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Girl's Book Club

Jennifer knew she had one too many beers at the girl's night book club. The only thing was that it was not really a book club, but an excuse for the women to get together and drink too much and talk about the men on Atlantis. The evenings fit into the stereotypical girl's night like a tight pair of leather pants. Jennifer had not taken part in the monthly ritual in the two months since Rodney had put the ring on her finger. After two weeks of the man working late almost every night, she felt it was time to let loose a little.

"You go remind your fiancé what he is missing by working late every night," the inebriated physician could not make out which of her fellow drunk woman urged her to track down her sexy astrophysicist.

"Oh, he will. I'll make sure Rodney McKay never works a late night," the intoxicated woman held up both arms as if in celebration. Walking straight was out of the question as well.

She knew that the auxiliary power lab should be her first stop to see if her words could alone draw the super focused McKay from him work, but she recalled an incident last week where they failed. Jennifer had whispered an erotic poem in his ear and realized that he did hear a word and he jumped when she nibbled on his earlobe. A very forward action was needed if Jennifer were to be successful in her mission.

She mentally cursed herself when she realized that her robe was out with the wash, "So much for my little surprise." Jennifer spun on her heels and her frown turned into a playful smirk when she saw Rodney's robe hanging from the bathroom door. "That'll do," she pulled the blue terry cloth off its hook.

Jennifer made a stop at her closet and contemplated putting on the pair of heels that she wore to their engagement party last month. "No. You'll fall. Not a good idea." she went with a pair of slippers instead.

Five minutes later, Jennifer was at the doors of the lab Rodney was working in. Her smirk grew, clearly showing she was up to no good. The only thing visible was a pair of legs with the rest of the body swallowed under the console.

"Just where I want him," the alluring woman sauntered over the legs. "Ready to come home?" Jennifer kicked off the slippers and slipped off the robe. "Feel what you are missing, Big Boy?" she seductively ran her foot up the man's left leg. "Let's go home so I can punish the naughty man." She only talked this dirty when drunk, which was not often.

She was about to run her foot over the inner thigh when the body flinched and an unfamiliar scream came from under the console followed by a thud. That is when the body went limp. Panic quickly set in and because of the beer Jennifer was not thinking clearly. "Oh no! Rodney, are you okay? Please say something. Rodney can you hear me?"

"I can hear you just fine," Rodney said with an amused, but confused look on his face. He stood in the doorway with several jello cups in hand. His eyes refused to move off his naked fiancée. There was a smart-ass comment to be found somewhere, but he was busy admiring the beauty before him.

Jennifer turned twenty shades of red when she realized her error."Who? What?" her eyes rapidly darted between Rodney and the set of legs. In a flash the embarrassed woman grabbed the robe and quickly covered up. "Who's under there? I thought it was you," She could not look at Rodney even though he had seen her naked many times.

"Sheppard," The scientist laughed. John was not going to let them live this down. He could almost hear the endless teasing. Rodney was about to get concerned when he heard a groan from under the console and a second later John pulled himself out. "Hey there, buddy. You gave us quite a scare. You okay?" he was trying really hard not to laughing, knowing John would get suspicious but most importantly he would be in big trouble with Jennifer.

"Are you okay?" Jennifer was too embarrassed to say anything else. She took a safe position next to her fiancé with one arm tightly around him.

"Did you feel me up with your foot?" John asked bluntly to Jennifer. The couple had mischievous looks on their faces and knew they were up to something.

"No," Rodney shook his head, looking at his friend like he was crazy. "I came back from getting food and I must have startled you and next thing I knew you must have hit your head."

Sheppard was not buying it and rubbed the small cut on his head, "Why your fiancée here in your robe, holding onto you for dear life?"

"Umm," The stock of knocking John out had knocked enough sense into Jennifer so she would not slur her words. "Rodney called me and his robe was the nearest thing."

"Wasn't there a women's book club meeting tonight?" John knew her glassy eyes were a dead giveaway that she was not sober. "Maybe you came here to take Big Boy home and punish him?" He had only heard snippets of what was said before he knocked himself out, but it was enough to draw a clear picture of what was going on. The deep blushes on the other department heads said he was right.

"Big Boy?" Rodney raised his eye brows at the use of her secret nickname for him.

"Well you know..."Jennifer gave a knowing look to her other half as her eyes not so subtly checked Rodney out.

John raised his hands, "And I don't need to know." It was not a mental image John wanted burned in his mind forever. He did not want to know what she meant by Big Boy. "Just do try to get some sleep, McKay. We need to finish this in the morning." Either option of him staying to work or heading back to him room with Jennifer he knew much sleep was not going to be involved, but the latter would make dealing with Rodney in the morning a lot more pleasant. "And before you say it Doc I will have my head examined right away. And don't even think of going there, Big Boy." He knew what both were going to say before they had a chance and before either had time for a retort, John made a quick exit toward the infirmary.

"He's never going to let me live that down," Rodney said with a long whine.

"Me either. I can't believe I did that," Jennifer covered her mouth horrified. "I thought you said you were working alone."

"That was the original plan, but he came sticking his nose where it did not belong two hours ago. So I put him to work when I went to get food," The scientist shrugged. "What were your plans had that been me under that console?" Now that they were alone the couple was alone they did not have to behave.

"Convince you never work a late night again," the woman's playful seductive side came out again.

"And how did you plan on doing that?"

"Like this," Jennifer used her hand to show what her foot meant to do earlier.

Rodney reached for the controls to lock the lab. "That is a very good start. Let me get a peek of what's under my robe," he slid is hand into the narrow opening.

"Here? You sure?" the physician did not put up much a fight as Rodney hit all the right spots to make her forget their surroundings.

"No one can get in now. Why not? I won't be working," his lips became hypnotic for the drunk woman and Jennifer captured them and claimed them as her property for the night.