You Wear Insanity Well
Rated: M for mature content and mostly language
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Summary: "I wouldn't ask this from you unless it was an emergency. Mind you, I still hate you, you bastard, but this isn't about me. Just help me please? Help me save my baby."

Authors Note: So here's the deal y'all. After posting the epilogue, I got mixed reviews from you as to whether or not I should do a sequel. I respect those who encouraged me to write another, but I also respect those who enjoyed the first so much that they were worried as to whether a sequel would live up its name or not. So as a response to both sides, I am going to post up the first chapter and let you decide. If I can get 20 positive reviews or more, I'll continue on and write a sequel. Sound good? Hope you enjoy it!

Note2: Anything in Italics means it is being spoken in a different language...likely Italian.

01: Tell Me Goodbye
(in order to protect you, there's really no other way)

Rome, Italy
20:01 UTC


Kakashi dropped to his knees, the sound muffled as they hit the carpeted floor. His normally dull eyes were now wide with terror. Blood permeated the air, the smell so intense as it infiltrated his nose that he thought he would vomit right then and there. Sasuke stood beside him, his mouth slightly agape and his pale skin had turned as white as a sheet. He cleared his throat and rapidly blinked his eyes in attempt to regain control of his senses. He was an Uchiha, goddammit, he needed to pull himself together. Stay professional.

He turned to a slight man beside him, his expression a mirror of what Sasuke's had been a moment before. "Check the place for any signs of break in's. Get this whole place dusted for finger prints as soon as possible; and make sure the polizia stay the fuck out of here until I'm ready. This is their jurisdiction but it's one of our own, dammit." Sasuke demanded harshly, breaking the man out of his daze. The man gulped, a sheen of sweat visible on his forehead before he scurried off and out the door.

Sasuke sighed, putting his hand over his face. A baby's cry rang throughout the house, stopping all the Interpol agents in their tracks.

"Fuck." Kakakshi swore again. The older man squeezed his eyes shut, as if trying to erase the sight before him that had all too quickly emblazoned itself in his mind.

Running a hand through his spiky black hair, Sasuke put a comforting hand on his superior's shoulder. Kakashi bristled slightly at the touch, but did nothing to shake off Sasuke's hand.

Sasuke sighed again, and closed his eyes. "Guy." He called out, his voice wary.

"Sasuke?" Said the older man, stepping forward. Guy Mite's usually cheerful face was somber as he looked at Sasuke. The man looked years older than he actually was and his eyes looked as if they had seen too much.

"Take…get Hatake out of here." Said Sasuke gently. "Then could you…could you call Director Hiruzen? It won't be a pleasant call but…" He trailed off, not knowing how to continue.

The older man put a comforting hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Don't worry. C'mon Kakashi." Said Guy, stepping past Sasuke and stooping to pull the grey haired man up. "Let's get you out of here, we can get a smoke outside."

Kaashi limply got up as Guy guided him. "You don't smoke." He said feebly.

"I think I can let it slide this once." Said Guy, traces of a smile appearing on his face. He held Kakashi gently by the shoulders, leading the younger man out the door.

"Take care of my friend." Kakashi whispered faintly as he was guided out the door and into the night by Guy. Although it was faint, Sasuke heard his words carried through the chaos around him. He would make sure he would.

Sasuke turned around, finally analyzing the scene around him. His dark eyes turned calculating as he surveyed the area. Blood was spattered everywhere, on the walls and on the floor. It had pooled into ugly dark puddles around each of the victims head. The woman was lying face down on the floor, and ugly bullet wound marring her head. Her once beautiful, shiny chestnut colored hair had become matted and sticky with blood that had spattered out. Judging from the blood sprays, it had ripped right through her head. She had been shot from behind. Hadn't even known it was coming for her.

Turning away from the woman, Sasuke walked a few paces to where the next victim was lying. The man was lying in a crumpled heap on his side. Blood had leaked from the bullet wound in the side of his head and had dripped down his face. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to hide the terrified, maniacal expression on his face. In his left hand, the man was loosely gripping a revolver.

Sasuke paused for the second time, wiping his forehead with his hand. A silver wedding band glinted on his finger under the harsh lighting in the room.

"Asuma." Said Sasuke, his face uncharacteristically concerned. "How could you have done this to yourself?"

Tangier, Morocco
16:00 UTC

"Mom, do you think you can call back later?" A weary Sakura Haruno asked as she collapsed back onto a sofa, fanning herself with her other hand. She rested her head against the couch's headrest and gave her eyes a dramatic roll. Out of all the times her mother could call, she always managed to call at the most inconvenient times.

"Sakura!" Her mother reprimanded. "I haven't seen my only daughter in nearly forever and now you expect to give up my calling rights too? I don't think so young lady!"

Sakura sighed and scratched her forehead, succumbing to her mother's will. The headache that she would get if she didn't was so not worth it right now.

"Alright fine Mom, how are you doing?" Sakura adjusted her position so that she was lying on the couch and closed her eyes as she listened to her mother prattle on relentlessly about what she had been doing with her days and what she heard the local grocer say about her neighbor and other useless small town gossip.

In all honesty, Sakura could care less about the things her mother was talking about. Sakura loved her mom to bits, but she couldn't help but feel a slight disconnect. Sakura felt as if she had left small town drama and gossip in her past a very long time ago. If she had been asked a year ago about anything concerning such, she would have happily divulged any secrets she knew and then would have listened with rapture to what new gossip she could learn, but now, it was the farthest thing from Sakura's mind.

"So enough about me." Said Mrs. Haruno, breaking into Sakura's thinking. "Tell me about yourself. I haven't seen my only daughter in a year!" She cried.

"I'm fine Mom." Sakura replied. "Don't be so dramatic."

"I'm not being dramatic." Said her mother airily. "How is that boy, you know, the one you said you were seeing…" Her mother said, sounding less than enthused.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "His name is Naruto mom, and if you're going to have such an attitude about it, then why did you even bring him up in the first place?" Sakura asked angrily.

"Oh sweetie, it's not that…" Her mother said apologetically. "It's just that you just broke off your engagement to Sasuke so quickly...don't you think you need some time, you're just not…rebounding back?" Her mother asked hesitantly.

Sakura sat up straighter and moved her phone to her left hand. "No mom, it's not like that. I love him, and besides, Sasuke broke off the engagement remember?"

"Well…technically yes." Replied her mother. "But you said you loved Sasuke too. How can we really know if this time is different? We haven't even met the boy."

"Trust me mom." Said Sakura, putting emphasis in her voice. "This time it's different."

Sakura plopped her head back on the couch. Her mother just didn't understand. Naruto was so different from Sasuke and so was the way she felt about him. What Sakura couldn't understand was why her mother was giving her so much flack when Sasuke was married already. Not that Sakura doubted Sasuke and Hinata's feelings for each other in the slightest. Hinata proved to be a world class and dedicated friend to Sakura so far and kept in touch often. Sakura knew her and Sasuke were doing perfectly together.

"Well maybe if we spoke to Naruto...that would be a nice little chat right?" Her mother asked sweetly.

Sakura closed her eyes and put her hand over them. "Sorry mom." She replied, although she wasn't sorry in the slightest. "Naruto's not home right now."

Sakura was only half listening to her mother go on about how sorry she was when she heard the front door bang open.

"You know," Replied a voice moments later. "You look kinda sexy when you're all sweaty."

Sakura's heartbeat started to race as she interrupted her mother on the phone. "Hey mom, listen, I'm sorry but I have to talk to you later. Love you, bye." She said rapidly before snapping her phone shut.

Before even lifting her hand from her eyes, she took the pillow out from behind her head and chucked it at the voice. She heard an oof and knew it made contact.

"Nasty pervert." She said grinning as she lifted her hand a little.

"Hey," Said Naruto complaining as he fell down onto the couch beside her. "I said that with 100% love in my voice."

"Hmm…" Said Sakura sitting up and looking thoughtful. "Maybe we should work on that." She said before leaning forward and kissing the tip of Naruto's nose.

Sakura gave her arms a stretch before she got up off the couch. "I'm gonna go take a shower ok?" She called out to Naruto.

"Can I join you?" Asked Naruto, as he claimed the whole couch for himself and grabbed the remote off the small table in front of him.

"No!" Shouted Sakura. "I just don't understand why it needs to be so damn humid here." She complained.

"Uhh…because it's Africa…?" Naruto replied back as he switched on the small TV. Although small, the TV happened to be Naruto's pride and joy. He had managed to snatch a cable signal from a tenet downstairs enabling him and Sakura with all fifty channels. Not the best deal, but Naruto would take what he could get.

As Naruto flipped through the channels, he lamented on his easygoing life. A few years ago, Naruto wouldn't have thought it possible for him to have a life like this. But the past six months for him had been an easy bliss. With the ITP disbanded and his thieving days put to an end, Naruto had more than enough time on his hands. He could settle down in one place and not be worried about assassins coming to find him. Living with Sakura on the other hand, well that was a challenge, but a challenge he was willing to take.

He had never before met a woman that he wanted to be with for an extended period of time. But, Sakura wasn't much like the women he had been with before. In fact, he and Sakura fought half the time, but it was all in good nature. But this new found relationship also scared him sometimes. He wanted to give Sakura everything that she ever dreamed of, but he didn't know if he was the right person for that job. The most that he could do was support her in all of her decisions.

They had stayed in New York for two months in the brownstone that Sakura and Sasuke owned. In that time, Sakura applied and successfully made it into the Doctors without Borders program. Sakura sold the brownstone (and dutifully gave Sasuke half of what she made) before moving across the globe, attending positions where she was needed. They had been in Morocco for three months already. Naruto had settled for a nice boring security guard position at a local business building. Neji had been kind enough to provide Naruto with some work history paper work. All in all, it was the most boring job Naruto had ever taken but he loved every minute of it.

Naruto twirled the remote around in his hand as he stared at an anchor man report the news, not understanding a word of the rapid Arabic the man was speaking.

"Maybe I should learn more languages." Mused Naruto to himself. It certainly would pass the time he spent sitting behind a desk more entertaining.

"Learn another language? That's intriguing." Sakura's voice drifted to him.

"Done already?" Naruto drawled, not bothering to look at her.

"Yep. So you can get your smelly ass in there now." She quipped. Sakura opened the shabby refidgerator that was in the kitchen with a creak and stooped to look inside, welcoming the cold blast of air that hit her in the face.

Naruto grinned, a cunning grin that made him resemble a fox, and sprang off the couch, surprising Sakura who gave a yelp before standing erect.

"Jeez!" Shrieked Sakura as Naruto's arms wrapped around her neck.

"What did you say about me?" Naruto asked, his voice low as it murmured in her ear. Sakura blushed as she felt his hot breath against her cheek.

"Smelly ass." Said Sakura, careful to enunciate every word clearly. She could feel his heart pounding against her back and she noted with some amount of glee that his heartbeat seemed to be just as erratic as hers was beginning to be.

"Hmm…" Said Naruto.

Sakura blushed a deeper red and let out a yelp as she felt Naruto's calloused hand travel up her bare thigh. Naruto's nose was now trailing along her neck and his hand was tracing small circles along her thigh. "I suppose I could go take a shower, then I would smell as good as you." His nose traveled up the length of her neck and buried itself in her hair. She heard Naruto take a huge intake of breath. There was a low growl deep in his throat. The sound sent shivers down her spine.

"You wish." Growled Sakura. She quickly ducked out of Naruto's grasp and spun around, surprising the blond man. He took a surprised step back as Sakura grabbed hold of the front of his T-shirt and yanked him forward, pressing her lips aggressively to his.

Naruto grinned under her kiss as she felt her slender hands slide between the locks of his hair. Taking control, he backed Sakura up, pressing her against the fridge. The shabby fridge rocked backward slightly under the force.

Sakura broke away from Naruto, her breathing labored. "How did you get to be such a good kisser?" She asked breathlessly, her mouth at his ear.

"Years of experienced practice." Naruto purred as his hands dropped from her waist. She felt his hands playing with the hem of her T-shirt. A red blush rose to Sakura's cheeks.

"That's disgusting." She countered.

"Mmm, you know that you're the only one I want to kiss though." He murmured, his hands traveling dangerously high up the backs of her thighs. "Your blush is beautiful."

Sakura buried her face in Naruto's shirt as her blush reddened. "You're so cheesy!"

"I'm Italian, of course I am." Naruto murmured, his lips once again pressed to her skin as they trailed down her neck toward the neckline of her shirt. Sakura's heart was beginning to pound manically in her chest, just waiting to be released. She felt Naruto's hands slip up the back of her T-shirt and she suppressed a moan that was building in her throat. Taking two handfuls of Naruto's shirt, he pulled him tight to her, holding on to him for support as his kisses sent her further into a frenzy.

Just as she was about to breathlessly suggest they take it to the couch, Sakura's cell phone jangled loudly from the living room, belting out the theme song to Magnum P.I.

Naruto groaned, his hands dropping away from Sakura instantly as he reluctantly pulled himself away from a flushed Sakura. "Whoever it is has the worse timing in the history of earth!" Naruto grieved as Sakura shook her head, putting a hand to her heart before pulling away from the fridge.

"Why is that ridiculous song your ringtone again?" Naruto asked, keeping the aggravation out of his voice as he ripped the fridge door open and dug inside for a jug of orange juice.

"Because," Ground out Sakura sourly, as if she too were angry at the interruption, "I loved that show as a kid. Plus, Tom Selleck was totally hot."

Naruto made a face, knowing that he would punish her for that comment later.

Sakura snatched her cell phone from where she last placed it. "Goddammit Mom, it better not be you!" She roared before flipping it open.

INTERPOL National Central Bureau
Rome, Italy

23:20 UTC

Images, dark and fanatical images floated in and out of her vision, poking and prodding her with sharp and pointy objects that were meant to hurt her. She cried out and ran, only to trip and fall. Stumbling up, her knees were bloody and were sprouting blood like there was no tomorrow. She was slipping, falling, choking on her own blood as it spewed out in never ending waves, tormenting and agonizing her. Someone was out there, wailing in the background. It was a deep, depressing sort of tune that reminded her of everything she had ever lost, mournfully beautiful that only served as a contrast to the high pitched and keening laughter that accompanied it, reminding her of everything she would lose. Only after she had finished drowning in her own blood did she realize the sounds were coming from her…


Hinata jarred awake, her beautiful pearly eyes snapping open as she nearly jumped out of her seat. Gasping, her hands flew to her chest where her heart was pounding wildly as her eyes went to her knees.

They were clean, respectably sheathed in creased grey trousers. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

A warm hand touched her shoulder and Hinata jumped again before turning to face the person who woke her. Kiba was staring down at Hinata quizzically, concern painted in his warm brown eyes.

"Oh Kiba." Hinata breathed as she attempted to slow her racing heart. "You scared me." She murmured.

"I called your name at least ten times." Kiba said, his voice sounding troubled. "You must have been in a deep sleep."

Hinata looked away. Had she? She couldn't recall. Her brain produced fuzzy images, things that could have been dreams, but she didn't quite remember. Once again, Hinata's gaze dropped down to her knees and she couldn't help but feel confused.

Kiba's hand shook Hinata's shoulder and she snapped out of her daze once again. "Oh, sorry, Kiba." She replied sheepishly.

Kiba crossed his arms over his chest. "You're tired, that much is clear." He said, sounding very bit as much as a concerned parent. "You should really get home, as a married woman, don't you now have certain…obligations to your husband?" Kiba waggled his eyebrows, causing Hinata to blush. "Can't have your spending all your time here."

Hinata didn't respond, instead opting to smack Kiba in the shoulder. Kiba let out a good natured laugh, which did wonders in easing Hinata's nerves. Why was she so tense?

"Go home!" Kiba said, still laughing. "That's an order. God knows your husband needs some quality time after…" Kiba's face suddenly dropped and he turned away, regretting his words. "Well…after what happened to Asuma…"

Hinata cast her eyes downward. Clearing her throat awkwardly, she stood up, brushing off her pants. "I will go home now, thank you Kiba."

Kiba turned back toward Hinata, and gave her a small, but genuine smile. "Just be safe Hinata. Get some sleep. I've seen you dozing off a lot around here lately."

Hinata gave Kiba a warm smile as she collected her things from her desk. "You should go home too, Kiba. I'm sure you have...ah...certain obligations to your new girlfriend as well." She murmured, keeping her face perfectly straight.

"Hinata!" Kiba exclaimed, looking positively shocked at the innuendo. Hinata only let out a small giggle, a perfect and clear sounding noise and waved goodbye to her friend before moving out off the office, her heels clicking on the tiles.

Kiba, still chuckling, watched Hinata go, wondering when she managed to grow so bold. His thoughts traveled back to when he found Hinata dozing off at her desk, her face contorted as if she were pain. The smile faded from Kiba's face and he suddenly felt very worried.

The autumn wind rustled through Hinata's long locks of hair, which she had pinned back messily with a few bobby pins. Her scarf was hastily wrapped around her neck as she dug through her purse for her car keys. It wasn't that her purse was massively large - goodness, then for sure she would never find anything, yet she could still never seem to find what she was looking for.

Finally fishing her keys out, she approached her car - a new sleek white Audi coupe that Sasuke had insisted on her driving. While Hinata had protested with her husband that she would much rather continue driving her old and comfortable 2000 model Mercedes, Sasuke would not have it. Hinata had dutifully accepted, although she had felt very out of place driving the newer and sleeker car. While the Hyuuga's obviously had more money than they quite knew what to do with, they preferred to spend their old money on things of comfort that tended to be less ostentatious. The Uchiha, however, were quite apt and willing to flaunt their money.

As the doors clicked open with an audible snap and the light blinked, Hinata glanced out toward the darkened Italian sky. What she saw in front of her, however, was enough to make her drop her keys onto the pavement and let out a horrified scream.