The next day at 6 am in the morning Jin woke him up. It was a very beautiful day indeed. The sun was bright, the sky was blue and clear. Birds were singing, the streets were bustling even so early in the morning. You could see the beautiful and strange architecture that the city harbored shining in the morning light. But it was still 6 am in the morning- a morning where Rin was intending to sleep in. Oh my god, 6 am is not an appropriate time to wake up Rin thought and dragged his sleepy body to the bathroom. "I hate you!" he mumbled to Jin who was already sitting at the breakfast table. "So much."

Jin was grinning and clapped the passing ass. Rin squeaked and glared before hurrying to do his morning business. "Why, oh why couldn't we go later? And where are we going? I bet we could have gone later." He whined around a mouthful of toothbrush.

"Don't question your elders and hurry up. I know better than you and that is that." Jin was slurping his coffee and looked like he slept 14 hours after a nice spa. He looked disgustingly chipper.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see. Don't ask so much. "


Jin was standing at the high windows of his model agency and stared morosely at the people who were bustling around underneath him. He didn't sleep at all and came in as early as he could. His manager was wisely keeping a nice distance and hadn't said much about his eye bags and dark mood. Come to think of it, he hadn't said anything at all besides a quiet 'Good morning' and 'Happy Birthday'. Just let him stew and sulk his way around the offices.

Everybody had congratulated him. He had had a bunch of useless gifts thrown at him and people he didn't even like grabbing and hugging him. Lots of thinly veiled insults of course too, but at least packed in a congratulatory way. He still hated his life…

"I mean- How could- my own lover-man! Bad taste-"

Standing here and staring and mumbling to himself wasn't very mature, he knew that. But what could you do? At least here he had people around him and it wasn't so quiet.

Rin hadn't called. Not even texted. Wow, how much must he love me Ian thought and glared at the tiny ant people on the streets.


The manager was hiding around the corner and taking careful note of his client. Why must the successful always be this mental? He thought. And what does he have to be sad about? Or angry or whatever he is. Look, look at that. Every girl is sighing at him and giggling whenever they go by. Wake up, man! They would do whatever you want, you don't need an escort. They are at least as beautiful as that geisha he has!


As the phone rang Ian startled and hurried to squeeze his phone out of his insanely tight denims. Perhaps it's Rin! He remembered!

"Hello? Rin?" he asked a bit breathless.

"Happy happy birthday!" intoned a familiar but unwelcome voice.

"Jin. What do ya want? Rubbin' it in my face that he prefers ya? I know that already, 'kay? Piss off!" Ian growled into his phone.

"No. No, actually wanting to thank you." Jin chuckled and continued "I know it's your birthday and usually I wouldn't have requested him but I wanted to say a proper goodbye to him. Who knows when will be the next time I see him. So thank you, I appreciate it."

Ian scoffed "Since when does Rin ask me to do anything he wants? I'm not his father- not even sure if I'm his lover so no need for thanks!"

"So why is he here? It's your birthday, I'm sure that he wouldn't have gone if you didn't like it. I thought you had planned something for later this evening or tomorrow to make up for it?"

There was a long pause. So long, in fact that Jin checked the cell to see if he hadn't accidentally dropped the call.

"He forgot."

Jin hissed quietly and looked a bit shocked at his ward, who was slumbering peacefully next to him in the car.

"You mean he forgot your birthday?" Jin asked quietly. "Rin isn't a person to forget something like that so easily. And you mean he even forgot that today is also-"

"YEAH! Could ya quit it? I already know that, no need to say it!" Ian kicked the wall next to him and cursed at the pain it caused.

Jin made a face If I forgot something like that, Katsuki would have my ass he thought and grinned lecherously at memory of his cute little puppy he left behind.

Rin who had woken up at the loud yell from Ian sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Wha-" he yawned. "Who are you speaking with?"

"It's Ian. You want to speak with him?" Jin asked Rin.

Ian who had heard the exchange and the intimate tone in it got even angrier. "You know what? I don't care, go wherever ya want, whenever ya want. I don't wanna speak with him. Don't call me again."

Rin who already had his hand out and a gimme' –face on didn't hear a thing. Jin shaked his head and said: "Sorry kid, he already hung up. He said we should have a nice day."

Rin scowled. "Why would he do that?" He got his own cellphone out and called Ian's number.

"The phone your trying to reach-"

"He doesn't pick up. Why doesn't he pick up?" Rin pursed his lips and tried a few more times. After a while he let it go and sat back.

Why doesn't he pick up? Why hasn't he called since yesterday? He thought kind of angrily. Something's wrong. I got to ask him when I come home.