This is short, but I recommend you don't read it. I'm feeling all Halloween-y and that's what inspired this last chapter. It's kind of unrealistic, which might ruin the whole story for you, but I can't help but post it.

Life resumed normalcy after that day in the graveyard. Except for the fact that all eleven of us all shared a bond now. I felt closer to Clare than I'd ever felt before. Sophia was right, there was a pull to us, something that made us want to be with each other.

Fiona and Adam began to date. I knew Adam still struggled with the fact that Sophia was in love with him, but Fiona helped ease his pain. He did the same for her whenever she thought about Bobby. Fiona was welcomed warmly to our little trio. Jenna and K.C. got together again. They still bicker, but now it's over choices for their baby. K.C. came up to me a couple days after that day in the cemetery to apologize about what him and Clare had done. I told him I understood, that they'd both felt lost by the person they cared about and turned to each other. I can see now why Clare cared so much for him, K.C. really was an okay guy.

Alli and Drew didn't get back together, but they stayed friends. I usually watch them walk down the hall, laughing and joking. Clare thinks it's nice that Alli has a guy friend for once who she isn't crushing on. I happen to agree. Alli and Bianca are also good friends, Bianca still has a sarcastic, snappy edge to her but she's managed to mellow out some. She gives me waves in the hallway now, and has even gone out of her way to befriend Adam, an apology of how she'd treated him before.

I gave Wesley his letter. I guess I'd picked it up when I left the cemetery. He seemed pleased that I hadn't forgotten about it. We've actually gotten to be pretty good friends. For a guy who spends a lot of time on the computer, he's a cool guy. He also happens to know all the places to download Dead Hand's bonus-track songs, which is quite a plus.

Lastly, there's Fitz. I'd gone to his house the day after the gathering at Sophia's grave. We talked...for a long time. We both apologized. He told me he was planning on getting a place of his own. He had money saved up from some old relative and had already started apartment searching. I wished him luck and told him the sooner he got out of his hellhole the better. We laughed, and I understood that Fitz...wasn't a bad guy after all. In fact, he was more like me than I cared to admit.

Sophia brought us all together. She taught us how to change our weaknesses. She taught us to accept each other, and to look beyond the surface of what we see. Sophia will always be remembered by every single one of us...and she will always be missed.

In the cemetery, mere feet away from Sophia's empty grave a piece of paper lay in the dewy grass. A breeze whistled by and took the paper with it, further and further away. The paper read:

"Guys, please, any of you. I didn't kill myself. He's making me write these. He's making me act like I killed myself. He paid my mom money to say that I killed myself, he paid for me to have a gravesite so it would look real. I'm not dead. I did something terrible you guys, I got in over my head. I'm putting this in Clare's letter. Someone, help. I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

A streak of red was brushed at bottom of the page. The letter was never found.

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