Title: Breakfast Time

Pairings: Turkey (Sadiq) / Brazil (Basilio)

Summary: Turkey spends the morning at Basilio's for breakfast. A ficlet.

Green eyes ran over his Brat's light skinned form with a smirk as the Brazilian man moved around the kitchen getting things ready for breakfast.

"Any special you want, Old Man?" came the blonde haired male's voice as he adjusted his glasses before tilting his head in the olive skinned man's direction slightly. His morning attire consisted of a cooking apron and a pair of dark boxer-briefs.

"Milk," was the reply.

Letting out a slight huff, Basilio refrained from throwing the nearest item—a pan—at the older male's head. Lecherous or not, he had already planned on having the milk out just in case Turkey wanted it!

Seeing the reaction, the Turk could only chuckle and really did receive a pan to the head this time.