iCarly Time!: an Adventure Time With Finn and Jake and iCarly Fanfiction

Chapter One: Ordinary Day

One day at Ridgeway Middle School, Carly Shay met her best friend Sam Puckett at her locker. "Hey, how was English class?" asked Carly to her fun loving yet aggressive friend. "It was very boring. Mrs. Briggs was talking about lame boring stuff I can't understand." "I can tell that English is not your favorite subject." "The only subject in school I like is Lunch. Speaking of lunch, you know what they're serving today?" "What are they serving?" "Fried chicken. I love fried chicken! It's like they read my mind!" "You and fried chicken. It's kind of like you're obsessed." Carly admitted. Suddenly, Freddie Benson, Carly and Sam's other friend, came over to show them a gadget he got from the audio visual department. It was called a dimensional sphere and it's purpose was to transport anyone to another place or country or maybe even a different galaxy. "So, we can travel anywhere we want?" Carly asked Freddie. "Yup. It comes with USB cable and some other stuff." "Hey, maybe we could use it after school if you don't have any plans. We could go to the iCarly studio." "Ok, sure." Freddie and Sam both said. As the bell rang, Carly, Sam and Freddie went to their classes.

(iCarly theme song plays.)

After school, Carly saw her older brother Spencer carry big, brown bags. "What's in the bags?" Carly asked. "Oh, nothing. Just some stuff I got from the junkyard for my next sculpture." Spencer said. "What are you going to sculpt next?" "I don't know. It's kinda like I have sculptor's block." Then, Carly had an idea. "You know what will inspire you?" she said. "A smoothie from Groovy Smoothie?" "No. How about a dimensional sphere Freddie has that can take us anywhere." "Anywhere?" "Anywhere." "So are you coming?" Carly asked. "Well, in that case, yes!" Spencer said, following his little sister up the stairs. A few minutes later, Freddie was hooking the sphere up to his laptop. "What are you doing?" Sam asked. "I'm hooking up the sphere to a USB cable so that we can see all of the lands and destinations onto the software I downloaded." "I don't know what you just said, so let's see what happens." Sam said. "Hey, everyone. Guess who's joining us on our little test?" Carly said as she entered the studio. "Me! I'm going to try and find a person or a thing to sculpt." Spencer said, as he sat down on a beanbag chair. "Okay, it's working. So, where can we go that's fun?" Carly asked Freddie. "Let me see. Well, there's Marzipan City, The Stormalong Harbor, Single Town, Camp Wawanakwa, Camp Kidney, Porkbelly, Retroville, Dimsdale, Bikini Bottom and a place called The Land Of Ooo." "Ooo? I want to check out this Ooo place." Carly suggested. "Do you want to go to Ooo, Sam?" "I don't know. I really wanted to go to Bikini Bottom to see funny talking sponge with the pants who lives in a pineapple. But, if it will make you guys happy, I would love to go to Ooo with you." "Spencer, what do you think?" "If that place can give me some inspiration, then yes we can go." "Okay, it's official! We're going to Ooo!" Carly exclaimed. So, Freddie clicked on Ooo and then clicked on a button that said "Transport". All of a sudden, a portal came and it sucked Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer right into the portal.