Sympathy in the Bathroom by DD Agent

I do not own The Closer or any of its characters, or its settings

Will Pope came on the crime scene, nodding at everyone. The SID crew examined evidence, the cops talked to witnesses. On the bed was a dead body, and Will felt his heart sink. She was young, about nineteen and a freshman at UCLA. She had been raped and dumped on her own bed, her body brutalised. He had to look away for a moment; he didn't need to see her looking so horrible. But that was unfortunately his job, and it was something he would have to get used to due to the move from DC to LA.

"Chief, could you do me a favour?" Captain Taylor asked, coming up to him and resting a hand on his shoulder. Taylor was a good guy, a strong leader who had the respect of his entire division. Although Will was new to the LAPD, he knew that getting Taylor on side was a good thing.

"Sure Captain. What is it?"

Taylor pointed in direction of the walk in bathroom. "Can you see to one of my sergeants? She's a good kid, but this is the third girl we've seen and I think it's getting to her."

Will nodded and moved over to the bathroom, anything to get away from the sight of the poor dead girl. He pressed open the door with his hand and saw a woman, mid thirties, throwing up into the toilet. After she had finished, he coughed, and she turned around, looking at him with bloodshot eyes. Will found one of the glasses that the occupiers of the room used and filled it with water. He passed it to her, and she took it gratefully.

"You know you do get used to this."

The woman smiled a little, taking a sip of the water. "I had been, but seeing the third girl like that… you must think I'm not cut out for it all."

Will shook his head and found a damp cloth for her. He had seen older, bigger men upchuck their lunch over bodies before, it was nothing unusual. It just hit some people harder. "No, I don't. I think you care, and I think that's a good quality to have in a police officer."

She smiled and took a larger sip. "Thank you Chief Pope. I didn't really plan on meeting you for the first time in a dead co-ed's bathroom."

"It's fine Sergeant. Sorry, Taylor didn't tell me your name."

She cleared her throat and offered her hand. Will took it, and wasn't surprised to find that she was shaking. "Sharon Raydor, Robbery Homicide. I work with Sergeant Flynn?"

He knew the name, in fact both of their names. They were Taylor's favourites, and if anyone could crack this case it would be those two. "It's a pleasure to meet you Sergeant Raydor."

Will sat with Sharon on the cold bathroom floor for an hour until Taylor ordered the removal of the body. By the time Taylor came to collect them both, she had nodded off against his shoulder. Will looked at his watch and saw the time. He would have to get home to Estelle soon. But he wanted to make sure that the Sergeant was okay, she would need her wits about her if she was going to find the guy responsible, and Will had no doubts that she would.