Okay, introduction to this first. This is going to be an 11 part story based around; you guessed it, 11 reasons why Mac Taylor needs Stella Bonasera. Feel free to add to alert this ect – if you want. I shall be working through the seasons – so where better to start then before the series. Anyway – I promise not all chapters will be as depressing at this one. I'll let you get on with reading now. Peace out. x

11 Reasons General theme: 11 Reasons why Mac needs Stella

Character/s or Pairing: Mac/Stella (friendship only in this chapter folks)

Prompt: Skin/Sense of touch

Summary: It's been two days, two whole days. Nothing's easier. But maybe, together, they might just survive.

Notes: I wrote this while listening to Damhnait Doyle's "Say what you will" hence the reason why it's depressing. Anyway – enjoy?

There's no sound, no light, no nothing in Mac Taylor's apartment. Everything is dead. The phone's been disconnected. The TV, fridge and any other noisy appliance has been unplugged. The door is locked. Everything points to the owners of the house being out. It's only the harsh sobs that indicate otherwise. He's sat on the floor – in the classic hugging-the-knees position, trying in vain to stop crying; and failing miserably.

Two days ago his world had come crashing down. His love had been taken from him. His superiors had suggested that he take some time off, talk to someone even go and see a shrink. She wouldn't have wanted that. Instead he'd done nothing – which she also wouldn't have wanted. He'd angrily refused the help, worked until he thought he was going to collapse from exhaustion and not slept. He'd yelled a bit, cried a lot, and separated himself from the team.

He didn't even bother moving when he heard the door being unlocked. He knew that it'd be Stella coming to check on him – she'd started to do that every day now. Check on him, that was – to check he'd not done anything stupid and that he was okay. She made sure he ate, showered and tried to get him to sleep.

It'd impacted right away – when he'd lost her, two days previously, that his life would never be the same again. That his whole life would be affected and changed. But he thought that the pain would ease a little. But he'd been wrong. With every passing minuet he'd felt himself becoming number and number. He'd not had physical contact with anyone since the morning of her death – and he missed the comfort that just having someone hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay could bring – even if everything wasn't going to be okay.

He heard Stella slowly work her way around the apartment, plugging things back in and switching things back on. He'd grown accustom to that in the past two days. He heard her make her way towards him. He heard her hesitate for a moment before feeling her hand on his shoulder. He couldn't help but let a fresh sob escape him, and felt her crouch down beside him and pull him towards her. Mac rested his head on her shoulder as Stella held him close to her. She was one of the only things he had left now. She'd been just as close to Claire as she was to him – that reassured him somewhat, knowing that they'd both endured the same loss. They'd both lost the most amazing person in the world and now they both knew that they had to cling onto each other if they had any chance of survival.

Just the warmth of having her near him and having her fingers on his skin – holding him close to her, reassured him that there might be a chance that they'd both be okay. Even the tear he felt drop from her cheek onto his head reassured him.