A little side not, this is supposed to take about six years after the show ended, obviously the horrible 'ending' hasn't happened ;) Anyway enjoy, the back story will slowly be filled in :)...oh...oh right they characters are not my invention...:P

Lily waited quietly with her son in the hospital exam room. Bob had called in a specialist for his brain tumor, and she was anxious to she who it is.

"Mommy when is t-t-the doctor gonna be here?"

Lily smiled at Ethan and ruffled his hair, "Soon, honey, soon."

The door opened, and a doctor walked in, look at his clipboard, "Okay so Mr..."

Reid looked up from his clipboard, "Snyder! Ethan Snyder, Bob definitely didn't go into specifics! How are ya buddy?"

Reid observed the boy he had come to care for during his last stay in Oakdale. The changes were subtle, other than the fact that he was taller, and his hair slightly longer, and his face was a little different. Also, the evidence of the brain tumor was apparent, Ethan's face was slightly swollen and his stutter came out as he babbled on to Reid about missing him, and how happy he was that Reid was back.

"Buddy, it looks like I'm going to be here for a while, seeing as I'm your new doctor."

"Well thats g-g-great! You should go see L-L-Luke too!"

Reid nodded at his ex-boyfriend's name, taking it in stride, pretending not to notice the awkward look Lily shot at him. Reid carefully examined Ethan and when he was finished, he gently suggested he ask the nurse for a lollipop.

"So," Reid said, turning toward Lily, "any questions?"

Lily closed her eyes, "Is my son going to live?"

"Well, I am his doctor."

Lily laughed, "Reid, you definitely haven't changed at all."

Reid smiled sadly, "Well, in a few ways I have, it just hasn't come out yet."

"I'm glad you're back, Reid. The whole town will be."

"Lily, I'm here for one reason."

"And that is?"

"To save your son."

Lily couldn't tell which son he meant.