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The Love of I

Chapter I: Snowy Slumber

A figure cloaked in a winter cape stood in the mountains. The place was actually a stage in a place called Smash Mansion, where tournaments were held by the greatest warriors from different worlds. The cold winter air blew the figure's cape, rustling their unruly blonde hair. Sapphire blue eyes, strong and gentle, gazed over the infinite sheets of ice. The wind carried the calming cool and the flakes of snow. Tears frozen by the frosty climate.

The figure shifted it's stance, their unique long ears picked up the sound of movement from behind.

'Hmm, I was wondering when they would come up...' The figure thought.

The sound of two sets of feet shuffling through the snow behind him reached the figure's ears. The figure gave a small smile when they felt a tug on the cape that covered their form.

"Uncle Link?" the shy voice of a young boy spoke from behind the figure.

"Yes Popo, Nana, it's me." Link answered the blue winter-suited, mallet wielding boy.

A young girl in a pink winter suit holding a wooden mallet in her tiny hands came into Link's view.

"Are you alright, uncle Link? Or are you here for a visit?" she asked. The children of the mansion always reffered to Link as 'Uncle Link', he was in their minds, an uncle.

"Just a visit. Being King of the tournament can add to one's stress, everyone want's my title." He answered with a hint of saddness placing his hand on the side of his temple.

Link's eyes were cracked with red, purple outlines around his sockets showed signs of lack of sleep. Two years ago, during the Melee tournament, Link had claimed victory over the previous champion, Mario the plumber, and was crowned king of the Smash Bros. But with this title, he lost most of his friends and the love of his life. 97% of the smasher's shunned him for his position and constantly challenged him for his throne. Whenever he was in the mansion itself, he was constantly watched. Because of this, he spent most of his time in the realms of the tournament, specifically, the ones least populated like Infinite Mountain.

"Well, it's freezing cold out here. Would you like to come in for some hot chocolate cocco?" Popo asked politely, finally using some of the methods of formal speech Link taught him in the previous years.

"I would greatly appreciate that. Thank you for your hospitality." Link replied politely with a formal bow, proud his teachings seemed to have taken root.

Popo and Nana each grabbed one of Link's gloved hands and led him to their shack. Cozy little thing and very welcoming. Of the Smasher's core, Popo and Nana were part of the 3% that still held respect for Link, most of the children did. He was like a father figure. He spent most of his time with them during the tournaments; playing with them, offering advice. And among the smasher's, that 3% were the only one's who did not shun or challenge Link at every moment they saw him. They let him be, he had enough as it was with everyone else.

Popo opened the door and walked in, Nana gesturing Link to watch his head as the shack was a little small, and the door was not tall for his full height. Crawling in, Link removed his cape and set it on a stand next to the door. He was wearing a silver tunic, white leggings and undershirt, a white colored pointy hat like his old one, and black boots.

Nana walked up and handed the Hylian champion a hot cup of cocco and then sat by her brother at their small dinner table. Link remained standing in the small hut, as he gazed around it.

He felt a feeling of Naustalgia come over him; memories of his home in Kokiri forest came flooding back to him. The walls of the shack were lined with various tools, pictures, toys, and other items for survival in the mountains. A cabinet filled with food no doubt was hung on the wall to his left. A few books littered the table the two Ice Climbers sat at, books Link himself had given to them. Fairy tell books he had once read when he was a child before he departed on his journey.

"I see you kept the books I gave you." he stated with a hint of pride. The two flashed him a smile.

"What? Those books give us a true feeling of fantasy! Why would we get rid of them?" Nana asked, she had more smarts and a formal tone when she talked. A surprising feature for someone her age.

"Yeah! There fun to read! The 'Tales of the Dragon Lords', the story about 'Xena and the Overlord of Galberit', there really entertaining. Was that the right word?" he stated, asking a confused quiestion afterwards while tilting his head with a bemused expression on his face. Link gave an amused chuckle at that.

"Yes that was a good choice of words. But I was half expecting you two to throw them away, young children like you don't usually take such interest in literature." Link stated.

"We use them for bed-time stories. They can put us to sleep really your not here, we take turns reading them to each other." Nana answered.

"Yeah, its getting close to bed-time any ways...Uncle Link, could you read one to us? Please?" Popo asked with a yawn, giving Link the puppy eyes for effect.

Link smiled at the two and grabbed the book with the title 'Xena and the Overlord of Galberit'. Flipping open the pages, he found the marker where they must have left off at and started reading.

*Four Hours later*

Link sighed as he closed the book. The ending always touched his heart. Xena fought the Overlord and killed him, sending his army back to the underworld, but dies in the hands of her beloved. Link always found that part of the story the most heartbreaking.

He looked up at the two sleeping siblings and noted that they were fast asleep. Another smile creeped onto his face as he set the book down and grabbed his cloak. Placing it on his shoulders and securing it, he blew out the candle and whispereda goodbye to the two.

"Goodnight, pleasant dreams..." he whispered before opening and closing the door quietly.

Link stood at the edge of the mountain, still lost in thought. The cold wind blew by again, chilling his cheeks. He closed his eyes and relished in the calmness that came over him. He knew this was dangerous, but he just needed it. To feel calm, the cold of the winter always put him at peace. It never failed before.

He spread his arms out and looking to the sky to further enjoy the state of blissfulness that had overcome him. Wintery air filled his lungs to the fullest, the smell of frozen pine and evergreen trees burning his sense of smell.

He stayed that way for what seemed like an eternity. His eyelids soon became more heavier than usual, sleep was upon him. Feeling neglected by the gods, he lowered his head and stared at his boots before turning and heading for the exit.

As he walked, he passed a rock formation. He was beyond tired, his walking mirrored that of a ReDead. He had to rest.

'Perhaps a few moments longer...' He thought as he sat down, leaning against the boulder.

His eyes became more heavier. The longer he stayed there, the more tired he felt.

'I think I will just rest my eyes for a moment. What harm can come of that?' He mused mentally.

Unfortunatley, that would prove to be a mistake. As he sat there, his eyes refused to open, his heart began to slow down in pace, and he felt as if he was tumbling into a black abyss. He fell into deep sleep, and as the night waned on, the snows began to cover his form slowly.

*Smash Mansion – Hallway 7B – 12:59 A.M.*

A figure in a red mechanical suit of armor marched through the halls. The figure was sent to find Link, Champion of Hyrule and inform him of another match he was challenged to.

'Ugh, they won't learn will they? At this rate, he'll never sleep! Why hasn't Master Hand stepped in and done something already? This is so ridiculous...' The figure thought, annoyed.

At the other end of the hall, a woman in a pink dress, blonde hair, blue eyes, and the symbol of Mushroom kingdom appeared. The Princess walked up to the armored figure and spoke.

"Samus! Where's Link?" She asked. The bounty huntress shook her head with a shrug.

"I don't know. I looked in Hyrule, but he wasn't there. The forest is empty, and he isn't in his room. What is it now, Peach?" Samus said with an angry tone, not at Peach, at the situation.

"Well, I can't find him either! Zelda hasn't seen him and neither has Young Link or Toon Link. Fox said he saw him in this hallway, but Falco said he saw Link in the kitchen earlier. He isn't there, I checked." Peach said worridly.

Peach and Samus were part of the 3% that let Link be. They knew him as a good friend and were not about to abandon him like the others.

"Well, you check the stadium, he might be there already, I'll look in infinite Mountain." Samus instructed. Peach nodded and left hurriedly as Samus opened the portal and walked into the snows of the Arctic Mountain.

Passing the rock formations, she gazed around. Her sensors were't picking up any signs of life. The only thing she saw was Nana and Popo's shack, and they were the only two there.

Growling, Samus turned around and faced the boulders. The sight she saw haunted her to this day. Link lay unmoving, his face was almost completely purple, and his body was half-covered in snow.

Screaming his name, she ran to his side and dropped to her knees. Removing her helmet, she checked his pulse, which was dangerously faint.

Link mumbled something in his sleep but Samus could not here it. He was shaking uncontrolably and his cheek was slightly swollen. His fingers and ears had mid frostbite, but other than that, he was still alive. Barely. The lack of sleep was also eating away at his life's energy.

"Damn it Link! What the hell are you doing!" she screamed at him over the winds. He remained unmoving.

Samus put her helmet back on and checked his vital signs, they weren't promising. Scooping him up, she made a made dash to the exit, using the suit to carry his extra weight.

As soon as she was in the hall, she sent out a signal to Doctor Mario's office.

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