Story: Babies
Characters: Kevin, Helen/Bobby
Rating: K
Summary: Kevin's just learned he's not going to be the baby anymore and he's not happy about it. Just a Kevin-centric ficlet.

"But I'm the baby, Mommy!" Kevin was barely tall enough to see over the counter at what Mommy was making for dinner. He pushed himself up on his tiny bare toes. Onions. "Yuck."

"Leave your mother alone, Kevin."

Kevin was still on his toes, but he was looking at Dad in his big green chair by the dining room table. He had his newspaper out and a pencil with pink writing on it. Mommy's pencil. "Dadda, I don't like that and I don't want a baby."

Dad put the paper on the hutch next to him and chewed on the eraser while he watched Kevin. "Too late."

Mommy was smiling now. "For onions or the baby, Bobby?"

"Both." He laughed and set the pencil back on her crossword book right next to his chair. He only let Mommy sit in his chair when she was tired. She'd been there a lot lately. He stood up and walked over to them. "Son, Jimmy was mad when Tommy was born." He knelt down in front of Kevin and took his hands with his bigger ones. "They're friends now."

Kevin dropped off his toes to his heels and than knelt down like Dad was doing. He put his elbows on Dad's knees and grinned up at him. "They fight, Dadda."

"Everybody fights, Kev. Sometimes Mommy and I fight."

"Yep." Kevin tipped his head way back so he could see Mommy. She was done cutting the onions. "She gets mad at you when you put mud on the carpet."

"Among other things." Mommy smiled back and handed him a little piece of cheese.

He took it with a big grin and focused back on Dad.

"And, when you came along Tommy wasn't very happy. Now he's excited to play with you and teach you things while you grow up."

"Dadda, I want to not have a baby."

Dad sighed and stood back up. He put his hands on his hips and looked down at Kevin. "Tough, Lucky. Mommy's got the baby inside of her tummy already."

Kevin stuck his lip out as far as he could. "When that baby moved upstairs Mommy played with him a lot! Than I'm going to be very lonely with a extra baby."

Mommy knelt down slowly so she could look into Kevin's eyes. "Sweet heart, baby Joey is very lonely too. He doesn't have any brothers to play with him and his Mommy is too busy."

"Too drunk." Dad sounded very mad.

It made Kevin jump and he looked up at Dad.

"Bobby… don't." Mommy turned Kevin's face back to her. "Kevin, I have lots of time for you. You need to come to me and tell me you want to play, or to read."

Dad lifted Kevin up from behind and turned him around in the air, hugging him tight. "You'll always be my lucky, right?"

"Yes." Kevin smiled big.

It was Mommy's turn to tip toe so she could reach to kiss Kevin's cheek. Dad made him very tall. "Do you want to help me mix the dough?"

"Yes, Mommy."

Dad plopped him down at the table and went back to his paper. "Blue Velvet. Someone can't let go ey?"

Mommy put the bowl in front of Kevin and tied a big apron around him. "Guess not."

"Thank you, thank you very much."

Mommy smacked dad with her dish cloth and they were laughing.

Kevin laughed too, but he didn't get it. "Dadda, are they biggest horses?"

"Horses, Kevin?"

"Yes, the one that pays you the bucks."

Mommy leaned down to Dad. "And you swear they don't pay attention to your gambling."

"I guess they do. Kevin at least." Dad chewed on the eraser again. "Yeah, Kevin… they're pretty big horses. Mostly Momma horses."

Kevin was smiling at Dad. He looked funny when he was surprised.

"Yell down, Bobby. They need to do some chores and shower before dinner."

"Blue Velvet." Dad circled the name and stood up, stretching very slowly until Mommy came closer with the rag. "Oh, Helen…" He laughed as he backed up, hands in the air.

She laughed and cracked the rag on his arm.

"Woah, that hurt, Babe!" He was still laughing.

Kevin crinkled his nose. It hurt, but Mommy kept doing it and Dad thought it was funny.

"Don't whine!" Mommy smiled as she went back into the kitchen, but Dad caught her and pulled her back.

"Who's whining?" He leaned her back.

She smacked his arm. "Don't think cause I'm pregnant I'll be anything but hard on you. Go get them!"

"I wouldn't dare think such things." He stood her back up and laughed all the way out the apartment.

"Mommy, does Tommy know there's a baby? And Jimmy?"

Mommy picked up her glass of ice water and leaned on the table. She watched Kevin pounding the whisk straight down into the dough. "Do you want me to take over?"

"No… no… I'm - uh strong!" He grunted through his announcement as he pounded it.

"Daddy told them last night after you went to bed."

"I don't want a baby." He looked like he was going to cry now and he stopped mixing. He was staring down into the bowl.

"You don't have a choice, Pal." She pushed his wavy blond hair out of his eyes.

"I know." His blue eyes looked up at her through a couple of tears.

"You do?"

"You can't stop a baby, Mommy!" He laughed at her and wiped his eyes. "You have to mix it, Momma, I can't do it."

"I thought you were a big strong boy?" Mommy pulled him up off the chair and held him tight.

He cuddled against her and took a shaky breath. "I'm gonna stop crying, Mommy. I'm gonna be a big brother!" He turned his face up and smiled, just one tear left. "But, only if you still love me."

She wiped that tear away and kissed his cheeks hard making him laugh. "I love you and your brothers more than anything, Kevin. And you know what? You're going to be the best big brother ever."

"Mommy…" He whispered with a big grin. "If you don't finish mixing it's not gonna be ready for dinner."

She set him down so his feet hit the chair and he sat hard, making a face at the dough.

"When I'm big I'll make it all by myself for you, Mommy!"

She picked up the bowl and kissed the top of his head. "I'll remember that promise."

Kevin turned around kneeling backwards on the chair to watch Mommy. He looked over when he heard the door and watched Dad come in, two muddy big brothers with him.

"Shower first before I get in trouble for the mud." Dad winked at Kevin as he pushed the two boys into their room.

Jimmy was laughing and had his arm over Tommy's shoulder.

Kevin looked up at Mommy. "I'll be the big one."

Mommy looked back over while she pulled the dough out of the bowl and put it on a tray. "Are you asking me, or telling me?"

"You'll be the big brother!" Jimmy yelled over coming out with a towel and his bathrobe. "Are you ready?"

Kevin shook his head. "Not yet."

"You have time, Buddy. It takes a while for the baby to be born." Jimmy ruffled Kevin's hair and went to the bathroom for his shower.

"Lots of time?"

Mommy put the dough ball in the oven with the onion casserole and closed the door. She hung up the apron and sat down on the arm of Dad's chair. "You'll be four already before he's born."

"That's long. That's after Christmas, Mommy."

Mommy smiled. "Yes… about a month after Christmas."

Dad leaned his head on Mommy's arm and kissed her elbow.

"Dadda, that's silly." Kevin was still kneeling and he grinned at his Mommy and Dad.

"I like being silly." Dad kissed Mommy's finger too and smiled at up at her.

Mommy actually smiled back and kissed him nicely.

Kevin laughed hard. Sometimes his Mommy and Dad were both silly. He held his small arms up and Mommy stood to scoop him up.

"You feeling better, Sweetheart?"

"Yes." He hugged her tight around her neck and reach for Dad too.

He stood up and hugged them both, giving Kevin a kiss on the forehead. "We love you, Lucky."