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Olivia got back on the plane and most of the cast tried to shun her and she didn't really know why but that's okay she was determined to be their friends anyway and she could find out what was wrong because she was a mind reader! so she decided to visit the on plane Library that she conviently found.
Ironically for her so did Noah.

"How the hell did you find this place?" Noah asked "I'd appreciate it if you would leave"

"Oh...well I like books too!" Olivia happily told him "In fact I'm a famous book writer!"

"Oh really?" Noah asked "What did you even write?"

"Have you ever heard of the twilight saga?" Olivia asked

"Yes, I have" Noah told her

"Hi" Olivia shook his hand "Stephanie Meyer is my pen name"

"Oh god..." Noah said as he read his book

"Listen Noah" Olivia told him "As a mind reader I know you can't read"

"Damn it!" Noah told her "Well I'm trying! so cut me some slack!"

"How about I help you?" Olivia offered "I'm a speed reader!"

"I don't need your help" Noah told her "I'm perfectly fine here pretending to be smart"

"Exactly" Olivia "It's all a game, You just make up words don't you? big words so you appear to be smarter then the rest"

"OH GOD" Noah cried "YOU KNOW ME SO WELL!"

"I do" Olivia smiled "But it's okay! I'm going to be your shink and I'll help you!"

"WOULD YOU?" Noah said happily "That would be swell"

"LYKE OMG!" Olivia squealed "?"

"Yeah, Sure why not" Noah told her "I need to learn how to be smart! Then I can really be smart and then...Yeahhh..."

"And then you'll be in an alliance with me right?" Olivia asked hopefully

"Sure!" Noah agreed "BFF'S FOR LYFE!"

"Okay! so ready to finally finish your book that you have been trying to read since season 1?" Olivia asked

"Lets do this shit!" Noah said as he handed her his book "Chapter 3 here I come!"

"Great!" Olivia said helpfully as she turned the book upside down "See? You have been reading upside down this whole time! That may have had something to do with it!"

"OMG!" Noah said greatfully "You helped me in one of the hardest moments of my life! I think I love you!"

"Awww!" Olivia squeed "Who dosen't?"

"Idiots" Noah told her "That's who! Well since I'm smart again I feel loyal to you and our alliance so I promise I won't vote for you"

"OMG!" Olivia squeed "I'm sooooo happy! But yet I'm also sad because I like everyone here so much and we have to vote someone off!"

"You shoulden't feel bad" Noah assured her "Most of them hate everyone here! They would vote you out in a heartbeat"

"Oh! How can you say that?" Olivia asked "I love everyone here and I hope to help everyone in some way"

Just then Lindsay yelled

"Nick!" Lindsay yelled into the secret library that is no longer a secret at this point

"It's Noah" Noah told her with a glare "Can I help you with something?"

"Yeah" Lindsay told him "Dave and Connie and Harper want to talk to you!"

"Who now?" Noah asked "Oh forget it, I'll just go and figure it out for myself"

When Noah got there he has everyone standing there staring at him which is when Duncan and Courtney and Heather approached him

"Noah, We need to talk" Courtney told him "This is an intervention"

"For what?" Noah smirked "Why would you care? were not even on the same team"

"It's not about the teams" Heather told him "This is about getting rid of...Her"

"What!" Noah yelled "Why would you wanna get rid of her? She's awesome! she made me smart again!"

"Yeah, Well you sound like an idiot now" Duncan told him "So we were all thinking that we make sure her team loses the challenge and then vote her off?"

"I won't do it" Noah told them "I'm sorry you all hate her but I happen to like her"

"Noah" Gwen told him "C'mon were all in on this idea! We just want to make sure your in"

"Well I'm not" Noah told them "I won't do it"

"Who cares!" Courtney told them "We all agree on this plan! We don't need Noah"

"Look" Heather told him "Were ALL doing this with or without you and if you don't do this then they'll be a price to pay"

"Noah, Buddy don't pay the price!" Owen squeezed him into a hug "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU PAY THE PRICE IT'S A BIG PRICE!"

"I'm staying loyal to her" Noah told them "She helped me in my time of need"

"Fine" Heather told him "Is that your final answer?"

"It is" Noah told them

"Then I guess your out of this game" Heather told him

"So, What? You guys will just vote me out instead?" Noah asked "Go ahead"

"Not Exactly" Duncan told him as he picked up Noah with the help of Tyler and Alejandro they threw him out of the plane without any form of safety they just assumed he was most likely dead and quickly shut the door as Owen cried.

"That was a bit harsh" Gwen told them

"It needed to be done" Courtney told her "Now all we have to do is vote her out no matter what"

Just then Chris walked in

"Why did I hear screaming and the plan door opening and I diden't cause it?" Chris asked annoyed "Where's Noah?"

"No clue" Tyler told him looking awkwardly at the ground

"Oh well" Chris said "Who cares" and with that he left

"Look on the bright side" Alejandro told the group "With that girl here making everyone quit or get voted out it's gonna be easier to win"

"SHUT UP!" Heather yelled "Only you would think that"

"Hey guys?" Tyler asked "Wheres Lindsay?"

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