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Battle Force 5 Data Drafts

Extra 4: Daylight Savings

"Just my luck!" Vert muttered angrily as he ran to his raceway. "I managed to oversleep and on training day, too!"

Vert rushed over to the pits to find Agura and Sherman making adjustments to their vehicles. "Sorry I'm late!" he called as he waved to them.

"You're early, Vert," Agura told him, looking at her watch. "By an hour."

"Early?" he asked coming to a stop.

"Daylight saving time went last night," Sherman explained. "In autumn, the clocks jump backward one hour and the day lasts 25 hours instead of the normal 24."

He heard a yawn come from behind the Buster where Sherman was sitting on. The two looked behind the tank to find Zoom stretching out.

"Morning, Zoom," he greeted.

"Hey," he responded back. "Sorry about the sleepiness, guys. The time change slows me down a bit."

"It's a toughie," Vert replied, thinking back to the times he got Jet lag during his travels for the World Race.

"Where's your brother?" Agura asked to Sherman.

"He was still sleeping when I left him," Sherman answered. "And Stanford?"

"I'm guessing he's still sawing logs, too," Agura inferred after looking around the area.

"So…what?" Zoom asked. "Do we start training in an hour?"

"Well, since most of us are already up, I may as well get the ball rolling early," Vert replied. "You know what they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained."

The three of them soon heard footsteps coming into the race track. Sherman closed the laptop. "I guess I wasn't the only one who forgot," Vert noted.

"Hurry up, your royal slowness!" Spinner yelled as he and Stanford rushed to the pit stop. "Vert's gonna yell at us if we're late!"

"Had you not stopped my alarm, we wouldn't be in this situation!" Stanford told him angrily.

"I stopped your alarm?" he yelled back. "You hit the snooze button thrice!"

"Stanford, Spinner, time out!" Vert interjected.

The two screeched to a halt in front of their leader. "Sorry we're late, Vert!" Spinner apologized. "It took me a while to wake Sleeping Beauty up!"

"You're actually early, guys," Vert reminded them. He set his watch back an hour. "Let's get started, team!" he instructed.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Spinner interrupted. "You said we came early! That means training doesn't start yet!"

"I know, but since three of us made the mistake of forgetting Daylight saving time, we're starting at 8:00 instead of the routine 9:00," Vert explained.

"Oh yeah," the other two said.

"I knew that!" Stanford haughtily countered.