The Saturday came so quickly that the days passed in a blur. Rin hadn't changed his mind about his impromptu sleeping-over at Jin's and Ian's mood was getting worse by the day. Today his mood was at freezing levels.

He stared at Rin with an unreadable face and said nothing. He just stared at the lovely nape with the pretty pale skin. Rin, who squirmed under the attention, yelled at Ian:

"What? Why are you staring at me like a moron? I don't intend to indulge your stupid sulking and postpone the visit, if that's what you are after!"

"No," was the blank response. "that's okay. Jus' go. I'm not your father, ya can do whatcha want to." He stood up and went to the fireplace, where a bottle of champagne and two glasses were waiting for him. The alcoholic drink bubbled into the glasses. He went back to Rin who watched him puzzled and gave him one.

"Why are you letting me drink? You know what a lightweight I am. Do you really want Jin to have me in such a state?" he asked teasingly.

Ian's jaw muscles clenched, but he answered calmly. "No. I jus' wanna… I don' know… party a bit, you know?" Rin looked surprised. "But there is no occasion, is there? To celebrate something?"

Ian tensed slightly. "No, of course there isn't. But you don' always HAVE to have an occasion, do ya?"

He gulped his champagne down and went for another. "How about we celebrate the fact that the old lecher will fly back to Japan next week, huh?" Rin frowned.

"No. I don't want to celebrate that, you might not like him but I do. And it isn't even sure if he goes at all. The complications aren't solved yet."

"That doesn't matter!" snarled Ian. "Jus' fucking celebrate the fact that we're still alive an' kickin' and together! Is that not enough reason for ya?"

Rin scowled and bit his lip. "What's wrong with you? You're behaving very strange."

Ian gulped his second glass down and filled a third. Then he turned around to face Rin whose face showed a strange mix of anger and worry. His face softened at that and he touched the face he loved so very much with the tips of his fingers.

Rin who was relieved that the strange tension dissolved, smiled a bit. He even raised his head as Ian's mouth closed over his. The lips were so familiar and dear to him that the sighed into the kiss. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth to give Ian a deeper access. Ian didn't waste any time and searched the hot and moist cavern for any new developments and as he didn't, he contended himself with tickling the most sensitive parts of Rin's mouth to feel him shiver and moan a bit louder.

He felt Rin respond with ardor and lust. Lust, but not love. A distinct difference. He curled a hand around Rin's delicate head and sucked the sweet tongue into his mouth and bit it gently.

Of course Ian knew that he was good-looking. Everyone knew he was damn gorgeous, but that didn't help him in any way, because Rin was beautiful himself. Rin didn't fall for his looks, his character was, at least in Rin's opinion, abominable and Rin didn't need the money. He could get another suitor in a matter of minutes. So what did he have? Nothing to hold Rin forever.

He could just wait and hope that his feeling crossed over. Like any other person on this earth.

So he would take the chance. Let Rin have his freedom even if it broke his heart. He couldn't force Rin to love him, to care for him.

Ian kissed Rin a last time very gently on the lips and disentangled himself. He smiled as Rin whimpered softly.

Why? Why didn't Ian kiss him more? He hadn't had enough…

"Go. Your taxi just came." Ian whispered and gave the bellboy a bill into the open hand.

Rin opened his eyes. "Wh-What? You just… You just kissed me like that! And- And now you just- let me go? Not that I want- I mean you never- rejected-" Rin was kind of disappointed. He was hot and turned on and why wasn't Ian aroused? He never was the one who begged for sex.

"You would get angry at me if I got you late to Jin." Ian grinned crookedly.

"Well, that's for sure! Not that I would have allowed you to- to make love- Well! I will go now." Rin blushed and blabbered uncomfortably.

"Okay, I'll go down with you."

As they stood in front of the taxi, Rin regarded Ian kind of strangely. "Well… I'll come back the day after tomorrow, okay? Don't worry-"

Rin caught his breath and watched Ian worriedly. For a moment there was the most painful expression on Ian's face but it was gone so fast that Rin felt as if he had imagined it.

"'kay, come back and don't let him grope ya! Do ya hear me?" Ian laughed and gave him his overnight-bags.

Rin had the bad feeling that he just did something very bad, but he didn't know what. He had a premonition of something bad to happen if he went just know. But human nature tends to ignore things they can't explain, so Rin just walked all over his premonition and got in the taxi. What could possibly happen?

Ian walked the stairs up to his suite at the top of the hotel. He didn't feel like taking the lift and possibly encountering other people. He went into the suite and closed his eyes in despair. He had known that Rin would go today. It was announced before and again and again, he just hadn't believed it until now.

Rin had forgotten. The most important day in the year. Well, at least for him.

He sank down on the ridiculously soft couch and buried his head deep into the place where Rin had sat before. He could smell Rin's sweet scent. Citrus, something flowery and something astonishingly spicy. He would recognize this scent under thousands of others. Ian lay down and didn't move anymore…

Rin was having a good time. He was deep in conversation with Jin about something or other and felt stupid for having that stupid premonition before. What could happen? He was over at Jin's like all the other times too and soon Ian would begin to get on his nerves with his stupid phone calls, like all the other times too.


No message from Ian.


No message from Ian. Why?

Rin was getting antsy.


Rin was grabbing his cell phone determinedly and tapped in the number of the suite.

Ian was still lying on the couch, eyes closed and QUEEN was rocking his ears off. He didn't hear the phone ring.

Rin heard the monotone ring ring of the phone and after five minutes he hung up. He would try again tomorrow.


"Happy Birthday to yourself, you're a year older again."

The hotel suite was empty save for a lone person on the couch drinking a lone glass of champagne.