Riku and Sora, Werewolf and Vampire, Enemies or Lovers?

by Sora Nami Kayaki

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Chapter One


The sky darkened threatingly as a figure, hidden by shadows, ran through the Great Forest. It was a wolf by the name Riku, a werewolf to be exact and being a werewolf, he belonged to a pack. The leader of his pack, Kadaj, had given him mission and having just completed, Riku was on his way home. His home that later that night, would no longer be his home.



Glancing up at the sky Riku groaned quietly, "if I'm late again, Kadaj'll kill me." Changing route, he dove straight into the river running alongside the forest and let it carry him to the other side. Awaiting there was a small silver haired boy.

"You're late big brother." he said with a fox-like look on his face.

"Whatever Loz, blame Reno and Axel the freaks." Riku muttered shaking water from his hair "is He here yet?"

"Ya, and he's already broken the record for getting on Yazoo's nerves." Loz grinned. "Yazoo's already in hiding."

"Heh. It'd be interesting to see how he would react if he found out what you guys really thought of him." Riku smirked.

Loz paled "you wouldn't!"

"Try me.""Please Riku I'll do anything! Just don't tell him!"

"Anything huh? Alright, all you have to do is get Him to let me out of the pack for a... month or two." Riku bargained, raising a silver eyebrow.

"Let you out?" Loz looked astonished, "He'll never allow it! Not in a million years! Not even for me! And I'm his favorite!"

"Oh well, I'll just have to tell him what his favorite nephew and his twin thinks of him." Riku shook his head theatrically, "then maybe his favorite won't be his favorite anymore, you never know maybe I'll take your place by his side and become his new favor-"

"NO WAY!" Loz shouted, his face twisted with a child-like rage, "I'M his favorite so I WILL get you out of the pack for a month, even three months if you want!" he turned away from me and stalked off into the forest, "Let's go."

Riku grinned at another plan well executed then followed Loz into the woods. After running a short distance, they arrived in front of a small hidden tunnel opening just big enough for Riku to crawl into. Riku moaned in disgust. "Not tired yet are you?" Loz chided.

When the tunnel finally widened to the mouth of a large cave, Riku stretched and sighed in contempt. Loz smirked, "Getting lazy are we?"

"Funny why don't you shut up pup and tell him I'm here." Loz stuck his tongue out at Riku in response.

"Now now play nicely." a low voice startled Riku and he jumped as if shocked.

Loz shoved past Riku and ran up to the man standing directly behind him. Throwing his arms around the man's waist he looked up in revere. Looking past Loz the man looked straight at Riku, and as it seemed to Riku, it felt as if he was staring straight into his soul. His eyes traced the long jagged scar on Riku's neck. The scar started just below his shirt and circled around the left part of his neck.

"It's good to see you again, Riku." the man said in his strangely enchanting voice. "Last time I saw you, you were under that human's" he spat the word in disgust "spell."

"Last time you saw me I was acting on my own free will, I do have one yes?" Riku snarled.

"Now now," he said calmly, "watch your mouth. Kadaj and Zero handed over the leadership of the pack to me. I've also been offered a spot on the council, as the face of the werewolves. If i take the offer I will have more authority over all werewolves, and that includes any and all punishments handed out." his eyes turned icy, even his silver hair, so alike Riku's, seemed dangerous.

"Oh I was rude." Riku bowed his head slightly. Then glanced up a bit and locked eyes with Loz, giving him a look that obviously said, 'tell him now.'

"Raise your head Riku, I suppose I shouldn't have flaunted my new power in your face, a position on the council, isn't that what you wanted?" he taunted.

Riku glared at his feet as he said in a resigned voice. "why did you call for me Sephiroth." Riku looked up and glared straight into Sephiroth's eyes, so alike his own.

"Why did you come." he countered.

Riku said nothing, then, "I come when my master calls for me, that used to be Brother Kadaj and Zero but now I suppose that is you, right?"

Sephiroth's eyes flamed but was quickly torched, "you still want them for masters don't you, the half-werewolf and the vampire, traitors to our kind to create something like you." he spat in disgust, "a half- werewolf, half-vampire thing and not even a human parent to prove that you exist." he lowered his voice so the child clinging to his waist didn't hear, "you are the stain on the proud mark of being a werewolf, even if you vanished no one would miss you."

Riku's eyes flashed with hatred and wondered, just what was Sephiroth implying? "What, you think you'll be the one to 'do me in'? I hate to be a bore, but now that I know you're taking over the pack, I have the choice if I want to leave the pack."

Sephiroth looked a tad surprised, "you wouldn't leave your pack! All werewolves need to belong to a pack!"

Riku then uttered the words that started the spiral into his personal hell, "try me." Sephiroth's eyes narrowed, "I'm leaving this pack once and for all, I am never, and I repeat, NEVER coming back to this filthy hell hole, I'd rather live in a city with Humans than stay here where you are!"

Gasping Loz ran over to Riku and wrapped his tiny arms around Riku's waist, burying his face into his long black cloak, "NO! Riku you can't go off on your own! It'll kill you! I don't want you to die!" his voice was muffled by the cloak but Riku could smell tears in the air so he knew Loz was crying, crying for him!

Surprised, Riku whispered so only the boy could hear, "it'll be alright."

Sounding vexed, Sephiroth said, "Loz let go of that traitor, just let him kill himself, you shouldn't care."

Loz flinched at the command but stayed strong, being bound to their leaders, werewolves had to obey whatever their leader said no matter what it was, and no matter how young they were. Loz was very strong.

"I said Let go, Now." Sephiroth commanded, putting a strong force behind the words. Having no choice, Loz let go of Riku, stumbled back a few steps, tripped and fell on his butt, still crying and looking at Riku pleadingly.

"well it seems Loz would very much care if I died I think." Riku smirked at Sephiroth, silently challenging him and making him angry, the two things you should never do.

"Riku... Riku please... don't make him anymore angry than he is..." Loz sobbed, then breaking the command he ran back up to Riku and latched onto his waist again, "Riku..."

"Why don't you listen to someone in your life Riku, listen to Loz." Sephiroth snarled, his ears beginning to point, turning into wolf ears.

No doubt attracted by the noise, Kadaj ran into the room, took one look at Sephiroth and Riku, standing nose to nose, hate in both eyes. Stepped in between the two adult wolves and shoved them away from each other. Yazoo, who ran in right after Kadaj, immediately ran over to his younger twin brother and held him while he cried.

Kadaj looked straight into both men's eyes and threatened, "If you two want to fight then do so outside of my home or leave."

Sephiroth snarled "well now that's just perfect for Riku isn't it?"

"What are you talking about Sephiroth?" Kadaj asked coldly.

"Well Riku here was just talking about leaving the pack." he smirked.

"What! Riku! Is this true?" Kadaj turned to Riku.

"Yes Kadaj it is." Riku kept his face neutral.

"But Riku you can't go! No werewolf can live without a pack! I don't want you to die!" Kadaj looked horrified, "please explain!"

"What is there to explain? I'm leaving, I will not stay here if he is here also!" Riku shouted at his twin, "oh and one more thing brother, why the hell did you hand over the pack to him of all people! I will not, no I CAN not submit to him! So I'm leaving! Leaving to find my own path, one without Sephiroth!"

Kadaj paled, "you just can't leave, what'll I tell Zero?"

"Tell him the truth, tell him, you and Sephiroth drove me away from the pack and toward possibly my death." Riku said with no malice. He didn't care that he was hurting his master/brother terribly, he just didn't care anymore.

Kadaj opened his mouth to protest again but Sephiroth cut him off saying, "let him go, if he wants to die a slow painful death, let him. I am the leader of this pack now and I am saying to you, Riku, leave and never come back. Let the ones who where the only ones that ever cared for you, let them just forget you."

Riku glared a Sephiroth, "after this day I will not listen to anything you tell me to do. This is the last time that I will listen to you, enjoy it." Riku turned away toward the crawl tunnel leading to the outside. "Good-bye."

"Riku... Wait," it was Yazoo calling, Riku turned back toward the boy, "find another lone werewolf and you may survive, but remember, those humans that know of us are free to hunt us so there may not be any free wolves left."

"I know." Riku wondered where Yazoo was going with this. "But there is still another way for you to survive without being around our kind."

"What?" Riku was truly surprised.

"What?" Kadaj and Sephiroth echoed him.

"Yes, since you are half vampire, you may be able to live among their kind and be safe from death. But it is a long shot seeing as vampires and most of our kind are mortal enemies. But if you do risk it you may be able to cross that bridge." throughout this little speech, Yazoo kept shooting side glances at Kadaj, seeing as how Zero was a vampire, and yet they were like brothers. Yazoo looked back at Riku, "good luck big brother."

Loz looked up from where his face was hidden by Yazoo's shoulder, "good luck brother." he whispered.

Riku nodded and went to the exit. "Good-bye." Unknown to Riku, behind him Sephiroth had a triumphant smile on his face, Kadaj was just standing there staring at the ground with a sad look on his face. The twins were crying silently with each other, both making up their minds to hate Sephiroth for their whole lives.

The next two years of Riku's life was hell.

For two years Riku searched for a home while waiting for death to catch him. The day that finally changed his life was the day of his 19th birthday. In some large city, he'd lost track of where he was some time last year. Well, where ever he was, he'd gotten a job as a taxi driver.

He also decided last month that no matter what, he was staying in this city. In this particular city he'd chosen because in this city there were both werewolves and vampires. He hoped that one of them would get a ride in his taxi but he also hoped that someone would be a werewolf not a vamp.

Riku sighed, this was the most boring job out of all the jobs he had taken, but still, he thought to himself, and maybe today would be the day. The day he got someone in his taxi worth remembering. Ever since he had gotten to this city, his health had improved rapidly. It had been so lucky for him to have arrived here when he did, when he'd arrived, he had been on the verge of death. Now, he had a crappy job and crappy apartment.

But at least I'm not dead, he thought grimly.

'Ya nice Riku, way to think positive. Remember, to live properly we still have to steal.'

Whatever, no matter how crazy I am I will NOT talk to my Conscience! So... SHUT UP!

'You can't just shut up your conscience buddy.'

Ya well a man can try.

Riku, being lost in thoughts (actually lost in a mind battle with his conscience) almost missed the fresh scent of a vampire. Looking up, he just saw him, probably 17 or 18. With the spikiest chocolate brown hair Riku had ever seen before, well except on Axel but that was different.

The vampire was obviously waiting for a taxi so Riku pulled up beside him. Right when he got into the taxi Riku could smell the scent, right away he knew, this guy was a real one. Riku twisted around in his seat and grinned at him, then saw what was in his hand, Riku's grin faded quickly.

A gun, code named by the council as 'Silver Bullet', all it could hold was silver bullets of course, hence it's name, the bullets were sharp and made especially for killing werewolves.

'Ah shit, cute boy gonna kill us.'

Shut up conscience! And he is NOT cute!

'Uh huh, whatever you say Riku...'

Riku gulped then glanced up at the boy in wonder. He was glaring at him but he looked as fierce as a mad bunny, but the eyes were a little scary, even though they were the color of the ocean.

Huh cute...

'Told ya...'


Riku's thought was cut off as the boy spoke. "What are you." his voice matched his face, he sounded too kind to kill, hell to even Hurt a fly! But right now he looked like he could kill one thing... Me.

Wow this I didn't expect.

'No kiddin' Riku.'

"I SAID what ARE you!" he said louder cocking the gun.

Uh oh...

'Welcome to paradise'


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