Cooking up Music

Arthur Kirkland was always one for music, particularly rock music. This genre of music has fascinated him and he finally, just recently, reached the big times. The only thing that sucked about this life was that it was hard as hell to stay away or hide from fans. It wasn't bad as long as he could get home but one time he nearly didn't make it and created such a commotion in the process, he's always worn disguises from then on. He got to the back stage door and took off his hat and sunglasses being instantly recognized and let inside.

Francis Bonnefoy's world circled around food. He always loved being in the kitchen and smelling the different aromas. The one thing he loved more than cooking, was flirting. Since he was French he had natural charisma and an advantage to win any heart. At times at his job, when the customers would be abnormally hateful, he was working in England, he would be sent to the front to tame the guests. The rivalry of the French and British people seemed nothing when he would flirt because he could calm down both parties quickly, because usually the waiters would get worked up as well, but it always would work quicker if a woman was present. He even had his own key to enter the restaurant early. His eyes scanned the beautiful dust free, large, and quiet kitchen. Of course it would get busy again in the later hour, but right now it was quite peaceful.

Arthur had another standing ovation as he walked off the stage after his third encore. This is what he lived for, the thrill of playing his music onstage and hearing the crowd sing along with him. He got back to his room and began taking off his few piercings and change out of his little chained clothing. His eyes scanned the gifts seeing as most of them were roses, cards, pictures, or chocolates. The only thing he ever kept, because the cards were always telling him about his fans undying love, was the roses because for some reason the flower always captured his attention. His manager believed it was because he was lonely but he didn't feel that way. Yes being the most popular, single, rock star had its ups but he just didn't feel lonely. There was a knock on his door and he answered with a muffled grunt as he was putting the last touches to his disguise on. "Yo Arthur!" yelled his loud mouthed American manager. He even still wondered why he picked him of all the candidates he was offered.

"Yes Alfred?" he asked turning around.

"Geez man I hate it when you hide." he stated walking over to the gifts for the chocolates, everything else would be thrown away. Alfred liked hamburgers more but why waste such a delicious treat?

"You know why I do this." Arthur sighed getting up to grab his coat.

"I know, I know man but guess what? I got reservations at your favorite restaurant! I've also heard they got a new awesome cook!" quickly explained Alfred.

"I thought it was going to be closed?" he asked now curious. His favorite restaurant's food was slowly declining along with the friendly service, and he didn't know why. If his favorite restaurant was getting its reputation back, that was definitely a good sign.

"There is one thing I like about your disguise though…"

Arthur's eyes narrowed already having an idea where this was going. "It's not my fault."

"Dude, you have the worst temper I have ever seen!" he accused. "At least now I don't have to fix things when you blow up, unless your identity is given away."

Arthur frowned and stood up. "Where is your disguise then?"

Alfred looked off to the side a little uncomfortable knowing he was going to get yelled at. "I forgot it…"

"You… forgot it?" strained Arthur trying so hard not to yell at him. It was hard to believe that such a young manager was this good at his job. He has gotten him out of so many binds mostly caused by his lack of controlling his liquor intake. He has also always felt bad for causing him trouble but he always bounces back again. Alfred was truly a great friend in his mind. "It's alright just, try not to attract attention…" he sighed.

Alfred was very happy to avoid the lecture and first pumped the air, "Fuck yeah! Let's go eat!"

Francis was busy at work surprised that no one had gotten angry yet. That's the one thing about English people; they are so tense and angry. He nearly ran into his Sous Chef, well that's not what they're called here but… "Désolé." he smiled only getting a glare in return. Mon dieu they are all so up-tight.

"Francis!" exclaimed the boss's daughter running up to him.

"Oui mon cheri~?" he asked turning away from inspecting the sauce.

"There's a rumor going around that a celebrity is coming here but I didn't read a familiar name on the list.' she sighed.

"Maybe he is in a disguise non?" he suggested giving her a wink to make her skip away. The reputation of this restaurant has increased but not enough for a celebrity yet. The Gentleman's Restaurant's popularity only started increasing again once he arrived to change recipes and add a few new ones. He used to like people always fighting over him but for some reason he didn't really care for it because there was no point if he was still working.

Arthur wasn't really paying attention to Alfred who was talking about what was different about the restaurant. As long as it's still a quiet place… Other than the random little arguments between waiters and guests of course.

"Oh yeah! Apparently the main chef is from Paris!" Alfred remembered smiling big. The only problem was he didn't exactly get the reaction he was hoping to get from the Englishmen.

"A frog?" yelled Arthur glaring at him like he has sent him to his execution.


The angered Brit cut him off. "What is wrong with them? I bet he's a bloody wanker!" continued ranting the blonde. Alfred had found out before that when he ranted it was good to let him cool down on his own. "Bloody hell!" he ended just as they pulled up to the restaurant. He was breathing a bit heavily from relinquishing his anger. I swear I'm not going to eat a single thing that wine bastard cooks!

"Arthur?" The American asked carefully.

"What?" he asked barely able to keep from snapping.

"We're here." he sighed happy to see his anger was being controlled before they went out in public.

Arthur nodded and clambered out behind him. He noticed that the building never changed but actually seeing people waiting to be seated at The Gentleman's was definitely a different sight. Well it's nice to see there wasn't too much frog influence.

"Yes, two for the party of Williams." Alfred smiled bringing Arthur from his thoughts. The doorman nodded and grabbed the menus before taking them to their table.

Arthur surveyed the room surprised at how well the place has been kept up and very surprised that no one was ranting about how their life has been going down the drain. When he used to come here before being famous, this place was a good spot to vent your anger about what may have happened lately. There were always other people who would listen to how your life was slowly going downhill and it had the best tea. That frog better not be messing with the tea or I have all reason to cook him up myself. He sat down taking the menu but didn't open it until he told the waiter he wanted Chamomile tea.

"Coke!" exclaimed Alfred before the waiter could even fully turn around to ask him what he wanted. He smiled happily as the waiter left the table and he opened up his menu. However, he really didn't get to see what was on it before he heard Arthur cursing. Alfred slowly peeked over the top of the menu and watched as the scowl deepened on the other man's face. "Arthur?" he asked tentatively.

"I can't believe they actually let him put French cuisines on the menu!" the Brit growled slamming the menu slightly on the table. Arthur suddenly didn't want to eat here but they still had his favorite dish here so that was the only thing he was going to eat, as long as the wine bastard didn't cook it.

The waiter came back setting their drinks down and took out his notepad. "Good evening gentleman, are you ready to take your order?" he asked looking down at them.

Alfred perked up instantly telling the man he wanted a double cheeseburger and might as well bring a couple glasses of coke because he might be running back and forth a lot if he just had one glass. That was a miracle in itself to see that man still skinny and strong with how much junk food intake he did in one day. Arthur couldn't help but glare at the waiter, "What does the frog not cook?"

The waiter blinked a little confused because he was doing everything right like usual. I guess not having one night with an argumentative customer is too much to ask. "Frog sir?" he asked.

"Frog! The French bastard in the back!" he snapped.

Come on Arthur, don't get worked up. He lightly kicked at his leg catching the frustrated Englishmen's attention.

Arthur looked at him and closed his eyes taking a deep breath. "Never mind."

The waiter looked between the two men completely confused but had a feeling he wouldn't get off so easily with this customer tonight. "And you would like?"

"Fish and chips." he answered gathering up the menus to give to the man. He took it with a nod before heading off to the back to place the orders.

"You need to calm down I know you don't like the French but seriously." Alfred stated taking a long drink of his coke.

"I know, I know…" he took a drink of his tea and was very glad that the tea quality had not diminished.

Francis was busy in the back checking all the dishes as dinner rush began to get worse. He didn't mind because he was used to it already and moved more calmly through the kitchen then the rest of the staff. "Excuse me Francis?" asked the waiter after he gave the order to the chefs.

He turned around smiling widely, "Oui?"

"I might have a customer later that will need your help at calming down." he stated moving with him as someone called for help on if he was doing it right.

The Frenchman tried it and nodded before putting his attention back to the waiter. "Really? I was actually hoping we could have a simple night tonight." he sighed a bit but of course was happy on the inside because he loved flirting. He walked over to the door and looked out the peep hole. The waiter was just about to point him out when Francis spotted him. "He does look like a grumpy one doesn't he?" he asked.

"How did you know?" asked the waiter a little surprised at his ability to pick him out.

"I just know when someone is stuck up and needs help to become loose." Francis smiled a little wickedly.

Okay first chapter of my first FrUK story~! It's obviously an AU so yeah. I hope you like it and reviews and comments are appreciated. Not much to say since this is the first chapter other than hope you like it~!