Revenge is Sweet

A/N – I blame Handful of Silence. No, really. This came from Handful of Silence's story Four Times & 1. I don't remember exactly how it was written right now (could probably look it up, but needs to focus on writing. Otherwise, trust me, I'd go look it up).

Warnings: There is reference to the abusing of electroshock treatment, so if that upsets you, I'd leave (it upsets me too, because people should NOT torment those that have been entrusted into their care! That is ABUSE *bleepers*! You do NOT abuse people! OR animals! NO! That is sick, twisted, and WRONG! ...I've finished the rant). It is also pre-slash, or bromance, or whatever. But, as this is stemmed from Handful of Silence's story (technically, I never would have written it otherwise), it is officially a pre-slash.

Part I – Words Hurt

Face had promised Murdock he would not try and kill the Black Forest frat boys in public. He promised and he liked to keep his promises. Said frat boys were not making it easy to keep this promise however.

As usual, they had singled out Murdock for their tormenting. They weren't complete idiots (unfortunately), as they never went after B.A. or Hannibal…or Face, but only after he had made it absolutely impossible for them to have any whoopee. And Face could do it.

So, that left Murdock. Murdock who, out of the entire team, was the one who had done the least amount of damage to their egos…possibly. Well, he never went out of his way to annoy them. He was too nice, really.

However, this just made them single him out more. At first, they had gone low in the scale of painful things to say. Mostly calling him crazy and a crack-pot, various things like that that Murdock had actually laughed out.

Pike, however, was not the average frat boy. He had seen Murdock's slight freak out when a generator had gone out, sending electricity up. So, he aimed for where Murdock would not just shrug it off.

Face didn't know why Murdock was so freaked out by electricity or getting shocked. Sometimes he didn't mind it, he told Face just as much. But his eyes would kind of go dark and he said, it was when he wasn't expecting it he had issues.

Pike could do a very good imitation of electricity bugging.

And Murdock stopped laughing, and Face found it very hard not to kill Pike right then and there. In fact, it took all of his self-control not to start a fight right then and there. Which lead him to repeating the promise over and over in his head while he made his way over to Murdock, unfortunately slowly so he wouldn't kill them.

They had all gotten in the game and Murdock was obviously not…happy with it at the moment. His fingers were twitching and Pike continued along, seeing something that finally got to Murdock.

"Ya know, I've heard they got this knew electroshock treatment that gives you a little seizure. Imagine if someone put too much juice into that, huh Mur-dock?" Pike tormented and Face pushed himself between Murdock and Pike, facing Murdock.

"You ready to go buddy?" Face stated, sounding much calmer then he felt.

Murdock just nodded eagerly and Face wrapped a protective arm around Murdock's shoulders, carefully leading him toward the door. He walked away calmly and then Pike threw out, "Maybe when Hannibal finally gets tired of having such a kooky pilot, that will be your new experimental treatment in the nuthouse!"

Murdock's entire body tensed and Face was already arguing it, "Don't listen to Pike. Hannibal would never give you up! You are the best damn pilot he's ever had. Want to go ask him yourself? Has he ever made you take the pills that make you sick?"

He steered Murdock to where their camp was and he helped him settle into the bed. Once out of earshot of the frat boys, Murdock had collapsed, He was shaking and close to tears, and his dam just broke when they got to the safety of his tent.

Face was used to the occasional shut-down of Murdock. He was the one who could best help him through (though there was a couple of times it had been Hannibal because Face was a bit indisposed by being in unconscious) and right now he knew Murdock could not be left alone. Face would tell Hannibal about the…incident once Murdock was calm. Hopefully, that would be tomorrow. If not, the window for revenge would slowly begin to close.

And Face was going to get revenge on those guys for hurting his Murdock.