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† - D   a   m   a   g   e   d -


Dreaming comes so easily
'Cause it's all that I've known
True love is a fairy tale
I'm damaged, so how would I know


            Harry Champ glared stubbornly at the green glob hanging on the end of the spoon which Sebastian was doing his best to persuade him to swallow.

"C'mon Harry, this will help you get well." The robot said doing his best to hold his patience.

            The stubborn prince just whined and whipped his head to the opposite side of the disgusting swamp thing look-a-like in the plastic spoon. Sebastian sighed irritatedly shoving the spoon closer to his master's face.

"Now Harry, don't fight." He scolded.

            The youth only snorted tightening his jaw muscles.

"Oh just knock it off!" He exclaimed stuffing the mush filled utensil into the prince's mouth.

            He choked a bit grasping at his throat. His usual alabaster skin turning the slightest hue of green. Harry managed contract his trachea just enough to slide the green mold down to his tender stomach.  He looked up furiously preparing to scream at the robot that was now astride him pinning him down until his sensory circuits shorted.

"What do you think you're doing Sebastian!"

"Well you wouldn't eat!"

"Did it ever occur to you that I just might want food that didn't resemble something already digested!!"

"The nurse gave me orders Harry!"

"And so did I! Who paid to have you built!? Who got you your very own Zoid?!-"

"Who fed you and clothed you for the sixteen years of your life Leena Touros!"

            Every occupant of the room turned towards the doorway where the new voice seemed to becoming from.

"Leena?!" Harry shouted gleefully shoving the exasperated droid off his chest.

"But Dad! Its not like he actually *saved* me-ow! Quit it!"

            Harry smiled in uncontainable anticipation as Leena was dragged into site by her upper arm. Dr. Touros entered the room dragging her along behind him trying his best to maintain a polite greeting while his daughter was desperately trying to gnaw her arm off.

"Hello Harry! How are we today? I hear you're quite the hero." He said quickly giving a polite bow to the young man in the hospital bed.

"Well I couldn't let my Leena get hurt now could I?" Harry responded trying to look past the technical genius to get a better look at the struggling girl.

"DDDddaad! It was Leahn! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for hi-ow!"

            Dr. Touros impatiently flicked his daughter's ear.

"You were delirious with fright, you don't know what you saw." He corrected.

            As much as Harry hated to admit his surpassers ability to save Leena better than he could he couldn't help but defend the angry pink haired girl.

"Well actually, Leena has a point." He laughed nervously putting his hand behind his head.

"What're you talking about, no she doesn't! And to prove it she'll be here every day at *exactly* 8:00 a.m. until you're well."

"She will?!" He shouted extactically.

"I WHAT!!??" Leena screeched obviously not sharing Harry's enthusiasm.

"She will." Dr. Touros confirmed nodding his head firmly grasping his practically seizuring daughter into the room for extra measure. "Starting now. *Right* Leena."

"*Daddy*!" She whined in her baby voice flashing him the bambi eyes that always seemed to work up until now. Seeing how her attempt at trying to warm up her raiser she turned to her normal psychotic aggression. "DADDY THIS IS PASSIVE AGGRESSION!!"

"You can come home at 5:00 sweetie pie. Have fun!" He said giving her a quick kiss on the forehead before heading towards the doorway. Leena was about to start screaming obscenities but stopped as her father turned to call over his shoulder. "Oh and Hun, if for some reason beyond my belief you happen to *fail* your temporary nursing duties, you'll be waxing Bit's Liger with a toothbrush for the next month. Love you! Bye!" He called walking out the doorway.

"WWHHHAAATTT!!" She screamed frantically looking for something around the room to throw. Settling for the vanilla pudding she chucked it against the already closing door.

            Harry watched as she jumped up and down frustratedly mumbling things he had only heard in alley streets. She finally seemed to calm down grudgingly throwing herself down into the nearest chair. During the little family spat he had decided to stay out of it silently rooting the doctor on with support flags and fans not wanting to attract her fury onto himself. Now that she was a little settled down he decided to approach. Second thinking the normal spews of love and devotion he decided to hold off and just settle for conversation.

"Um, Leena?"

            She simply looked up through narrowed lavender eyes not saying a word.

"Would you like something to eat? Its not very good, trust me I've tried it, but maybe I could send Benjamin or Sebastian out for something-I said it was for her not me!" He said feeling Sebastian about to contradict his motive for food, hearing this the droid silenced.

            A little surprised at not hearing the usual mush, Leena looked at him with wide eyes about to respond. Unfortunately her eyes got something before her mouth did.

"Well I gue-Hey is that Jell-O!?" She darted over to the hospital tray. Sure enough there lay an uneaten cup of what looked like lime Jell-O.

"Sorry Ms. Leena that's Harr-" Sebastian never finished before Harry SD'ly shoved him out of the way not taking his happy face away from the drooling Zoid warrioress.

"Yeah! They give you lots here. Take all you want! Hey how about some ice cream? They have tubs of it and give you as much as you want!" He said desperately trying to entice her.

            Leena mumbled an unidentifiable yes scarfing down the Jell-O without any utensil of any kind.

            Harry looked on adoringly after sending Benjamin out to get ice cream. Chocolate, that was always her favorite. He sighed affectionately watching as she looked dejectedly into the empty cup scraping her tongue along the side for more. It never took much to make her happy. Perhaps that's what he loved most about her. Normal women would take as much as they wanted if they had someone as rich as himself as their boyfriend, they'd never settle for simple hospital Jell-O. They'd take him up on his offer and send his robots to France just to get something imported. Not Leena though. She only wanted what she needed, or thought she needed when it came to arming her Zoid; but that was a different story entirely.  He frowned seeing the hopeful look on her face as she held the Jell-O cup above her head hoping for more scrapings.

"I think I have some more Leena. Its cherry though, I hope you don't mind." He started reaching to grab the cherry Jell-O from his nightstand.

" 'Course not!" She exclaimed excitedly throwing herself across him to snatch at the Jell-O.

            Harry blushed immensely. He had never had her this close before. It made him feel the irony of chasing her for so long and never even getting so much as a hug.

            She giggled happily plopping herself onto the bed grabbing the spoon Sebastian used to feed Harry with and shoving the red Jell-O into her mouth. He once again had to adore and compare her to normal women. They would never take something that had recently been in another's mouth, not the women his parents and sister threw at him anyways. Leena, well she'd take a spoon out of a plagued man's mouth if direly necessary. She was just one of those 'ten second rule' girls, he supposed. Well then again, she was the *only* 'ten second rule' girl. The only one he knew anyway. He instantly hung himself on her every word seeing her begin to speak.

"I don't know what you're complaining about," She shoved another spoonful in her mouth continuing to speak, "Hospital food is the best! I remember the time when I was little and had to have my tonsils taken out, I wasn't afraid of course, but afterwards they gave me aaallll the food I wanted. Ok it wasn't much because my throat hurt so bad I didn't want any. Funny how they only offer you all you can eat when you can't eat any! I think it's some sort of medical conspiracy altogether-Ooooohhh!! Ice-cream!" She hollered excitedly jumping Benjamin yanking the two tubs of chocolate marshmallow ice cream away before leaping back onto the bed.

            Harry's body was jostled a little with the impact but he stayed unusually quiet. He was just happy that for once it was her who had come to him instead of the other way around even if her father had to drag her kicking and screaming literally. A tub was unexpectedly thrown to him, he clumsily barely managing to catch it. He looked at it as if she were asking for to simply hold it. She looked at him the spoon hanging from her mouth.

"Wll?" She snorted taking the spoon from her mouth realizing it was giving her a speech impediment. "Well?" She repeated.

            He looked up confused.

"Are you gonna eat or what? I don't like people staring at me when I eat."

            His mouth to an 'O' shape now understanding what she was referring to. She seemed more relaxed now that he had something to keep his eyes on. She looked around the room searching for something he was about to ask about. Finally her gaze settled on him.

"Is this *all* you do?"


"Don't the nurses give you anything to do or something?"

"Oh that, no not really, are you bored? I'm sorry! I could send-"

"Benjamin and Sebastian out to get something." The two robots finished monotonly heading for the door.

"Oh get some movies!! I hear 'Afterdeath' just came out!" Leena called cupping her hand to the side of her mouth.

            Harry continued to grin like an idiot. This was like a date wasn't it? Well sort of, right? They were eating so that had to count as taking her out to dinner, and they were going to watch a movie together so that definitely had to count as taking her to the theater! That's two dates in one! They were practically boyfriend and girlfriend now! He blushed continuing his daydream. Again of course she wasn't doing this out of her own free will, but on the other hand she wasn't exactly voicing her complaints with a megaphone. 'That doesn't mean she *wants* to be here though' he thought feeling a bit dejected. 'Maybe I should tell her its ok to leave if she really wants to-Ok now that's just the morphine talking! Technically she never really held up her bargain of going out with me when I paid for those parts. She might've went but I was kidnapped so that didn't count did it? No! That couldn't of counted. So this is perfectly legitimate! I'm only getting what she promised!' He thought regaining his esteem. Still…he supposed he felt a smidge of guilt knowing this.

"Hey Leena?" He asked for once not feeling timid about asking her something that felt personal.

"Hm?" She responded not really paying attention.

            He twiddled his thumbs, should he really ask this? It could definitely mean another month of hospitalization. Ah hell it was worth it.

"We never really finished that date………"

Leena's head whipped up immediately on the defense.

"Hey I dunno about *you* but *I* was there buddy! *I* did my part! Its not my fault you got side tracked!" She said intimidating poking his chest with her index finger.

"I was kidnapped!"

"And did *I* ask you to be kidnapped!"

"B-But darling that's not fair! Couldn't we just finish our date today?" He said resorting to his affection and pet names as he often did when anxious or nervous.

            She licked the spoon dry reaching for more giving a nonchalant shrug.

"Kill two birds with one stone, eh."

            He grinned ear-to-ear adrenalin pumping through him. 'What goes around comes around, I guess.'

            Leena looked at him out of the corner of her eye. A small smile parted her lips that he didn't' see. 'Well looks like I gotta do this for real now. Ah well, he earned it I guess..'


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