A/N: This story is based off of one of the prompts from a prompt table I have! The prompt was 'In Your Arms', so I made it the story's title. It was originally a one-shot, but I decided to break it up into a few shorter chapters.


In Your Arms - Part 1


Seventh-year Gryffindor Rose Weasley gaped as she walked into the Potions classroom on a wet fall morning. The sight in front of her was leaving her speechless. Her best friend, Sarina Zelaya, was READING her Potions book! Before class had even started! Something was wrong.

Sarina and Rose were pretty much complete opposites. Some said that it was impossible for them to be best friends, but others said that it was the reason that they were such good friends. Rose was a tall bookworm, with flaming red hair and cheerful brown eyes. Sarina was tall as well, but was more social, and a beauty with her ink-black hair and ice-blue eyes.

Since Sarina was very social, she was also quite a flirt. This is what made Rose think that something was wrong. Before Potions, every day, like clockwork, when Rose walked in, Sarina would be facing the table behind her, flirting with Rose's cousin, Albus Potter. But today, although Albus was at his table, Sarina was reading her Potions book, which she tried to avoid as much as possible.

"What's wrong?" Rose asked in a whisper as she reached the table where Sarina sat, and began to unpack her supplies.

"Nothing!" Sarina hissed quickly, "Why would anything be wrong?"

"Well, you're not flirting with Albus," Rose began. But at the mention of his name, Sarina's eyes lit up and a grin adorned her face, as if it was a knee-jerk reaction. Rose was gapping once again. This wasn't possible!

"Rina, do you like Al…"

"Shhh! He'll hear you!"

"No, he won't! He's chatting with Scorpius!" when Rose said the younger Malfoy's name, she blushed, "But that proves it! You do like him!"

"Like who?" inquired Albus.

"Umm…no one!" Sarina yelped.

Albus shrugged, and then looked at Rose with an expression that clearly said, "Your friend's weird."

"So, Rina, I'm surprised that a stunning girl like you isn't surrounded by a flock of drooling boys," Albus drawled. He smirked when Sarina blushed. "Of course, they'd all be too wimpy for you. What you need is a man like myself."

Sarina, who usually would've replied with a flirty comeback, was too embarrassed, immediately telling Albus that she was keeping a secret from him. And Albus was a sucker for secrets.

"Tell me! Tell me tell me tell me!" Albus begged. It was at that moment that Professor Nolan, the Potions Master, walked into the classroom, halting all conversation.


"Rina!" Rose shrieked as she ran into the dormitory, "There's going to be a Halloween ball! And the prefects from each house got to choose two people to officially represent their house, and Scorpius chose Albus, and I chose you!" She blushed when saying Scorpius' name.

Sarina glared at the girl that was supposed to be her best friend.

"You should be excited! That means Al's your date to the dance!"

"Well that's bloody well fine!" Sarina snapped, "But did you ever stop and think about how bloody awkward it'll be for him and me?"

"It won't be awkward! At least you know Al!"

"That was a bloody cruel thing you did, Rose."

A/N: So did you guys enjoy the first chapter? I already have most of the second chapter done, so look for it soon!