There were a lot of dainty things about Matthew, the way he talked, the way he handled snow to make snowballs; the way he even walked was dainty.

But… did that include the way he ate?

Alfred sat across the table from his Canadian neighbor thinking about it. While he did, he watched as Matthew carefully opened a small bag of chips, taking one out and placing it inside his mouth. As long as he took chewing that one chip, Alfred thought, I could've eaten five hamburgers.

Ignoring his own lunch, Alfred watched as Matthew slowly ate chip after chip while watching the TV provided in the room. Whenever the bag was empty (Damn, he took almost twenty-five minutes to eat that while bag!), the Canadian stroked Kumajiro's head before taking out a plate with a lid on it – his pancakes. Dang, as slow as he eats this place is gonna be closed by the time he's done with that!

Matthew pulled the lid off the plate, letting Kumajiro lick it while he pulled out a plastic fork. He cut into the pancakes, bringing a big piece up to his mouth and shoving it all inside – not taking small bites like Alfred thought he was going to. Carelessly, Matthew wiped the syrup away with one hand and proceeded to eat the pancakes in large, sloppy pieces.

He was done sooner then Alfred thought he'd be.

The American shrugged to himself, picking up his unfinished cheeseburger and trash to leave. Throwing the trash in it's proper place, Alfred slowly ate the cheeseburger like he'd seen Matthew do, maybe to look a little bit daintier then normal.

Matthew laughed while watching Alfred from his seat, "Told you it'd work." He said to Kumajiro.

"Man, you look so weird eating like a pig." Kumajiro muttered, "Where's my tuna?"

**DANG THIS WAS SO FREAKING SHORT IT CAN'T BE TYPED BY ME BUT IT IS! GAH! So, I was nomming my fuds whenever NAP was eating like a pig. My boyfriend said that I ate daintier then NAP did, so he was glad that I was his girlfriend. Of course, I then saw NAP eating "Daintier", thus inspired this short, weird story. I hope it made you at least give a small smile.**