try? You're good at this!'

'Oh! Right!' Grimmjow cleared his throat. 'Yoruichi, we know we lied to you, and that was wrong of us. We broke your heart and…'

Shiro groaned and turned his head to the ceiling.

'I just said that, you ass,' he sighed irritably.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at Shiro.

'I'm trying!' he said coldly.

'Try harder!'

'You know what? I don't even know why I bothered to give you two a chance right now!' Yoruichi interrupted their banter icily. 'You'll just never change!'

'Look, it's not our-!' Shiro began but stopped when his eyes rest on something behind Yoruichi. She followed his gaze and her eyes widened.

'Ichigo,' she murmured, her cheeks coloring. She didn't want him to see her like this. She never got around to telling him about what happened between her and the boys. Then again, there really was no way of bringing it up when all they talked about now was work.

'Is everything alright?' he asked, though his tone seemed more like a tone of an employer to his employee. Yoruichi tried not to flinch.

'We're good,' she replied and pushed a strand behind her ear, trying to distract herself. 'They were just leaving.'

Shiro looked at her, his eyes reflecting hurt. Shit, was it really that bad that she would never forgive them?

'So when's the wedding?' Grimmjow asked, trying to lighten the mood. Shiro refrained from rolling his eyes.

Trust Grimmjow to say something as random as that! Earth to Grimmjow, now wasn't a good time!

Yoruichi glanced momentarily at Ichigo, who was concentrating on his shoes.

'Ichigo and I…' she said softly, 'aren't together. Yuzu…didn't want it…'

Grimmjow felt his heart sink and he knew Shiro was feeling the same. Shit, this was worse than they thought. This was…this was horrible. And it was all their fault. They just ruined the lives of two people and one of them they really cared about. And they hurt her twice.

'See you around then,' Ichigo finally said, his voice cracking.

'No, Ichigo, wait!' Grimmjow said suddenly and blocked his path. Grimmjow glanced at Shiro and nodded. It was now or never. They were here to apologize so they might as well apologize for everything. No holding back.

Shiro swallowed thickly before returning the nod. Yeah, there was no holding back now.

'Ichigo, Yoruichi,' he said, trying to keep his voice steady. 'We have something to tell both of you…'

The doors to the dining room banged open and people inside gasped in surprise. Ichigo stormed down the rows of tables, his eyes on fire and his scowl as deep as it could get. Followed closely behind was Yoruichi except her eyes were overflowing with tears and she was trying to cover it up with her hand.

'Yoruichi!' Shiro called behind her as both him and Grimmjow raced towards her. 'Yoruichi! Ichigo! Will you…will you just-!'

He managed to grab Yoruichi's elbow but she suddenly wrenched away and turned on them with a scowl as terrifying as Ichigo's.

'Just get out of my life, both of you!' she screamed at him, hands balled into fists and chest heaving as she tried to control her tears. The entire ballroom had hushed to a gentle murmur.

Yoruichi didn't wait for either of them to say anything. She wanted to get far, far away from the ones who had completely ruined her life! She actually thought them leaving had hurt her even more. On the contrary, them coming back had just made the pain almost unbearable. And now Ichigo was hurt on top of it. She hated them. She wanted them to go away and go away now. And if they wouldn't leave her, then she was leaving them. For good.

'Shit, this is bad,' Grimmjow muttered. Shiro scowled and took off after Yoruichi again. No, he wasn't going to give up. This wasn't the end. This couldn't be the end. He wouldn't let it!

'Yoruichi! Please! Listen to us!' he called out but she refused to stop now. 'Ichigo, will you-!'

'Will I what?' Ichigo suddenly snapped as he rounded on Shiro and pointed an accusing finger at him. The look on his face made Shiro stop dead in his tracks, allowing Grimmjow to catch up. 'I won't do anything you say ever again, you hear me! And don't you come near Yuzu either! She is a child! How could you manipulate her like that! Huh!'

Grimmjow hung his head. He knew it was wrong. He was well aware of what they had done to Yuzu was fucking wrong. But that was why they wanted to apologize!

'You two disgust me,' Ichigo spat out.

'We know what we did was wrong!' Grimmjow suddenly bit out. He hated all these accusations. He wanted it to stop. It was just making everything worse. 'That is why we're here to apologize and ask for forgiveness! From both of you!'

'Yoruichi,' Shiro said softly. The ballroom was now entirely silent. No one was saying a word. Even the music had died down. 'We'd do anything for your forgiveness. Just name it! Whatever it takes, we'll do it!'

Grimmjow nodded in agreement. Yoruichi's eyes were no longer icy. Instead, they reflected pity.

'Just leave us alone, you two,' she murmured and turned her back on them. Ichigo gave them one final glare before following suit.

'Looks like it really is over, huh?' Grimmjow said quietly. His voice was tinged with sadness and that tone made Shiro's blood boil. He didn't know what came over him but seeing Grimmjow this upset pissed him off. Nobody had the right to make his Grimmjow feel that way! He was going to fix this!

He quickly climbed a table.

'Yo, Love! Rose! Stop those two!' he yelled out to the two bodyguards.

'You heard him, Rose.'

'Right you are, Love.'

The two men quickly stood in the doorway, intent on not budging. Yoruichi and Ichigo halted in surprise and turned around to face Shiro in exasperation.

Suddenly, a light shined on Shiro, making his pale skin stand out even more.

'Ugh, great, I'm a fucking neon sign in this place,' he thought sarcastically. He cleared his throat.

'Ummm, ladies and gentlemen, can I have you attention, please?' he announced expertly as Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at him but then climbed up to join his boyfriend. 'Hi, I'm Shiro and this is Grimmjow. And that girl over there…'

Shiro pointed to Yoruichi who rolled her eyes but then blinked in surprise as a light shone on her and Ichigo.

'…that's Yoruichi! Isn't she beautiful? And that's Ichigo, the love of her life!'

Now Ichigo looked at them in surprise as his eyes finally adjusted to the light.

'Yoruichi's our best friend, y'know?' Grimmjow piped in, nodding in the couple's direction. 'We lied to her. We told her we were gay.'

A crowd of boys and men began to hoot and cheer like there was no tomorrow. Grimmjow rolled his eyes while Shiro smacked his forehead. They weren't expecting that. Still, it wasn't bad to know they were considered pretty decent on the gay scale, being new and all.

'Alright, alright, hold up!' Grimmjow called and held out his hands to calm the overexcited homosexuals. 'The only one we're gay for is for each other! Okay?'

'Awwwwww!' the gays pouted.

'Oh my God!' Yoruichi thought as she rolled her eyes. 'They're still playing the gay card? I hope they know that it's not going to win me over this time!'

'Now we did a lot of things we're not proud of!' Grimmjow continued, 'and we're trying to say sorry to her but she won't accept our apology!'

'Can you please tell Yoruichi to forgive us?' Shiro sighed and pointed to Yoruichi one more time. The entire room turned to Ichigo and Yoruichi.

'C'mon, Yoruichi!'

'Give them a chance!'

'They're saying they're sorry!'

'Don't be mean!'

Yoruichi stared at the crowd in bewilderment and then at Grimmjow and Shiro. They were really willing to go to all lengths to apologize. She bit her lower lip. But was all this enough after everything they had done? It wasn't only her they had hurt it was also Ichigo. So, were their efforts really enough?

'Hey, you two should beg and plead!' someone yelled out from the crowd to Grimmjow and Shiro.

The two boys looked at each and shrugged. Why the hell not? What had they got to lose?

'Yoruichi, we're begging you,' Shiro exclaimed.

'Please forgive us,' Grimmjow finished off.

Yoruichi's scowl lessened. They were so stupid…why was her heart melting?

'Get down on your knees and tell her you love her!' a girl with bright green hair and a white dress stated.

Shiro sighed and got down on his knees. Grimmjow grinned as he did the same.

'We love you, Yoruichi,' they chorused.

Yoruichi wanted to look away but her heart was aching too much to let her. She balled her hands into fists. Why didn't they stop? With each action, her resolve was crumbling.

'Just give her a kiss!' a dark-skinned girl in a violet dress and curls of brown hair added.

Grinning, the albino and the bluenette blew Yoruichi a kiss. Her scowl had disappeared completely. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know if she should say anything.

'C'mon! Just give each other a kiss!' a guy from the gay crowd yelled out and all of them burst out laughing. Shiro cocked an eyebrow.

'Yeah, right!' he snorted as he and Grimmjow got up. If he was going to kiss Grimmjow for the first time he had a more private setting in mind than on a table at a renowned hotel.

'Moron,' Grimmjow muttered, thinking along the same lines as Shiro on their first shared kiss.

Ichigo, on the other hand, had raised an eyebrow, a sly smile curling up. Shiro caught that look.

'What?' he said. Course, he had nothing against Ichigo (well, not now anyway) but that guy was giving him a really weird look.

'You want our forgiveness, right?' Ichigo said languidly as he folded his arms and lidded his eyes. 'So then right here, right now, in front of everyone, kiss each other.'

Grimmjow and Shiro refrained from letting their jaws drop but they couldn't stop their eyes from widening in disbelief. Yoruichi glanced from the boys to Ichigo, just as much of in shock. But then again, Ichigo had a valid point. If they were willing to do anything for her forgiveness, then kissing each other wasn't asking for much, was it? She followed her arms and focused all her attention on the two helpless boys, waiting for their next move.

'C'mon, guys!' Ichigo called out. 'Don't you two enjoy being gay? Hey, everyone, don't you all want to see them kiss?'

Everyone started hooted and clapping their hands in a rhythm.

'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!' they chanted excitedly.

Shiro and Grimmjow stared at the crowd and then at each other. Grimmjow gulped.

'I think we have to do it,' he whispered.

'You think?' Shiro whispered furiously. His eyes slid to the chanting crowd. 'Have you ever kissed a guy before?'

'You really think I'm some kind of man-whore, don't you?' Grimmjow said sarcastically as he crossed his arms while facing Shiro with an accusing glare.

'No! Fuck! Never mind! I've never kissed a guy before so I have no fucking clue how to do this!'

'Just…just kiss like how you'd kiss a girl!'


'What? You guys can't do one little thing for Yoruichi?' Ichigo called out. Yoruichi set her mouth in a hard line as the two boys looked her way. That was it. They had to do it now. For Yoruichi.

Shiro put his hands on Grimmjow's waist but Grimmjow swatted them away.

'What the fuck are you doing?' he hissed.

'Kissing you!' Shiro snapped lowly.

'Don't put your hands on my waist! I'm not a fucking chick!'

'You told me to pretend like I'm kissing one!'

'Don't touch me like one! Jeez!'

'Fuck you!'

'Not here I ain't!'

'Shut up! I'm going to do it now!'

Shiro leaned in, his lips puckering and his eyes shut tightly.

'Just pretend it's a girl, just pretend it's a girl,' he chanted in his head, hoping to block out the 'Kiss! Kiss! Kiss' mantra in the background and the fact that probably hundreds were watching them right now.

'Oh my God, we're actually going to kiss!' Grimmjow thought in panic, his eyes just as tightly shut, and could feel sweat drops racing down his back. 'Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…'

'I can't do this!' Shiro suddenly cried out. Grimmjow's eyes popped open. What?

'Awwwww!' everyone said in disappointment.

Yoruichi's shoulders dropped. Why did she have faith? Did she really expect them to do something so outrageous just for her? Of course not. She had set her hopes too high. Well, this was going to be her last disappointment. She didn't have the heart to deal with them anymore.

Ichigo shook his head.

'Knew they couldn't do it,' he murmured and began to walk away. Yoruichi looked at his retreating back and sighed. Even though she had known them longer than Ichigo, he could predict that they wouldn't do it. Maybe she just had too much faith. That was always her weakness.

'C'monnn!' someone whined from the audience. 'Just pucker up and kiss!'

'I can't!' Shiro said stubbornly.

'Don't be a wuss! Just grab him and smooch!' another exclaimed.

'No! I said no! You guys-!'

Grimmjow looked up and saw Yoruichi's retreating back. He balled his hands into fists. This was their chance. And they failed. Now, they were going to lose Yoruichi forever.

He gritted his teeth. No way in hell was he going to let that happen!

'For the last time!' Shiro sighed in aggravation. 'We are not going to-!'

Grimmjow suddenly grabbed the back of Shiro's lips and, twisting the albino's head to face him, smashed their lips together in a fierce lip lock. Shiro's eyes widened and he went deaf as the crowd exploded.

'This feels…fuck, this feels…good,' he thought in surprise, his eyes fluttering at the feel of Grimmjow's lips on his.

It felt so perfect, like their lips were shaped just to fit each other. Because his mouth had been open, Grimmjow had slipped his tongue in to wrestle with Shiro's. Shiro felt his skin flush as he responded to the muscle currently delving into his mouth. Fuck, Grimmjow was a damn good kisser!

As soon as the crowd let loose, Ichigo and Yoruichi paused and turned around. What they saw made their jaws drop in shock.

'Oh my God,' Yoruichi whispered.

'They actually did it,' Ichigo uttered in disbelief.

Shiro gasped as they parted, panting hard as he got down from his high. As soon as he got a bearing of what had just happened, his eyes widened again and he shoved Grimmjow away.

'What the fuck!' the bluenette yelped as he almost fell off.

'You didn't have to use tongue!' Shiro yelled, rubbing his mouth to get rid of the tingling sensation. It was doing weird things to his nether regions!

Everyone began to hoot even more. Grimmjow turned scarlet.

'You don't have to yell that out!' Grimmjow snapped back. 'And besides, you seemed to like it!'

'Shut up!'

'I would never have done that,' Ichigo muttered, 'not even for you.'

'I have no complaints!' Yoruichi answered and she meant it. She'd rather he be straight than bi. That would mean more competition for her!

'These guys truly are your best friends,' Ichigo remarked thoughtfully and smiled at her. She grinned back, tears of joy streaming down her face now.

'You have no idea,' she answered and suddenly took off towards the two still bickering boys. She jumped onto the table and pulled them both into a hug, surprising them.

'You guys are idiots!' she yelled and smacked them both on the head. They both laughed.

'That's because we love you, Yoruichi!' Grimmjow said matter-of-factly and hugged tightly. This finally felt right.

'And we'd do anything for you!' Shiro added.

'You guys proved it!' Yoruichi laughed as they finally parted.

'By the way, we are gay now,' Grimmjow pointed out. Yoruichi's eyes widened as she stared from him to Shiro who grinned sheepishly.

'You mean,' she gasped, 'you and him are really-!'

They nodded.


'Couple hours back,' Shiro laughed.

Yoruichi stared in awe at them. Then, she suddenly whacked them both on the head again.

'Owww!' they both yelled.

'Why didn't you say so! Oh God, and Ichigo made you two kiss like that in public! How embarrassing!' she scolded. Grimmjow rubbed his sore head and smiled.

'I think you've got other things to worry about than us, Yoruichi,' he murmured and nodded his head at Ichigo, who was standing by himself, smiling at the trio.

Taking her hand each, Shiro and Grimmjow got down from their table and led Yoruichi through the cheering crowd towards Ichigo. They then left Yoruich and bent down on one knee in front of Ichigo.

'Mr. Ichigo Kurosaki,' they both said together, 'will you marry our best friend?'

Ichigo stared at them in surprise before looking up to smile at Yoruichi. He walked past them so that he was now standing in front of Yoruichi and holding her hand.

'Yes,' he answered and kissed the back of her hand. She laughed while blushing deeply. Then, without warning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips passionately against his. He jumped in surprise. But then his eyes lidded and he held Yoruichi close, pressing his lips just as eagerly against hers. This just made the crowd cheer even louder and more wildly.

Grimmjow and Shiro smiled at each other before looking down at their hands that were innocently next to each other. Grimmjow nudged his fingers between Shiro's so that they were intertwined perfectly.

Yeah, things finally felt right again.


'So…just a question…' Yoruichi said casually as the three of them hung out in her terrace now that the boys had moved back in. 'When you guys were…pretending to be gay…did you ever…you know…sleep together?'

Grimmjow, who had been drinking beer, spat it out and stared in shock.

'What?' Shiro said incredulously. 'No! Never! We were as straight as poles then!'

'Oh God! I was just kidding, you guys!' Yoruichi said defensively and walked away while rolling her eyes. She didn't realize that they'd get so sensitive once they actually turned gay!

'Unbelievable! Can you believe she asked us that!' Shiro huffed and crossed his arms.

'That was just wrong!' Grimmjow sighed and took another swing of his beer. They glanced at each other from the corner of their eyes.

'Bedroom?' Shiro asked innocently.

'You're bottoming this time,' Grimmjow stated and finished his beer as he began to walk into their single bedroom.

'No fair! You topped last time!'

'And since then we got wasted one time and you ending up fucking me! Hence, it's my turn now!'

Shiro rolled his eyes and walked into the bedroom. He suddenly froze when Grimmjow turned to face him, shirt gone, and his exquisite muscular chest exposed in all its glory. Shiro could feel drool pooling in his mouth. Maybe bottoming today wouldn't be so bad after all.