Living With Yourself

Character Study of Mariemaia Khushrenada/Barton

Chapter Fiction

06 First Day of Classes, Part Two

AN: Exams start Thursday of this week so there may not be another update until next Wednesday; this wasn't as long as I had hoped for but it still works.

Leia made it to the gym with time to spare to see Heero and Wufei waiting for her there, already in the midst of a sparring session. She watched them move, instantly noticing their different techniques. Heero was more brute force while Wufei was more precision, balance, and history than Heero. The sparring session went on for a few more minutes, Leia watching intently until suddenly Wufei gained the upper hand, barley, and managed to throw Heero, who was unable to come out of it, causing him to hit the ground a few feet away.

"You're a people watcher which is a good thing, you'll need it for later training sessions with Trowa." Heero said, standing before making his way back over to the mats. "You have never been formally trained, which is a slight your mother intends to have fixed. Since it's your first day you'll be given a training schedule, that is who you will be training with when and what outside work you are expected to do later today and then Wufei will go over some basic stretching and mind centering techniques. It's part of the reason you have a free block after your training session in case the sessions run long or outside work is required or just for extra practice."

Heero broke off here before backing off into the bleachers to watch as Wufei worked her through a series of Tai Chi movements that where meant to be a part of her warm up before flowing effortlessly into the warm up itself, which was basic, very basic. Mariemaia knew enough to be able to tell that which made her wonder just how hard her later workouts would be, something she wasn't looking forward to.

Wufei worked her for the full duration of her hour long class, allowing her to use her break as just that, a break before dinner, deciding to wait to hunt down Jennifer until her free block after dinner Leia made her way back to her room, both Wufei and Heero following her as they discussed training schedules and techniques with Heero's expectations being slightly unrealistic and high for such a beginner and Wufei's, grounded, but old fashioned and based on the honor system of the Chinese.

Soon a conference call was set up and all five Gundam pilots where slowly but surely coming to an agreement on her training schedule as Leia settled herself down in her desk and began slowly plowing through her Algebra homework, struggling with it slightly but enjoying the repetation of the work until she noticed a knock on the door, going to open it to find Aine and Sarah on the other side.

"You where supposed to meet us for dinner, Leia, what happened?" Aine asked, as they slipped inside, noticing Wufei instantly but choosing to ignore him.

"Dinner? What time is it?" Leia asked, glancing at the clock on her wall that read 5:30. "Wow, I'm sorry! I let the time get away from me." She said, grabbing her ID card before following Aine and Sarah out of her building, Wufei and Heero following silently behind as the girls walked swiftly towards the dining hall falling in with all the other students that where headed that way.

"How do you like the school so far Leia?" Aine asked, as they entered the cafeteria.

"So far so good but the amount of homework that they've given out is daunting but hey we didn't get into Belleview for nothing." She said, shaking it off as a part of the prep school process. Sarah nodded her head in agreement to Leia's statement, adding in her own personal opinion.

"A planner will help, we can head over to the bookstore tomorrow after classes and get us each one, and the project for English will need to be broken down into certain days anyway so it doesn't become overwhelming."

Leia smiled as Jennifer noticed her, slowing down so that they were walking side by side.

"Hey, you still up for a walk after dinner during free block?" she asked, catching the attention of Aine and Sarah as well as her intended target.

"You've got to be back at your dorms by nine at the latest Leia." Aine said, cutting into the conversation with a fair warning.

"That's fine, we're just going for a walk." Jennifer said, steeling her smile to take control of the conversation once again. "You're welcome to join us if you like ladies."

The offer was genuine, but something in her eyes was off.

"That'd be wonderful!" Sarah said, answering for her and Aine as they all entered the cafeteria, gathering at a table large enough for them all, standing behind their chairs waiting for the en masse order to be seated and to start the mass feeding of society's children.

Dinner went the same as lunch, except fish was on the menu for the night so they allowed themselves a portion of fish with lemon, a salad and either a diet drink or ice water, eating their meals in the comradery of sisterhood as they talked about their first day of classes and what their schedules held in store for them tomorrow. Gym and Fencing being the most commonly shared classes.

Soon dinner was over and the girls parted, going to change before meeting up once again at the cafeteria dressed in similar jogging clothes and began slowly walking around the school's loop, deciding to forgo the gym until the morning.

"Are we still meeting at the gym tomorrow at five?" Leia asked, as they kept a leisurely pace around the school, allowing them air to talk.

"Yes, we need to make a habit of it, now, early on in the school year so that by the end of the month it's a habit." Aine answered, as she slowly started to jog, making the others girls feeling out of place and pick up to a jog as well, seeing only a few members of various sports clubs out jogging to stay in shape, whether it be in season or out of season.

They managed their jog for about fifteen minutes before slowing back down to a walk, allowing them time to catch their breathes before picking back up to a jog again to finish the final stretch around the school that would lead them back to the dorms.

One by one they started to drift off towards their dorms, Leia walking in silence with Heero tracking her quietly a few steps behind, neither talking nor paying the other to much obvious attention. Upon reaching her dorm Leia went into her room, changing out of her running clothes into a swim suit, deciding a swim before curfew would feel good, once again leaving the dorms with Heero on her tail. She hit the water hard, swimming leisurely, just enjoying being in the water as her watch dog scanned the area vividly for threats all the while watching her swim, seeing the tension from the run leave her body as she did lap after lap until the warning bell sounded that it was nine, an hour away from curfew causing Leia to start slightly before she pulled herself out of the pool, thankfully for the towel Duo, who had come up while she had been swimming, handed to her.

"Thanks." She said, a smile coming to her lips but never quite reaching her eyes, something that bothered him.

"No problem princess." He said, however contrary to his inner thoughts, beaming her a smile as she began to dry off. "Let's get you dressed and headed back to the dorm hey?" he asked, although it wasn't a question and she knew it, shaking her head causing her wet red locks to throw water on Duo's white shirt. Leia bit her lip but it didn't quite silence her laugh that escaped as they made the short walk back to her, no, their dorm.

Unlocking the door, she bid them goodnight before entering her room and locking the door behind her. Glancing around she noted that her room was just like it had been left, everything in its place, pulling some pajamas out from her dresser she entered the bathroom before peeling her wet swim suit off her body, placing it on the door hook to dry before starting the water for a shower a little hotter than normal, testing the temperature with her hand before stepping under the warm spray, letting it cleanse her body of her day's deeds before lathering her hair with shampoo, enjoying the feel of the soap cleansing her hair before rinsing it out after letting it sit and then repeating the same with her conditioner and body wash.

Exiting the shower she wrapped her robe around her body before placing her hair in it's towel turban, ringing the water out as she brushed her teeth for the night. Entering her room she picked out her uniform for the next day, laid it out next to her gym bag with fresh gym clothes inside before running a brush through her semi dry hair, pulling it tight into a ponytail. Changing into her pajamas she sat down at her desk, writing out her to do list before turning off the lights and allowing sleep to claim her.