Disclaimer: I don't own CSI NY or any of the MMA fighters. I own the two rookies who beat Jason "Mayhem" Miller up.

The sound of punches being landed on a punching bag echoed out in a semi empty gym.

"Come on Mayhem. Two more!" shouted a gruff voice. The one named Mayhem let out a grunt as he landed two more punches on the punching bag infront of him. Mayhem stepped back, breathing heavily. Mayhem bent down to grab his water bottle. He squirted the water into his mouth and tossed it down. Sweat poured down the twenty nine year's old half dressed body. He shook his head and hands as he bounced on his toes.

"Ready, Jason?" Jason nodded and frowned when the man asked him again if he was ready.

"Yes damn it John I am" grumbled Jason as he slipped his mouth guard into his mouth. John, or as he was nicknamed Big John, slipped his mouthguard into his mouth and nodded. Jason and Big John met in the middle of the mat and bumped each other's hand. Jason and Big John began to deal out punches to each other. Jason jumped back and landed a kick to John's left side. John grunted and the two continued to spar. About thirty minutes later, the two stopped sparring so they could catch their breath and call it a night. Jason bid John goodnight until tomorrow. Jason grabbed his clean clothes from his locker and went to take a shower.

Jason finished his shower and walked out of the locker room as he was putting on his tapout shirt. The wild mma fighter whistled as he walked out of the gym, shutting off the lights that were on. He locked up the gym and began his walk home after he put on his jacket. The sounds of late night traffic in New York city filled the young man's ears. He heard movement behind him and spun around to see two new rookie mma fighters.

"What are you two doing here?"

"You won on a fluke, Mayhem. That was luck not skill when you made us tapout" spoke the first rookie.

"Yeah!" pipped up the second rookie.

"You two should've known that by stepping in the ring with someone like me. You were gonna lose" Jason spoke, with a frown. The two rookies shook their heads and turned to walk away. Jason shook his head and pulled his jacket closer to his small but well built frame. The two rookies smirked at each other and then spun back around and began to beat the older fighter. When they finished they ran off after dragging the beat up fighter into an alley way. Jason groaned as his vision began to blur. He passed out as he heard a car drive by.