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A/N: I can't stand OC's in stories or Roleplays I think OC's kill fanfictions and I don't read any fics with an OC in it at all. with me saying that I hope you enjoy the story and if you happen to like Oc's then this may not be the story for you...

One day somewhere during season 3 on the TDWT plane as everyone was flying in that beat up piece of shit to where ever they were going when all of a sudden a girl who was about 16 flew by on an umbrella and waved at everyone and they waved back all looking confused as she pointed to the plane girl had boobs bigger then Lindsay and long blonde curly hair and sparking blue eyes in a pink shirt and blue jeans that showed off her skinny figure well. She made Lindsay and all the other hot girls that would be rated 10's in the guys eyes look like 2's

"She be doin it Mary Poppins style" Harold told everyone "I think she wants to come in"

"She's hot" Alejandro told them "Hotter then I which is insanely creepy"

"Dude!" Tyler told him "She's super hot! How is a hot girl creepy?"

"She's perfect" Alejandro told him "She looks like a glass doll"

"Well we can't just leave someone out there like that" Gwen told them "Cody, Go let her in"

"Sure Gwen!" Cody told her happily as he went to do it "I'll do anything for you! Even be your bitch!"

"I'd be willing to be your Bitch Cody" Sierra happily told him

"Wow" Noah said while reading that same book he's been reading since season 1 "You all have issues"

"You've been reading that same book since season 1" Heather pointed out "how long of a book is that?"

"It's not a long book" Noah told her "I have trouble reading and sounding out words, Truth be told I never even made it past chapter 2"

"So back to the main plot of this story" Sierra told them "Go let the creepy blonde girl in"

"You got it" Cody finally opened the door "Can we help you with something?"

"OMG! LYKE HI!" Olivia told them "My name is Olivia Carter! But you can lyke call me OC for short!"

"You didn't answer the question though" Noah told her "We didn't ask who you were we asked why your here"

"Well I was lyke totally flying by helping all the starving children by ending world hunger and you guys looked like you could use a new friend!" Olivia told them

"Not even close" Courtney told her "We don't need friends, Were kinda in the middle of a game show"

"OMG!" Olivia told her "CAN I PLAY TOOO?"

"OMMMGGGGGGG!" Chris walked in the room in a mocking tone "Who are you and when did you get on the plane?"

"OMG! YOU ARE LIKE CHRIS MCCLAIN!" Olivia screamed "You are a role model you are an inspiration to us all!"

"You wanna play the game?" Chris asked happily "You're in"

"YAY!" Olivia shouted "Can I lyke use my amazing super powers to help me win the money so I can give it to charity?"

"Superpowers really?" Noah asked raising a brow

"Yeah!" Olivia told him "I lyke can read minds and junk and lyke shoot fire from my left eye and ice from my right eye and I have super strenth so I can beat you all at challenges without even trying!"

"Did someone combine Sierra with Izzy to make her?" Heather asked "She's a freak even worse then Gwen"

"That's okay you feel that way Heather" Olivia told her "I'm sure were all going to be best friends and were all going to be in an alliance!"

"Okay then" Chris said "I'm going to make this interesting, You guys can pick what team Olivia is on...Good luck"

Okay so Olivia is going to have 1 on 1 conversations with everyone and somehow drive them all nuts and you guys get to decide who the first victim is! Believe me there is NOTHING Olivia can't do she is the ULTIMATE OC and I'm sure you'll all get a kick out of her in challenges! Will anyone make an alliance with her? Well that's all up to you...