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ok so Summary: Rukia is 3 years old at the start. Her mother died in murdered by her father. Rukia was starting to get abused by her father ever since then and so did her sister. Hisana moved away eventually getting married with Byakuya. By age 13 Rukia finds herself running away from her father planning to murder her with his friends. She runs for hours until she crashes into a orange haired teen who keeps her safe in his tree house.

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January 21 1996

"night mommy!" a little raven haired girl yelled to her mother.

The said woman looked down to her child and smiled "good night little angel," she replied.

'I can't believe she's 3' her mother thinks as she walks off to her room.

"Hisanee?" said the little girl to her big sister who perked up from a table with paperwork on it

"Hey Rukia-nee" she replied with a small smile on her lips. As Hisana (Hisanee) was about to tuck the little girl so called Rukia they heard a scream come from their mother's room.

"Mom!" Hisana screamed. No one answered. Hisana gulped and ran to the kitchen saying a little "be right back".

Rukia got up and walked in front of her mother's room curious on what lie ahead.

She heard thumping and a glass breaking her mother was screaming. Suddenly it stopped, Rukia was about to touch the door handle until the door opened by her father looking murderous.

Hisana ran in front of them in a flash and carried off Rukia to their room. Hisana locked the door and started breathing hard.

Rukia looked at her not understanding other than this means trouble… and a lot of it.

Hisana cried and held to Rukia for the rest of the night.

Little did Rukia know she lost her mother only seconds before.

November 2002 Rukia's point of view

I walked home in the snow inside my uniform… alone. I took a turn to my block and sighed it takes a lot to hide my bruises on my skin.

I sighed as I closed my eyes and kneeled for a second and prayed asking god to please not let my dad be home at least for today.

I stopped got up and walked the rest of the way. I opened my door and my head peered in "hello?" I asked as I smelt cooking which is something my dad would never do.

I didn't know what was going on until I walked into the kitchen and everything i felt turned into happiness for once

"HISANEE!" I screamed and everything in my body screamed in joy

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" I asked… ok screeched she looked at me and smiled "I wanted to visit before I go back with byakuya-sama" I smiled

my sister got married and left the house and I was left here alone with my abusive father.

"I'M HOME!" Hisana's and my eyes widened as I ran to open the window for her motioning her to go over it and run.

She nodded jumped over and looked at me with eyes that said 'come with me please' I shook my head and motioned her to go.

She sighed and ran for it, I stared at the window I looked back to see my father their bottle of beer in hand slurring on his words

"Come here Rukia Chan" he said in a sickening voice. I couldn't speak.

Today is just another day with more pain.

January 21 2005 5:00 am

"F-father?" I asked scared for my life I heard he brought his friend over today and I know that something's going to happen to me if I stay.

"Hello Rukia Chan" he said in his now normal sick voice. He was holding a bottle of beer and a knife on the other "Wait here Rukia ChanI'll bring my friends up here and then me and my friends 'share' the 'fun'"

My eyes widened as he went out the door. I ran to my back pack grabbed everything I could opened the window and rushed out.

My heart was thumping and I could only hear it. I slipped off the roof and ran. "SHE ESCAPED… GET HER..! SHE RAN OVER HERE" I heard screams

and covered my ears as tear drops made it out of my eyes I shook my head and ran into a forest.

I never lost my energy that was needed to run away from those men and the more I ran the less I heard them.

I shook my head once again 'They will follow me ' I told myself I continued to run for what seemed 3 hours or more.

I stopped abruptly and lost all my energy and sat beside a tree Crying .

Unknown Point of view (you'll find out REALLY fast)

I sat on my tree house. I groaned I'm 13 for god sakes why does my father have to 'oh so jollily push me' in here.

I sighed once more until I heard someone running. My head peered out the window and saw nothing.

I sat back at my cabin and felt the hairs on my arm stand up when I suddenly heard crying.

I got up and climbed down my tree house. The forest one place anyone could get lost into

"HELLO!" I screamed then I heard sniffing it felt like someone wanted to say something.

I ran a hand through my hair awkwardly. Until I saw something black "is that you with black… something?"

I couldn't make out what it was since it was dark.

A snort came with a little sniffling "I-it's my hair *sniffle* idiot" said a female voice that seemed still to be crying.

A small girl with black hair and blue eyes with a violet outlining her eyes were puffy from crying and she seemed to weak at the moment. We heard a yell and her eyes widened

"R-run!" she yelled at me pointing to my tree house.

"Not unless you come with me" I said looking at her panicking form

"FINE! JUST GO, NOW!" she yelled trying to be quiet. I nodded and handed my hand to her.

The next thing I knew is she was shivering in my hands silently crying while there were footsteps under our tree house.

Rukia's point of view after she yells at orange haired Ichigo

"FINE! JUST GO NOW!" I screeched at him as he offered a hand.

I blushed lightly and took it as he headed me to his tree house. He didn't see the blush…thank god.

I could still feel tears going down my face. We both sat there as far as possible from each other, I was hugging my knees up to my chest while he sat there scratching his head awkwardly.

I smiled lightly as I already noticed it was a habit of his to scratch his head.

"SHE WENT OVER HERE!" I heard a male scream and my smile turned into a frown as I started to shiver.

He looked at me and mouthed 'want me to come over to you?' I shook my head as he got closer to me and put arms around me.

I looked up and he wasn't looking at me as if avoiding something.

Until he let one of his cheeks visible and he was way red. I shivered and stayed quiet.

I don't know how long we stayed like that but next thing I know I wake up in the same position.

I blushed lightly and slowly peeled myself off of… he never told me his name.

I poked him and he just muttered something, I frowned and poked him again.

3rd person

Ichigo groaned at the pokes he was getting, while Rukia kept on poking him until she had enough and huffed.

Rukia stood up lifted her foot and opened her mouth.

"WAKE UP" Rukia screamed kicking Ichigo. Ichigo's eyes snapped open as he sat up and rubbed his stomach

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!" he screamed back


She sighed and mumbled a "never mind" and sat back down.

"You don't have a place to stay do you," Ichigo asked looking at Rukia.

She shook her head and sighed "I've lived with my dad as long as I can remember," Rukia said.

Ichigo looked at her "What about your mother?" Ichigo said wondering why she didn't mention it.

Suddenly Rukia felt horrible as she remembered the night her mother died

'Why is mommy gone Hisanee what do you mean?' little Rukia asked her sobbing sister.

'Rukia… promise me something don't cry when I tell you this, I can't stand to see you cry' Hisana said to her sister.

Rukia nodded as Hisana leaned down 'Mommy is dead…" Hisana mumbled as Rukia's eyes slowly started to get tears. 'What…?'

Rukia shook her head and looked at Ichigo who was staring at her.

"My mother…" she said slowly "died" she ended without wanting to tell him her father killed her.

Ichigo nodded in understanding, Rukia was surprised normally people would pity her until he answered the question why he didn't pity her

"my mom died too when I was 8" Rukia nodded, then smiled lightly at Ichigo

"thank you for helping me…" Ichigo shook his head "no problem," he said.

"So uh… you should stay with me and my dad we would be happy to have to you here." Ichigo mumbled scratching his head but Rukia heard him with eyes wide.

"R-really?" she asked unsure "yah" he replied smiling a little 'since when did I smile?' Ichigo asked himself but pushed away the thought.

Rukia smiled then hugged him. She let go with many thank you's but she didn't notice he was stunned for a moment.

Ichigo grabbed Rukia's hand and lead her inside.

"HELLO MY DEAR BOY ICHI-" Ishinn stopped and starred at Rukia who looked a little scared at the man.

"WHAT A BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY! What's your name?" Rukia stared at him

"Rukia…" she said

"and your last name?" Ishinn said

"Ku-" Ichigo's father interrupted her

"Kurosaki!" Ishinn said hugging Rukia while her eyes were wide and looked at Ichigo, who shrugged.

"Err Kurosaki-san?" she asked confused.

"No need to be confused my dear third daughter!" Ishinn told Rukia patting her on the head.

Rukia was surprised the way this man acted

'nothing like my dad… except all the screaming' Rukia said to herself dryly.

"Dad Rukia needs somewhere to live men were following her…"Ichigo said to his father who stopped and looked at him

"you mean…" Ishinn asked unbelieving then looked at Rukia eyes wide.

"Just let me see your wounds Rukia-Chan" Ishinn said to the raven haired girl who let him check her wounds.

Ishinn studied her wounds and frowned "How can you have so many bruises?" He asked then looked up to the raven haired girl

"who did this to you?" 'MY FATHER' Rukia wanted to scream but couldn't.

She wanted to dearly but she couldn't and closed her eyes

"I-I'm clumsy" Rukia said looking at the doctor while a Ichigo was trying to get a look at Rukia.

"Rukia-Chan I need the truth" Ishinn said frowning.

Ichigo barely saw this side of his dad; he only sees it when his dad is operating or something.

"My… father" Rukia mumbled quietly while Ichigo shot up "YOUR FATHER!" Ichigo screamed getting a little angry.

Sure his dad tried to attack him but it never worked and now here is a girl who actually got beat up and she could land a pretty damn hard kick on him.

Ishinn looked at both young people and sighed "I should call the police…" he said going to the kitchen.

Rukia stayed there sitting and looked at Ichigo

"How long can I stay?" Rukia asked him

"For as long as you'd like Rukia" Ichigo said to her.

"By the way what's your name dandelion" Rukia said smirking at his frown.

"Ichigo Kurosaki" Rukia covered a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles.

"Strawberry Kurosaki?" she giggled "that's a great name" she said sticking out her tongue while he glares at her

"it means HE WHO PROTECTS" Ichigo yelled.

Rukia still smiled 'I like this place it's been a while since I felt myself laugh and smile' she wanted to say it out loud but decided not to.

"so Ichi-kun~ what do you want to do?" Rukia asked while Ichigo ignored his nickname. He put up his fingers "number 1 find out where you're going to sleep" Ichigo said looking at her

"I could sleep in the couch"


"Your sisters room?"

"They are only 7"

"I can stay in… your room?" He stopped and looked at Rukia as if she was crazy

"Hell no" Rukia sighed

"Your closet" Rukia said looking at him plainly. Ichigo looked at her then nodded

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