Living With Yourself

Character Study of Mariemaia Khushrenada/Barton

Chapter Fiction

Word Count: 917

Summary: Six years after the war, at the tender age of 13, Mariemaia slowly starts to come to terms with what happened during and after the war and begins to learn the hardest lesson of life, learning how to live with yourself.

01: Reflections

Mariemaia Khushrenada, daughter of Treize Khushrenada, had a divine right. A right she had had since her birth. It was her birth right and she had been raised as such. She was the future Leader of the Unified Nations, no, not their leader. She was to be their queen, a position former Queen Relena had been so kind to leave to her.

The former queen, now Vice Prime Minister, was a puzzle all in her own. Born Relena Darlian and then becoming Relena Peacecraft had now stood before the people and pleaded with them to fight their new supreme ruler, who had so viciously started taking control. It was against everything Relena believed in, but she had spoken the truth, peace was not something that was handed to you, it was obtained and then maintained through the presence of those who fought for the same peace in the beginning. There she stood, a gun trained on her by none other than 001, a nameless man that had taken the name of Herro Yue.

A slap shocked her, never being hit before in her life.

Everything slowed down.

A click.

An order to step away from her.

Another gun.

The sounds of a gun being fired.

Moving without thinking and taking the shot meant for Relena.

The bullet hitting and tearing through her tender, young flesh.

Someone shouting.

A second round being fired.

Someone saying the rebel Dakim being executed.

An order shouted for a doctor.

That had been six years ago, she had been seven years old, forced into a shell and used as a puppet by Dakim.

Now someone would say she more resembled her mother, Leia Barton; quiet and reserved but quick to the cut. She now understood that her grandfather, Dakim Barton, had been a tyrant and had used her and it make her upset, she was a long way from forgiving him.

She was thirteen now; being properly groomed to enter politics by Relena Darlian and Quatre Winner and raised by Lady Une.

Several attempts had been made on her life already, and she knew it would be a long time before the people where ready to forgive her but she looked forward to that day with vigor as she worked with the help of the Gundam Pilots, Relena, Lady Une and her cousin Dorothy to restore herself in the eyes of the people she once so briefly wanted to rule.

It was determined that her safety was top priority among the Preventers; her guardian being head of the Preventers did have some effect. In fact, as she glanced up from the book she was pretending to read she could make out the shadow of someone outside the door of her bedroom. It was one of the five, thankfully, she couldn't stand having someone that wanted to gawk at her, or even worse, someone that wanted revenge for things her troops did to her Earths Sphere Unified Nations.

It made school a trouble, as Lady Une and Relena refused anything but the best private school for the young woman, a finishing school at that. The academics where alright, her grades were passable but the etiquette was something that bored her, but she at least understood its importance. Placing a finger in her book, to hold the real spot she had stopped reading at she glanced around the sitting room that was adjacent to her bed room.

It was the last night she would spend in this set of rooms. Tomorrow morning she would be leaving with Lady Une, to tour her new school, it had more a political lean. Wufei and Heero would be going in the shadows, one ahead, and one behind as her hidden guards. Quatre, Sally Po, Trowa and Lady Une would be her visible protection.

She hadn't received any of her books, her uniform, or a handbook for that matter; something that bothered her, but only slightly so. She trusted Lady Une and she knew everything would be provided once she arrived, two days earlier than most students. She had a private room, something she was glad of and it had a lock, at the request of her guardian to prevent any intrusions or ill wishes towards her adopted daughter.

A knock on the door interrupted her from her thoughts. Glancing at the wall showed her it was nine am. Her guard was changing out.


Her voice still held the air of authority her grandfather drilled into her. She was slightly shocked when Relena, Lady Une and Catherine entered followed by Heero, Quatre and Trowa.

"We figured since you where leaving for school tomorrow a shopping trip was in order." Relena said without any preamble, her excitement at the prospect of shopping showed through.

"There's a uniform Miss Relena. I highly doubt I can wear whatever I please." Mariemaia said in the tone of an adult telling a child something they should have already known.

"We know that, but you're still allowed to wear what you want on the weekends and you've deserved it, appearance is going to be important at Belleview." Lady Une said as she held out Mariemaia's purse to her and motioned for her to get up with the same motion as she handed off her purse.

Knowing she was out numbered, and that they would shop for her, with or without her, Mariemaia sighed before taking her purse and following the assembly out the door for what was sure to be a long day.