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A/N: This is in response to the Flash Fiction (keep seeing Flash Forward when I read that) challenge proposed by KoineKid and DaniWilder. Instead of one Flash Fiction, I did two. Blame my morning commute for the second idea.

Both little ficlets revolve around an anniversary in different stages of McKeller's life. The Toast comes in at exactly 300 words and Sorry is not going to... at 292. Please read and review. The Toast is unbetaed and a nice thanks goes out to my beta for the other piece.

The Toast

"I remember hearing the whispers when I was younger that my parent's marriage would not work. He was much older. She's too sweet to be with him. What five year old wants to hear that about their parents? To me they were everything. The ones who made my nightmares go away. The ones who stayed up all night with me when I was sick. My mom let me play dress up with her clothes when I was seven. My dad taught me to recite pi to the twelfth decimal by the time I was eight. My mom taught me to stitch a wound when I was ten. My dad helped me build an atomic bomb when I was eleven. Then when I had my heart broken by at sixteen; my mom said up all night and let me cry on her shoulder and my dad threatened to drop him off on a nearby uninhabitable planet. There were the embarrassing moments of catching them in the act, which happened more times that I could count. It's a wonder that I'm an only child. What those naysayers could not see is that they were made for each other. Marriage is not easy to make work. No marriage is perfect, but they come close. They had their rough times, but they never lost sight of their love for each other. I only hope I can find someone to love half as much as they love each other. I love you mom and dad. You are the best parents I could ever ask for. Here's to another twenty-five years of wedded bliss," Morgan McKay raised a glass of champagne toward her parents.

By the end of the toast, all three McKays had tears in their eyes.

"We raised an amazing daughter."

"That we did."

Sorry is not going to ...

The look in his eyes was never something Jennifer would forget. A pain that she had never witnessed before. Through the injuries and the illnesses nothing compared to the pain from a betrayal of the worst kind. It was not her fault, but she knew her husband, her other half and the father of the son that was due in three months, would not see it that way. Who was she kidding? This was her fault. Their fault. She could have said no or pulled away. All Rodney saw was his best friend and wife kissing. No excuse would be good enough. The many nights of the past month when Rodney did not come to bed well past midnight did not justify her actions. Hormones fuelled doubt about her husband's fidelity and a drunken best friend that had no idea what Rodney had been up to was a dangerous combination that exploded.

Tears burned her eyes and flowed and did not seem like they would ever stop. "I have to find him," Jennifer covered her mouth and ran from the room. She had to find Rodney to explain, but how could she even begin to explain.

It took two hours and some pointed questions to Radek before he broke and told her where Rodney was hiding.

When Jennifer found her husband sitting in the middle of a room, she saw why he had been coming to bed late every night. It was a beautifully decorated nursery for their son.

"It was supposed to be an anniversary gift. Two years, next week. Did you forget?" All emotion was gone his voice. Rodney always thought he would be one to ruin their marriage.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry is not going to make this better."