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I had many questions for you


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The feeling have happiness and the feel of people caring

It was amazing when I felt it


Rukia let her eyes open and noticed that she was crying, a young boy with dark spiky hair looked at her curiously.

"Hey… Ichiro…" Rukia mumbled pulling the young boy into her arms "are you okay?" she whispered to the boy

"I'm fine mama! But you were crying…"

"Who was crying?" suddenly another more mature voice came.

"Nobody now go back to sleep Ichigo…" Rukia replied to the orange haired man beside her who just smirked

"No thanks you got me awake now… No way am I going to miss a 'mother to son' moment" he said ass he looked to the raven haired mother and son.

Rukia sighed

"Fine but turn on the TV then we probably still have an hour till you have to go and I'm already wide awake…" Rukia mumbled pulling Ichiro closer to her and petting his hair

Ichigo laughed slightly and turned on the TV "what the hell-"


"Excuse me… What do we watch oh powerful madam?"

"You're so lucky I'm holding Ichiro right now…" the said boy laughed at his parents and had a giant grin on his face

"Also why were you crying?" Ichigo asked suddenly as they watched the TV "dammit I thought you forgot…" she mumbled

"Now who's the one who swears?"

"Shut up!" Ichiro laughed again.

"It was a dream about my father Ichigo" suddenly the tension in the room went sky rocketing higher. The only person that didn't notice was Ichiro

"Mama who was grandpa?" Rukia looked at her boy

"You wouldn't want to know him honey…" she muttered and she leaned down to kiss the young boys forehead

"What about grandma?" both Ichigo and Rukia smiled. "Ichigo talk about your mom I know how much she meant to you and you had her longer than me…"

"Well to both of us" Rukia chuckled at how Ichigo disobeyed or order "our mothers were important always warming up the place"

"Everywhere they went it was full of good times and she was never mad at someone in front of us well except for our fathers" Ichigo explained

"Just like you two!" Rukia bit her lip "not exactly…!" she chuckled humorlessly

"Our mothers… left early but we still remember them clear as day" Ichigo mumbled to the boy as he lifted up his hand to mess up his hair just a little more

Ichiro fortunately didn't understand what they meant by 'left early' but grinned anyways

"Now Ichiro you should go to sleep… Or else Ichigo will come eat you"

"HEY..!" Ichigo yelled, Rukia gave him a look saying 'shut up or else' and he quieted down

"Yeah I'll come eat you" he mumbled turning to the TV leaving both Rukia and Ichiro to laugh. She stood up slowly and smiled when it didn't hurt (-I get headaches for a few seconds when I wake up sometimes _)

Rukia picked up the young boy and walked out of the room to his while Ichigo just looked at the TV silently watching the news.

Recently our prison in Kakuraka city has had more than a quarter of its prisoners escape…

Ichigo looked more attentive at the TV

The news reporter kept talking but under her ,names was listed of the prisoners and what Ichigo saw made him be frightened for once

Niro Korra - Rukia's father

He kept his eyes glued onto the screen and got up quickly walking to Ichiro's room. There he saw Rukia putting him to sleep and he couldn't help but smile in both relief and contentment

"Come on Rukia let's go to bed…" Ichigo mumbled to the woman who just grinned back at him and walked towards him with a smile on her face

"Okay…"she replied as they both made their way back. Ichigo turned off the TV and glanced at the clock


"I'm going to get Tatsuki to replace me for today" Rukia frowned at him "don't take advantage of your friend's idiot…" she mumbled

Ichigo glanced at the TV and looked back at Rukia "I'm doing it anyways" he responded as he slipped into the bed that she has already been laying on

"Night…" Rukia mumbled coming close to Ichigo who put an arm around her and smile gently letting his scowl go

"Night Rukia…" he mumbled hoping what had happened on the TV was going to be solved before anything could happen.


Ichiro – means first born son and I wanted to have something close to Ichigo's name so when I found it I was like


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