Okay, this story is basically kinda a crossover with the One Last Wish book series by Lurlene McDaniel. I already tried this once with my favorite cartoon Chowder, and it turned out pretty good for my first fanfic. So now I'm going to try it with EEnE, and I hope you enjoy.

Journal Date: 17 July, 2010

Name: Eddward Marian Mathews (a/n: I made up a last name)

Dear Journal,

I cannot believe I haven't written a journal entry since January. Even after I got home I just didn't feel like writing. But now I think it's time to start the habit again. After all, who knows who might be reading this journal in the future. So much has happened in the past several months, so much has changed. I'm not even sure where to begin. I suppose I should start on the day of my last journal entry.


Edd, or Double D as his friends called him, was sitting at his desk. It was winter, and Edd looked paler than usual. He was wearing an orange sweater his mother had gotten him for Christmas, and his usual purple pants and sock hat. He was writing in his journal, although being it winter and not having school didn't give him much to write about.

*Tap! Tap!*

Double D looked up and saw two more small pebbles hit his window. I wonder who that could be, Edd thought sarcastically with a smile. He knew exactly who it was. He opened the window, and gave a quick cough before greeting his friends.

"*Cough*, good morning," he said.

"Yeah yeah, no time for chit chat, Sockhead," said Eddy, not wanting to make small talk "There's going to be a snowball fight at the playground in ten minutes. Last one standing get a box of jawbreakers, curtosy of Kevin's dad."

"Yummy round goodness!" said Ed, drooling over the thought of eating his favorite candy.

"So come on, get a move on!" Edd rolled his eyes and closed the window. Quickly he headed down stairs and grabbed his winter coat. On it was a sticky note.

Eddward, If you go outside, be careful and try not to make that cough of yours worse. Love, Mother.

Eddward took off the note, carefully put it in his pocket, and got on his cough. Suddenly, the door slammed open. Edd jumped and quickly turned around to see who it was.

"Come on Sock Head! Let's go!" shouted Eddy, putting down Ed, who he had used as a battering ram to open the door.

"Jawbreakers, Double D!" Ed shouted urgently.

"Eddy, please don't use Ed to break down my door," said Edd, glaring at Eddy as he put on his coat, "and I'm hurrying *cough cough cough* as fast as I can."

"You've still got that cough Sockhead?" said Eddy, "Man, it's been like three weeks!"

And it hadn't been getting any better. Double D thought it would've at least gotten a little better, his mother gave him medicine every night when she got home from work. But it wasn't just the cough. Sometimes at night, Double D felt as if he was being sufficated by his blankets. He also felt dizzy sometimes, but he figured it was just fatigue from not getting any sleep.

"Hey, you guys coming or what?" shouted Kevin from outside on his snowboard.

"Yeah yeah, we're coming!" replied Eddy, ready to win his sugary prize. He quickly ran out the door, with Ed and Edd following him.

As they ran, Edd kept coughing harder and harder. He felt as if he could barely breathe. He stopped to catch his breath.

"What's wrong, Double D?" asked Ed, curious and a little worried about his friends.

"I'm fine *cough cough* Ed," repled Double D, "It must just be all this running combined with the winter air."

"Ed help!" Ed said smiling. He picked up Double D and put him on his shoulders piggy back style.

"*Cough* Thank you Ed," said Double D, gratiful he didn't have to run anymore. But even without running, he still had trouble catching his breath.

"Come on Lumpy!" shouted Eddy, way ahead of his friends. Ed quickly picked up speed and ran until they arrived at the park.

"Ah, the natural wonders of winter," Double D said smiling as he gazed at the slender icicles on the bare trees. They sparkled like stars in the morning sun. The snow sparkled too, making Ed smile as well.

Ed put Edd down, and they both walked over to where Eddy was. Eddy had managed to swipe one of the trash cans from the cul-da-sac to use as a fort for the snowball fight. The other teams just had snow for their fort. The teams were Kevin, Nazz & Rolf, Johnny & Plank, and Sarah, Nazz, and Jimmy.

"You're going down, fathead!" Sarah shouted at Eddy.

"In your dreams!" Eddy shouted back. He was determined to win this.

"Okay," said Kevin, a snowball already in his hand, "Ready, set, go!"

Immediantly, the sky was full of flying snowballs. Whizzing past the kids at great speed, hitting them if they were too slow.

Eddy aimed for Plank, an easy target, while Ed aimed for Kevin and Rolf like Eddy told him too. Since Double D couldn't throw too far, he just ducked underneath the 'fort' and made snowballs for his friends, still coughing every few minutes.

After about ten minutes of the snowball war, about half the kids were out, including Ed who had stood up when Eddy called Jimmy a chicken when he wouldn't throw the snowball.

"Come on Double D, jawbreakers are on the line!" Eddy shouted as he threw a snowball at Kevin, and missed.

"I don't know Eddy," said Edd timidly, *Cough* I'm not the best thrower, and this snow could be covered in filth. What if it gets in my eye?"

"Oh brother." Eddy shoved a snowball into his friend's hands. "Just throw it, will ya?"

Edd sighed. He didn't have a choice. Edd put his arm in a throwing position, but before he could even take aim, he saw Rolf aiming at him.

"It's time for the Son of a Shepard to gain honor from this battle of snow!" Rolf shouted. He then threw the snowball with great strength, right at Double D.

Without even having to think about it, Edd bent backwards and just narrowly missed the snowball.

"Whoa, nice ducking Double D!" exclaimed Johnny, "Plank says that was like a martial arts duck!"

"Double D just went matrix!" shouted Ed happily.

Edd was about to reply when his chest tightened. He felt another coughing attack coming on. The kids gathered around as their friend as he fell to the frozen ground, coughing up a storm.

"Double D, are you okay?" Nazz asked, but Edd couldn't even reply. His chest kept tightening, this was worse than any other time before. It was if he couldn't even breathe. Everytime he coughed, the coughing came back more intense. He tried to hold it back, but that just made it worse.

"Come on Sock Head, knock it off," said Eddy, confused with just a hint of nervousness.

Edd looked over at his friends. He was seeing multiple visions, and felt very dizzy. He couldn't even reply if he wanted to. But his eyes replied for him. They were watery because of the coughing, and they were shouting out "Help me!"

"Ed, go get Mom, now!" commanded Sarah, who's mother was a nurse and had the day off. Ed quickly ran towards home without any arguement.

Just then, Edd gave one hard cough. When it was finished, he looked at his palms and saw gooey, red liquid. Blood. He had coughed up blood.

Oh my, he thought. This was no ordinary cold. What's happening to me?

Okay, that was just the beginning. If it's boring, I promise it'll pick up. Please review.