Author's Note: This is a television series I got curious about, much like how I got into video games. I intend to write twenty of these "Data Drafts", a series of one-shots of the show "Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5"

Disclaimer: The Hot Wheels series is owned by the Mattel Toy Company, "Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5" is owned by Mattel and Nerd Corps Entertainment.

Battle Force 5 Data Drafts

Draft 1: Roll Out!

Handler's Corners was a small town in an Arizona desert. It had everything a person could live in: a diner, a gas station, some warehouses for shopping, and a garage.

It was also here that adventure tended to pop up in this unexpected desert.

As a tornado of blue electric energy rolled in, six teenagers, each in five separate vehicles, and a unique racing uniform on them was racing to this tornado. It was time to complete their objective.

"Saber's ready!" the man in the red vehicle, Vert Wheeler, affirmed. "Battle Force Five, roll call!" he commanded. "Zoom!"

"Chopper has your back, Vert!" Zoom Takazumi assured.

"Agura!" Vert signaled.

"Tangler is ready to hunt!" said Agura Ibaden, the sole female of the group.


"Cranking up the base on the Reverb!" Stanford Isaac Rhodes IV said as he readied the sonic cannons on his car.

"Sherman, Spinner!"

"Buster is primed!" Sherman Cortez, the younger brother, began.

"And pumped!" Spinner Cortez, the older brother, finished.

The five vehicles got closer to the tornado, a Storm Shock. Sage, their alien friend and advisor, appeared on the team's computer screens to alert them for the countdown. "Storm Shock sighted," Sage alerted. "Impact in five, four, three…"

"It's storm riding time!" Vert cheered as all five vehicles got sucked into the tornado.

Each vehicle rode along the surface of a vortex within the tornado, staying in line so that they wouldn't be sent back to Earth. "Stay in formation," Vert instructed. "Looking for the portal!"

Spinner, who was in the back seat of the Buster Tank, decided to film the event, saying it would be good for his blog. But his antics veered Sherman to the side, and the Buster nearly pushed the Reverb off formation.

Zoom, who was lagging behind a little, launched a grappling cable onto the Reverb. He promptly revved ahead, lifted the Chopper into the air, and split the two motorcycle tires into four bladed propellers, allowing him to fly briefly. Spinner promptly caught the moment on camera.

"A little focus, huh?" Vert asked. As soon as he said that, Spinner began adjusting the camera lens.

"I'm in focus," Spinner replied.

Vert soon saw what they were looking for, a portal to an inter-dimensional planet called a Battle Zone. "Approaching the portal," Vert alerted. "Battle Zone on the other side! Keep it together, guys!"

All five cars went through the portal to the other side. It was a volcanic Battle Zone with a hot lava ocean below the rocks.

But that wasn't the only obstacle. The Vandals, anthropomorphic animals with predatory natures, were also there and ready for a fight.

"Get ready to crash and bash!" Vert rallied. Every combatant stepped on the gas. Vert readied the blades on the Saber for battle.