Francis pulled away not exactly sure that he had heard him correctly. "Que?" he asked wanting to make sure and also because he liked hearing it from him.

"I said…" Arthur started taking a deep breath. "I love you Francis." he repeated finding it easier and actually felt right to say it.

The Frenchman didn't say anything at first and tightly hugged the Brit close. "Mon chéri you are just too adorable~!" he exclaimed kissing his head multiple times.

Arthur blushed a dark red and finally got enough space between them. "So…" he mumbled wanting to know if his feelings were going to be returned or if he just said the wrong thing.

Francis blinked and then smiled. "I…" he started before being interrupted.

"Oh shit!" yelled Gilbert looking at his watch realizing the clocks in Arthur's hotel room were thirty minutes off. He ran over grabbing Arthur by the collar and dragged him away. "Sorry Francis!"

Arthur fought the German wanting to go back. "Let go you bloody git!" he snapped. He was about to rip a new hole in the albino's body before he heard his phone go off. The Englishman grabbed it and opened it to see the text.


-When I see you again, I will answer mon petit lapin~.

Arthur growled shutting the phone. I want to know now… he glared at the albino knowing that he was looking out for them but he was a nuisance.

Gilbert still kept tabs on Arthur for Francis. Some of the news he gave him wasn't the best. It seemed that he had moved on from him even though Gilbert said it was just for his image. He read the articles he sent him seeing as if it was left to words, Arthur would really be in love with another but the pictures said another story entirely. I really want to see Arthur again.

Arthur's tour seemed to be taking forever but he was finally able to ditch his 'girlfriend' when his next destination was France. I wonder if he will be there… He really wanted to know Francis's answer and was also wondering if he still was single. Even he knew how easily France could persuade people so he really hoped he was waiting for him. Or I won't know what to do…

Francis had got a really good job offer back in France at the right time. He knew Arthur would be there and that made him instantly take up on it. All he needed to do was hope that luck was still on his side and to make sure that his new job would be somehow in the newspaper.

Arthur had a couple hours before his concert and read in the paper that Francis was back in France. He was so excited he began working his way there before even making sure he was working that night. As he was about to go in the restaurant he saw Francis outside. His heart leapt as he made his way toward him but stopped seeing a girl run up and hug him. He watched from behind swearing his heart had stopped. Right on the verge of breaking down he turned to run only into someone else. "Sorry…" he choked out moving to leave quickly before caught by the arm.

"Lapin! What is wrong?" Francis exclaimed sounding worried.

The Brit froze looking up only having a couple tears escape as he felt so relieved that he was mistaken. "Francis?"

"Mon chéri~! You are still so cute!" he stated pulling him into a tight hug. "I've missed you mon amour." he stated rubbing his back lightly.

"I missed you too." Arthur admitted wrapping his arms around him.

"Je t'aime." finally answered Francis smiling widely at him.

"What?" he asked looking up.

"I love you." Francis answered. Arthur was stunned at first before pulling the Frenchman into a bruising kiss. He usually isn't rough with his lovers but this time called for it. They kissed for a long time and didn't pull away until they were gasping for air. Francis held Arthur's head to his chest closing his eyes. "I have missed you so much mon chéri~."

"This time, come with me, or something. I don't think I can stand it again." he mumbled.

"Non, I do not want to leave you again either." Francis stated lifting his face back up to kiss him deeply.

Arthur blushed realizing that they were in the middle of the sidewalk. He didn't mind that is until he felt Francis's hand go low and ghost his crotch. The Englishman jumped a little but was only pulled back into the kiss. Arthur let it slide until he tried touching his ass. "No! Bloody hell Francis not in public!" he exclaimed blushing a dark red.

"Well then why don't we go somewhere more private non?" he asked winking at him.

"Fucking hell!" yelled Arthur not believing at how impatient Francis would be as he barely tore himself away and out of the elevator.

Francis laughed at the Brit watching him walk off but knew he was enjoying it as well. How could he not since it was so obvious by his front. He followed him because Arthur told him that Alfred got Ivan to visit and he was out with him. "If anything mon amour, you're even cuter horny."

Arthur was tempted to hit him but instead just opened the door. "Don't you ever shut up?" he asked watching the Frenchman close the door.

"There is a time I stay quiet." Francis answered him.

"Oh really? That's ha-mph!" started Arthur before his lips were captured. Francis figured out where the room was slowly getting the both of them into the room and on the bed. Arthur was even surprised when he felt the bed underneath him but didn't mind. In both their opinions this has been long overdue.

Francis ran his fingers lightly over Arthur's body feeling his body heat up. He smirked a little kissing from his lips, to his jaw, and then slowly down his neck. The Englishman shivered lightly as he began nibbling on his neck. Arthur was getting tired of his hands touching everywhere other than where he needed them. I wonder how much longer he can last. He chuckled lightly as his hands even passed over the Brit's clothed nipples.

"Bloody hell move on!" snapped Arthur pretty much reaching his limit of foreplay for the night.

"But don't you want to make it last mon chéri~?" Francis asked smirking a little as he rested his chin on his chest.

Arthur glared at him wanting to hit him even more and pulled him into another bruising kiss. He moved his hand quickly down to Francis's crotch and palmed him with a lot of pressure. Francis groaned closing his eyes caught off guard from the sudden forcefulness. The taller blonde finally pulled away and captured the Brit's wrists up above his head. "Fuck Francis, just move on…" he breathed heavily glaring at him, well trying too because he couldn't help but want him right now.

Francis chuckled lightly trailing his tongue over his pulse before kissing him on his lips softly. "Maybe I will hurry." he stated moving his hand to palm him with a lot of pressure earning a loud moan and Arthur arching his back for more. "Or I can still have some fun~." he said moving his hand and even pulled his body somewhat away.

"Hell no." he growled suddenly having enough strength to move Francis underneath him attacking his neck. Francis bit his lip feeling his breath get heavy and pushed at the smaller man's body. "If you don't hurry, I will continue." he threatened smirking a little at him.

"Oh really?" Francis asked somehow getting Arthur's pants unbuttoned and down far enough so he could sneak his hand into the Englishman's boxers lightly touching his member. Arthur froze up at the speed a little and lightly moaned biting on his neck a little harder. The Frenchman's fingers lightly traced along the length as his free hand moved under Arthur's shirt lifting it up. He kissed the skin as it was revealed and heard the Brit's moans get louder. Francis couldn't help but love the sounds emanating from Arthur and pushed him so he was back on top and discarded his pants, boxers, and shirt all the way.

Arthur shivered at the cold but wrapped his arms around Francis to pull him close so he could still feel the warmth. His body was still heating up as he felt Francis's hands nearly dance along his skin. It felt so odd but good at the same time making his moans increase a little as the Parisian tweaked his nipples. He couldn't help but arch his back as Francis finally wrapped his hand fully around his member and stroked it slowly. Arthur was still tired of foreplay and was near his breaking point when he felt Francis lick the tip. There was a bolt of pleasure shot through his body as he felt his mouth then take him in fully.

Francis smirked a little at the Englishman who had his eyes closed moaning loudly and arching his back. He really loved to see him this way and hoped he would be the only one from now on seeing him this way. He bobbed his head beginning to go faster having his tongue swirl around the length, give the head a sharp suck, and graze his teeth lightly when he felt Arthur's hips shake a little too much. Arthur couldn't believe the immense pleasure he was receiving and knew he was very experienced to have him nearly melting into the bed with just his mouth. Once Francis thought that he had finally teased the Brit enough he pulled away and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Do you have any lube?" he asked hoping because he knew spit would suffice but he also always took care of his lovers and he really didn't want to hurt Arthur.

"Why you don't have any?" Arthur asked a little surprised that he just didn't carry it around so it was easier to get laid.

"Non, I've had no reason to have it in my pocket until now mon petit lapin~." he smirked a little at him. Arthur blushed and nodded motioning toward the dresser. Francis reached over finding it fairly quickly and opened the bottle. He spread it on his fingers rubbing them together to warm the liquid up before licking the tip of Arthur's member feeling him shiver and arch his back. His smile grew a little as he slowly pushed one finger inside of Arthur watching his face as he continued the light ministrations on his member. He wanted to make sure he wasn't going to hurt him and so far he only squirmed a little before moaning again. Francis inserted another finger after awhile to scissor and stretch him. Arthur was moaning a little more just wanting him to move on but understood why he was now taking it slow. Once he was stretched he pulled away to remove his clothing and coated his member with lube before positioning himself. "Are you sure you want this mon amour?" he asked lightly grazing his lips over his.

"Yes..." he said lightly wrapping his arms around him as Francis finally sheathed himself all the way in slowly. Arthur tensed but instantly began trying to relax. When Francis was in he stopped giving him time to adjust. "M… move…" he moaned as Francis started slowly picking up speed with every thrust. Arthur's grip tightened on him pulling him closer and attacking his neck with kisses and bites creating a mixture of different sized hickeys. Francis moaned as he continued thrusting feeling just how tight Arthur was. The Englishman was moaning loudly and it grew in volume as he finally found his prostate.

Francis smiled and continued to aim for that spot as their moans grew louder. He kissed him lightly moving his hand down as he continued to aim for his prostate and began stroking him in time with his thrusts. Arthur arched his back moaning louder and began seeing white as he got close. "I… I'm, going, t… to…" he breathed heavily moving his hips to meet his thrusts and go in deeper.

"I love you Arthur." Francis mumbled into his ear lightly nibbling it.

"Francis!" he moaned loudly as he finally released onto their bodies tightening around Francis's member only making him last a few more thrusts before releasing as well. Arthur was breathing heavily keeping his face into Francis's neck trying to catch his breath. "I… love you, too…"

Francis pulled out slowly moving to lie down next to him and pulled him close to his chest. "Good~."

Just as the two of them were about to pass out after barely getting under the covers, Alfred came back and to his room. "What the hell? You couldn't even fucking make it to your own room?" he exclaimed.

"Shut up git!" Arthur yelled grabbing Alfred's alarm clock having it meet his forehead.

Alfred grumbled and walked back out to pout in Ivan's arms. "You are so mean lapin~."

"Quiet frog or I will show you how mean I can get." he stated.

"I would very much like to see that~." teased Francis kissing his head.

Arthur blushed a dark red and buried his face in his chest. "You are fucking perverted."

"But you wouldn't have me any other way non?" asked Francis nibbling on his ear.

"No, I wouldn't." he smiled up at him.

The End

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