A/N: So this isn't actually a chapter. Well it kind of is, I guess. It's the outtake that I promised you guys! Also, this is set sometime between Part 9 and the epilogue. You can pretty much choose to have it whenever you want. Enjoy!

Outtake: Fire and Water

Sarina Zelaya and Albus Potter were curled up on a couch in the Gryffindor Common Room, directly in front of the fire. It was late, and the couple was the only people in the Common Room; everyone else had already gone to bed. Sarina was snuggled into Albus' side, and he was stroking her hair quite lovingly.

"Hey, Al?" whispered Sarina sleepily. Albus continued his stroking as he looked down at her. "Yes?"

"If we ever get married, and have kids, what would we name them?"

Albus mentally choked at the question. He had thought a few times about marrying Sarina, and her having his children, but her to bring it up so bluntly…!

Sarina continued on, as if she didn't notice Albus' silence. "I know that I'd want one boy and one girl, at least. They'd have to have opposing names, I suppose. I'm thinking that the boy's name could mean 'fire', and the girl's name could mean 'water'. Or maybe 'ice'. What do you think?"

"Aden and Brenna," Albus blurted suddenly, earning him a confused look from Sarina. "What?" Sarina asked.

"Aden means 'fire', and Brenna means 'little drop of water'," Albus stated, "And I honestly have no idea how I know that."

"They're beautiful," Sarina replied earnestly, "Aden Potter and Brenna Potter. Lovely!"

"What about middle names? Every child needs a middle name!" Albus declared, getting more into the idea of planning his future children's names.

"Hmmm…well, I think their middle names should be our parents' names," Sarina stated, "It's sort of a tradition in my family."

Albus chuckled, causing Sarina to look at him confused once more. "Oh, I don't think my parents would like to have my children semi-named after them."

Sarina shrugged. "So then, we can use my parents' names. They wouldn't mind."

"So what are the names, then?"

"Aden Preston Potter and Brenna Margaret Potter," Sarina announced, beaming.

"Sounds wonderful, love," Albus answered, kissing Sarina's head, "But I think it's time to go to bed."

Sarina sighed but nodded. Before she headed up to her dormitory, and Albus to his, she stopped and gave him a light kiss on the lips. "I can't wait for our children," she whispered afterwards, running upstairs before he could say anything.

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