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Taking Fai's Advice

Kurogane swallowed. His throat was rather dry at the moment, and he was considering going to get a drink of water instead of remaining in the situation which he currently found himself in. He looked down at his feet, pretending to be incredibly interested in the pattern on his sneakers. Then he rubbed the back of his neck, coughed, and looked up into a pair of curious violet eyes.

Fai was an idiot, he decided. He was never going to take Fai's advice again, as long as he lived.

Of course, this whole thing had been Fai's idea anyways. Kurogane had been just minding his own business, doing his duty as a high-school student and actually getting his homework done for once in his life when Fai slid a note onto his desk. Kurogane had growled a little at the sight of the thing. It was a square of notebook paper, folded up, with "Kuro-puppy" written on it. Worst of all, his name was encased in a big heart, and the whole thing was written in blue gel pen.

The contents of the note had gone something along the lines of "Why don't you just ask her out?" to which he replied "None of your business, moron" in sensible, black, non-gel pen.

It hadn't been more than a minute before that accursed little piece of paper appeared on his desk again, this time with "She really likes you, you know" written on it. The ink was still blue, but it was a regular blue pen, not a gel pen, and the writing slanted a little more to the left, so Kurogane knew Fai had shown the note to Yui. Shortly thereafter, Yui was called to the front of the classroom to work on a math problem, and Kurogane continued passing the note to Fai.

"I don't care anyway."

"I know you do."

"Yeah, well maybe you don't know everything you think you know."

"That doesn't make sense, Kuro-rin. Just ask her! I'm sure she'll say yes!" (there was another heart following this note)

"Fine, but if she says no, I will laugh at you and say 'I told you so'. Because she will." (he drew a lot of lines over the heart, effectively hiding it.

"I still think she'll say yes~!" (Kurogane swore under his breath. Fai had drawn another heart on it!)

"She's the prettiest girl in the school. Why would she go out with me any –

Kurogane had suddenly been cut off of his note-writing when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up angrily, ready to tell the person not to touch him ever again or he'd tear their arm off. That is, until he realized it was the person he was currently writing a note about.

So, that was what had gotten him into this… situation. He would admit, he didn't want to be here. He was going to kill that moron Fai for getting him into this situation. And maybe Yui, too, because if he hadn't been doing math, Yui would have helped Fai with all this.

"So, Kurogane-kun, what is it you wanted to ask me?" she said, twirling a strand of her dark hair around her finger. He fidgeted, feeling his inner courage leaving him bit by bit.

"I just… wanted to ask… if you would go out with me," he said, spitting out the last phrase so quickly and quietly that he was even surprised she could hear it.

She squealed at an almost-deafening decibel and threw her arms around his neck. "Of course I will! You should have asked me sooner!" she gushed, hugging him even more tightly.

He looked up and saw Fai standing in the hallway in front of them. His face flushed and he returned his attention to the girl currently hugging him, wrapping his arms around her waist. He decided to ignore Fai, it seemed to be the best idea at the moment. And he smiled a little, burying his face in her thick hair.

"I love you… Tomoyo."

Maybe he should take Fai's advice more often.