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The war was raging. It was the dead of night, and one shadow carrying a bundle of blankets was running deep through the woods.

"They won't catch us baby, don't you worry," the first shadow whispered to the bundle. His voice was caring and kind.

The moon shown through the treetops, aiding the shadow in its run. It cast a glimmering glow on the forest ground. He looked up at it, and something cold hit his face; a snowflake.

"The other side is winning. Don't you worry, we're almost there," he whispered. He looked over his shoulder and could hear shouting and screams.

The forest trees started closing in and narrowing. The man kneeled down and opened the bundle. A beautiful baby's face stared up at him.

"This is your departure," he whispered.

The baby's face crinkled and grew sad, like she knew what he was saying to her.

"You're very smart, and when the time comes you will understand why your father had to send you away."

The baby whined and began to cry.

"Shh. Don't cry. You'll be safe. Your father loves you very much, and someday this whole country will belong to you," he whispered lovingly.

The crunching of branches was heard to his left. He quickly kissed the baby's forehead.

"When you return, things will be better," he said before sending the baby flying through the trees. Before she hit the ground, he hummed a beautiful tune and the baby disappeared.

"Be safe, Airies."

Author's Note: So, this is something I wrote a LONG time ago actually. And I decided to post it up here. I love Chronicles of Narnia almost as much as I love Harry Potter. Speaking of Harry Potter, those of you who have been waiting for the next chapter of Please Ask Me To Stay, I'm in the process of finishing it, and it will be done very soon, I promise. Please don't lose faith in me, it will be up soon. I'm so sorry for the long wait.

So, without further ado, here is my Chronicles of Narnia story.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy! :)

PS: I'm sorry for the lame title of the story. I didn't really know what to call it :/