An hour later, my dad came up the stairs. He was shaking his head and sighing. My mom sat on the chair biting her nails in fear. She muttered to herself about her "poor baby". Me, I was concerned to but I tried not to show it. Max had come down with the pillows, only to find out we didn't need them. Mason wasn't sure what to say and Harper was nowhere in sight. Mason wrapped his arm around me and I rested my head on his shoulder waiting for the news.

- Well, she bit him. She managed to stop and Justin is going through some pain right now.

- My baby!

My mom cried. This was very difficult for her.

-Juliet left to go home. She couldn't take the fact at what she had to do. Right before, I had to transform her back.

- How long before he's ya know, changed?

I asked. This was horrible.

-Tomorrow, he'll be good. Thankfully, vampires aren't too bad, he'll desire blood, but he won't drink his family's blood. Plus, since he was changed and not born into it, he keeps his soul. Which means he won't want to kill and he will be able to eat normal food. I'm afraid that he is going to have to move though. Him and Juliet will move two days from now, they will move to Pittsburgh.

- What? No!

I cried. I ran up to my room.


Mason yelled after me. He followed me up to my room and knocked on the door. When I didn't answer, he came in. I was laying down on the bed, worried about my brother. Sure, he was a pain but I loved him and I would miss him too much if he left.

- Alex, I know this is hard. But, I promise you, I will take you to see him.

- But it's not the same!

- I know.

- No you don't! It's not your brother!

- Alex…

Suddenly, I felt angry and sad. I knew I shouldn't snap at him it wasn't his fault. I got up from my bed and flew into his arms. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and let me sob in his arms. I sobbed for quite a while before Mason whispered into my ear soft and slow.

- Alex, I know how hard this is for you. But, I will make sure we go see him a lot. I love you Alex Russo.

- Oh Mason. I love you too.

I pushed myself gently away and then leaned up to kiss him. He was a little surprised, as he always is. When I pulled away, he smiled. He reached his hand out and wiped a tear from my eye.

- It will all work out some way, somehow.