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My palms were sweating, my breathing was coming in short sallow gasps as I sat there, looking around me with wide eyes as my world crumbled around me.

Colored fabric floated through the room as people made their way to their seats. I sat in mine, almost glued to it, my hair was pinned up, a blue dress that travelled to my knees and hugged my waist was forced on me by Alice and my make-up had been done by Rose. Although none of it mattered. Edward wouldn't notice me. Not today.

I glanced down at my hands, holding the tiny booklet and reading the front words slowly. My mind didn't have the wiliness to read the sentence properly, only to pick out certain words.


Edward Cullen.

Tanya Denali.

I took another breath, looking up again as guests filed into the long room. Something caught my eye and I saw Alice, standing by the door of the room Edward was in. She watched the guests with hard eyes, or rather, Tanya's family. The Cullen's disliked the Denali's...And that was putting it lightly.

I'd known the Cullen's since I was a child. I was the same age as Edward and we grew up as best friends...And I'd been in love with him most of my life.

I looked down again, taking another breath and turning the booklet over so I didn't have to read the writing. My head was already filled with memories and seeing her name would not help matters.

Edward and I went to medical school together, we'd moved away from home, we only knew each other...We'd gotten closer. I suspected all my dreams would come true. Edward would fall for me.

But within our first week of College, he met Tanya.

We sat one morning, talking about the night before and Edward's not-so-soberness, when someone sat down in the seat beside him, and he turned as she dropped her bag on his foot.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" She looked at him and smiled slightly, "I didn't mean to."

He shook his head, "It's fine. Don't worry." Always the perfect gentleman.

She smiled again, pushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ear, removing her bag from his foot and then offering her hand, "I'm Tanya."

He shook her hand, "Edward. Nice to meet you."

She smiled again, "You too."

For the rest of the lecture they talked. And I was ignored.

At the end of the lecture, Edward turned towards me, his eyes wide as if only realising my presence.

I looked back at him and his eyes returned to their normal size as he smiled at me, "Lunch?"

I nodded and we both left together as Tanya headed out with her own friends. But soon enough that changed. Edward changed. We changed.

Tanya and Edward started dating. He took her home to meet his family over the Christmas break, and everything seemed perfect for them. And to be perfectly honest, I was happy for Edward, because he was happy.

But after the break everything changed again. Tanya became obsessive, Edward couldn't talk to anyone, he couldn't talk to me, if he called his family she thought he was cheating on her. Edward wasn't happy anymore. And I wanted to change that. But Tanya hated me and I couldn't get anywhere near him.

But if Edward couldn't do anything without her consent that didn't mean she couldn't. I caught her, with another guy.

I squeezed my eyes shut tight, feeling the tears threaten to spill over the rims of my eyes and I looked up again, seeing the room almost packed now.

I met eyes with Alice again and she stared at me, her eyes burning into mine.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't tell him back then and I couldn't do it now. Alice had been pestering me to, but I couldn't break his heart.

I knew he wasn't happy but he "loved" Tanya, although the Cullen's begged to differ.

"He loves you Bella! Why can't you see it?" Alice and Rose had almost shouted one day.

I didn't see it because it wasn't there. No matter how much he "stared when I wasn't looking" or "smiled when I blushed" or "reached to save me when I fell" Edward Cullen did NOT love Bella Swan.

"Bella!" Someone was calling me in a loud whisper. I looked up and noticed my cheeks were wet, but I didn't think that's why Alice wanted me.

She motioned towards me with her hand and I got up from my chair, almost unstably.

I looked around at the guests, Tanya's family judging me with narrowed eyes. I lifted my bag and walked towards Alice, frowning, "What's wrong?"

She shook her head, pulling me towards the door, "Nothing's wrong..." she paused, "Edward wants to talk to you."

I froze, shaking my head, "No, I can't."

"You have to." She insisted.

"No." I shook my head again, speaking low so he wouldn't hear, "I can't. Alice we aren't even as close now. He probably doesn't even consider me his best friend anymore!"

She frowned, "Don't be stupid Bella. You're always going to be his best friend. And we all know he's in love with you."

I rolled my eyes and opened my mouth to protest, "Don't even try to argue. Just go in there and talk to him."

I looked at her, "But what does he even want to talk about?"

She shrugged, "He didn't tell me."

I sighed and glanced at the door. Perhaps this could be my goodbye? Maybe I could say goodbye to him once and for all, leave him behind. Move on.

I nodded a little and moved towards the door, seeing Alice smile from the corner of my eye and walk away.

I turned the handle and walked inside slowly, looking firstly at the floor and then up at the room, seeing Edward with his back to me, by the window.

I took in a breath as I looked at him. He looked so handsome, so Edward. He stood in his tux, his jacket on the couch beside him and his hands in his pockets as he stared out the window.

I walked forward slightly, my heels making a clicking noise on the hard floor, making him turn.

"Bella!" he took in a breath and walked towards me.

For a moment I thought he was going to haul me into his arms and kiss me. But those dreams had died a long time ago.

He stopped in front of me, running his hands through his hair, "I'm freaking out."

I paused, looking at him for a long moment, "About?"

"The wedding! What if I mess up my vows?" Hopefully. "What if I step on her dress?" Even better. "What if she doesn't want to get married anymore?" That would make my day, month, year, life.

I sighed, "Edward. Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine. Nothing will go wrong. Trust me." I put on a smile, hoping he would buy it.

He looked back at me and nodded a little, taking a breath, "Yeah you're right..." he looked down, "Listen Bella... The real reason I wanted you in here was-"

"Wait. You mean you're not worried?"

He laughed slightly, "No...To be honest I'm past caring." That surprised me. "I just wanted to say sorry...For everything."

I looked up at him in confusion, "Sorry?"

He nodded, glancing away from me, "If I hadn't of said hello to her on that day...None of this would've happened..." His voice turned soft, almost wishful, "Things would be different right now. We wouldn't have grown apart so much...We would've..." he stopped and looked back at me, coughing and speaking again, "I feel bad for us not talking as much, not spending as much time together as before..."

I shook my head, half in shock over his earlier words and in anger at Tanya, "It wasn't your fault Edward. It was hers."

He didn't speak but suddenly he took a step towards me, his arm reaching out to touch me in the same instant that the door opened.

"Come on man! Almost ti- Oh hey Bella!" Emmett stood at the doorway, his hand on the door frame as he smiled at us, "Sorry to interrupt." He glanced between us, looking at Edward's hand and our proximity. "Umm...Maybe I should just leave again..."

Edward shook his head, removing his hand from my skin and reaching for his tux jacket, "It's time?"

Emmett sighed and looked at me before nodding, "Yeah. It's time."

Edward nodded, fixing his jacket and walking past me slightly before stopping, "Maybe you should go out first and get your seat Bella?"

I looked at him, and was shocked that my vision was blurry as tears filled my eyes. I nodded quickly and walked out of the room as fast as I could, almost running.

I reached my seat and sat down, wiping my eyes and looking up again, seeing Edward take his position and Emmett stand beside him.

Edward looked straight ahead, his face blank and then, as the dreadful music started that sounded more like a death march than a wedding march, he turned and his eyes met mine rather than looking down the aisle at his bride to be.

I stared at him, feeling the tears spill over the rims of my eyes and flowing down my cheeks at a steady speed, but I didn't care anymore. I'd lost him. I think I deserved to cry.

He looked at me with pained eyes, shaking his head slightly, and tears in his own eyes. I saw something white at the corner of my eye and I knew she was close to him. He looked at me one last time, and then moved his eyes to her, smiling a little.

Just for a second I believed it all. I believe what Alice and Rose and every Cullen had told me. Edward loved me.

I watched him as he took Tanya's hand and her eyes searched his. He took a noticeable breath and put on a more convincing smile as they turned and the ceremony began.

I watched as tears streamed down my face and my heart broke over and over. I was letting him chose his life, I was letting him chose wrong.

Both our lives would be over as soon as he said the vows and I couldn't let it happen.

Words. A lifeline.

"If anyone has any lawful impediment they know of that these two people may not be married...Speak now. Or forever, hold your peace."

I stood up quickly. My actions too quick for my mind and I stumbled as my legs shook and I grabbed the chair in front of me to steady myself.

I heard gasps from the guests and in hearing these themselves, Edward and Tanya turned. Tanya with a look of bitterness and Edward, with a look of hope.

I opened my mouth, trying to speak, "You...You can't marry Tanya..."

The priest looked at me, waiting for more and I glanced at the Cullen's as they sat looking at me, smiles on their faces, nodding in encouragement.

I looked at Edward, tears falling slowly down my face, "I love you." I said brokenly, "And I've been told over and over that you love me, not Tanya. And I want to believe it. If you don't love me, fine. I'll move on... But don't marry Tanya. She doesn't love you."

"What?" Her shrill voice echoed through the room, "How dare you!"

I moved my eyes to her, narrowing them and moving out from my seat and into the aisle, "It's the truth! Everyone hates you Tanya. You treat Edward like the dirt on the bottom of your shoe! He doesn't love you, he's afraid. You control him, he can't even speak to anyone without you saying he's cheating! But that's your area isn't it?" I heard the gasps from the crowd, even her own family and I watched as her eyes widened and Edward stared at me, "I saw you. I saw you with that guy in College. I never told him, I didn't want to break his heart. But you've done that yourself haven't you?" I looked at Edward, speaking in a broken whisper, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you... I couldn't hurt you..."

He stared at me for a long moment before nodding slowly, speaking in a whisper too, "I know..." He took a breath, looking around everyone, at Tanya and then resting on me again, "The truth is... I love you too Bella. I always have. Nothing will ever change that..." he glanced at Tanya, "And you...I don't even know what to say. I didn't love you, and you obviously didn't love me..."

Tanya stared at Edward in shock and then she glanced at me. But everything else faded out, all I saw was Edward, coming towards me, his strides long and full before he reached me, taking me in his arms and pressing his lips to mine fiercely.

I closed my eyes, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him back, feeling my whole world fall into place at the touch of his lips.

People cheered, I assumed it was the Cullen's... Or perhaps everyone. But the details faded out, and nothing else mattered except Edward kissing me, speaking on my lips, mumbling "I love you" over and over. Making me the happiest girl in the world.

My eyes snapped open as a hospital bed rounded the corner, a patient lying on it, notes hung over the side and a nurse walking beside it, calming the patient.

"Doctor Swan, could you please see to this patient?" I nodded, standing up from the chair at the Nurse's Station, fixing my skirt and readjusting my stethoscope around my neck. I walked towards the nurse and took the notes from her and then started walking to the bay, reaching in my pocket for my pen.

"Bella!" I turned on the spot at the sound of my name and almost twisted my ankle, reaching out to save myself knowing there was nothing to catch me.

Edward's arm reached mine and he held me up, helping me to balance myself and smiling at me. I glanced up at him, a blush forming over my cheeks, "Sorry..."

He shook his head, "My fault. Anyway, I was wondering if you've seen Tanya?"

I frowned and looked down, shaking my head, "Sorry...I haven't."

He sighed, "It's our two year wedding anniversary. I needed to tell her to be home in time. I'm taking her for dinner." He smiled.

I looked up at him, pasting on the fake smile I'd worn for too long now, "That's so sweet Edward. And congratulations by the way."

He laughed, "Thanks Bella. Anyway I'd better let you get back to your patient. Catch you later."

I nodded, watching as he let me go and turned, walking back down the corridor again, away from me, my heart aching after him.

Tanya and Edward got married on that day. I stayed in my seat. I didn't say a word. I let him say his vows. I let him break my heart.

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