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Title: Do You Remember?

Pairing: Grimmichi (main pairing), Nnoitra x Shinji, Szayel x Uyruu, Ulquiorra x Hitsugaya, Byakuya x Renji and many more!..

Rated: M for safely.

Summary: It all started with friendship, then ended up in a one-night stand! Ichigo had to move out of the country and left his dear friend Grimmjow without a goodbye. Years later they meet again, but what this? Who are these blue-haired twin babies with Ichigo? Mentions of Mpreg. I'm a sucker and lover for Mpreg fan fiction! XP.

PS: I'll starts with POV's since I'm good at it, and maybe soon make a normal pov? I might also give a POV's for Grimmjow's point of view on his life, etc. Please go easy on me. This is my first time making a Grimmichi fan fic with smut and I'm not an English girl so please tell me what you all think?

Warning: Mpreg and Character OOC's. Don't like OCC's and Mpreg fan fic then don't read!

Disclaimer: Kor-chan doesn't own Bleach or the characters or the Do You Remember song title, they all belong to their rightful owner's and Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo, not me! Well I do own Grimmjow and Ichigo's babies since they are my OCC character here! XP.

Well on with the story shall we?


Chapter One: Ichigo POV's

You must be wondering why I'm here in Tokyo and not in Karakura town where I grew up and lived. Well let me explain why.

It all started with a party that Renji, my cousin, decided to throw. His boyfriend of two years had won an art competition we all ended up very drunk. I was alone with my best friend, Grimmjow in an empty bathroom. Yeah, you might start asking, "why in the bathroom of all places?"

It's because every other part of the mansion was full of people. Oh! Did I mention that Renji's boyfriend was rich? Hmm, maybe I didn't. Well, Renji's boyfriend, whose name is Byakuya Kuchiki, is from one of the wealthiest families of all time. The family is very famous and owned two companies, which sell designer clothing, like the brand name; Senbonzakura.

Well it's not like Grimmjow's family wasn't rich either. Grimmjow's father was a well-known businessman who owned a video company and his mother was a very popular singer. His uncle, Sosuke Aizen was a well-known doctor who owned; four hospitals here in Karakura, three in Tokyo, two in Germany and even one in the USA. His wife Unohana was also a famous doctor like her husband

His younger cousin Nel, Aizen's only daughter, was a very popular, well-known model. Grimmjow was even a known model; after all both sides of the gender dived drooled over him. He was tall, about 6'1'' and had a muscular body build. Not huge muscles like wrestler, but just right. His body was perfect; any guy would've turned gay if they saw in person.

I mean he is handsome; he has beautiful blue hair and eyes. Aside from his modeling job, he was also good in Karate, Boxing and Kendo. He was good at most things he put his mind to except cooking (frown), he also has a great voice, he could've been a great singer if he had wanted to be.

Well enough about that! Now where was I? Oh right! Grimmjow and I hanging out in one of the bathroom's in Byakuya's mansion, since the place was full of people and we didn't like the be crowded. We had decided to stay there in the bathroom and talk, but we ended up getting utterly drunk and having sex.

Flash Back

"So… After school what do you like doing the most Ichi?" Grimmjow asked me. I thought about it for a moment and replied, "Well, I love to play guitar and sing! I also love art, but I won't paint in front of people." He cocked an eyebrow at me as he took a sip of his drink. "Why not?" He asked, "I don't know. Maybe I'm a bit too shy to find out what people might think about my art work?" I said as I watched him.

He snorted as I asked, "What about you? What do you like to do aside from Karate, Boxing, Kendo and modeling?" He frowned and then smiled as he thought about what I asked him, "Well, for starters I'd love to become a singer rather than a model." He said and I frowned."

"Then why don't you? I mean it's not like your parents can't afford it. Your mother is a well-known singer, I'm sure she'd be happy to hear that her son wanted to be a singer like her one day!" I said as I watched his face turn from curious to depressed. I started to get worried that I had said something wrong and pissed him off. Until he sighed and ran a hand through his blue hair, before answering me.

"It's not like I don't want to be a singer, it's more like I can't, because if I did got for it I'd be traveling a lot and might never see that one person who is special to me. Besides this special person, might not want me to leave." He said. I was surprised to heat him say that. I didn't know Grimm had somebody he liked. He'd never mentioned it before. I felt kind of sad to hear it and sighed quietly.

"If it's somebody you like, then I don't think this special person of yours would mind if it's something that would make you happy. It is what you have always dreamed of so I'm sure this special person would understand." I said as I gave him a smile I never gave anyone else, but him. I don't think he knows how special he is to me. I have had a crush on him ever since we became friends.

He cocked an eyebrow at me and said, "Really?" I nodded my head, he smiled and nodded his head than said, "I guess it won't hurt to try, I mean, what have I got to lose? I can always come and visit this special person of mine anytime and if this special person of mine missed me, I'd come straight back to them to keep them company whenever they needed it." He answered as I stared in shock and awe at what Grimmjow said.

This special person of his is a very lucky one to have him as their boyfriend. I envied whoever it was. I only wished it was me.

About 20 cans of beer and an hour and a half later we were completely hammered.

He laughed at something I said, yet I can't remember what it was since I was pretty drunk. I wobbled and almost fell in the bathtub had he not noticed how wobbly I was and caught me before I fell, but he hadn't realized how unsteady he was and we both ended up in a heap of limbs in the bathtub. I blushed as Grimmjow landed on top of me, his warm breath ticking my nose as he looked down at me with lustful eyes. He lowered his head to my neck and nuzzled lightly

I just laid there confused for a moment before I glanced at him. I thought he had passed out on top of me, so it was a shock when I felt his tongue lick my neck. I gave a small gasp at the sensation. I shivered as I tried to push him off me, but couldn't get any leverage due to the cramped space of the tub. Since he was stronger and taller than me, my struggles to get out of his grasp were useless. Still he managed to unbutton my shirt and give butterfly kisses on my chest. I gasped.

Grimmjow, get off me! You're totally drunk, snap out of it!" I yelled, but he didn't stop. I choked as he my nipples in his mouth and licked and sucked them hungrily.

"G-Grimm… Stop! Y-you're d-drunk!' I said as looked down at him in fear. Is he gonna rape me here? No. NO! I can't let that happen! I have to stop him! I try to struggle some more. He grunted and glared at me and I gulped. He took off his belt as I stared in shock and fear, "W-what are you gonna do with that?" I asked. He smirked and grabbed both my wrists and tied them to one of the bars on the tub as I struggled to free my wrists from his grasp. He tied them tightly, but not so tight as to actually hurt me, just enough to restrain me.

His hand went roaming down my chest and abdomen then to my pants where he popped the button and tugged down the zipper, gently easing my cock out of the fabric of my boxers. I shuddered as the cool air hit my sensitive part. "Nn." I moaned and he smirked as he bent his head, opening his mouth to run his tongue across my hardening cock. I tried to hold back a moan, but failed at the feeling of his tongue licking the tip of my erection.

"Nnn… Stop!" I mumbled between my moans as he continued to torture my growing erection in his mouth, I swear I could feel him smirking.

He soon stopped and moved up to whisper in my ear, "Like that Ichi?" As he nipped my earlobe I moaned. He smirked, "Yea, ya do like that!" He said as he grabbed my chin to face him and I could feel myself blushing as he smashed his lips to mine. I stared wide-eyed at him, but soon relaxed as he kissed my lips and hungrily and tried to open my mouth so that his could gain access. I refused entry and he growled as his other hand pinched my nipple harshly. I gasped and he took advantage to push his tongue inside my mouth, and started to ravish my mouth. I refused at first to give in or kiss back, but soon lost myself as our tongues started to battle for dominance. He smirked between our kisses as he won and growled in disappointment. I had wanted to win that kiss.

Panting heavily we separated, the need for air becoming too much. He looked at me with lust shining in his perfect blue eyes as he closed in to kiss me again. "Mm…" I moaned my head swimming with the lack of oxygen.

I could feel his hands move as he tried to pick something up from the bathroom table and he pulled away from our kiss. I whined in disappointment, he chuckled at my reaction as he scanned the table and smirked when he found what he was looking for. I paled as he snatched the conditioner bottle and turned to face me. He grinned darkly as he put the conditioner beside me and started to pull my pants off. I gasped and started to panic, "Grimm, what are you doing?" I asked dumbly, though I already had a fair idea of what he was about to do.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm preparing you." He said as he pulled my pants and boxers off with little hindrance and snatched the conditioner bottle. Coating his fingers thickly, he purred as he started to gently push one of his fingers inside my entrance. I winced at the initial discomfort and he started to move his finger in and out, coating my inside with the slippery substance. I soon moaned in pleasure.

"Nn…" He looked at me and bent to me as he added another finger inside of me. At the feeling of the two fingers rubbing inside me, I moaned and arched my back wantonly(wantingly?). Soon a third finger was added. I gasped between our kisses and closed my eyes tightly at the sensation. He kept going as I relaxed at the feeling and as he smirked, watching me with dark lidded eyes as he removed his fingers from inside me. I moaned in disappointed at the loss and I heard him un-zip his pants as he pulled away from me. I opened my eyes to watch him pull down his pants and stared wide eyed at his erection. It was huge! I gulped as he smirked down at me and moved himself in front of me. He lifted both of my legs over his shoulders as he positioned his erection in front of my entrance.

He looked down at me and frowned when he noticed my worried expression, he bent down to kiss me as he stroked the side of my cheek and said. "Relax, it may hurt at first, but it will soon pass as it goes." I nodded my head in understanding as he began to push inside of me. I winced at the feeling of being slowly stretched, "Ahh!" I grunted. "Shh… Relax Ichi." He said as he went slowly and carefully, kissing me heatedly. I relaxed a bit and he moved deeper inside me. He stopped once he was fully seated and touched his forehead to mine, waiting for me to adjust. I frowned as I looked up at him, wanting to feel more. "Move!" I said, he chuckled and nodded his head as he started to move slowly within me. I moaned wantonly (I would suggest maybe using a different word, I checked it on Google and I don't see how this word would fit here) as he thrust inside me.

Nnnayy! Grimm… So good!" I started moaning as the pain went away and turned into pleasure as I kept moaning. "Nnn… Harder Grimm! H-harder… A-and… Faster… Much… Faster!" I told him as he went harder and faster inside me. I must be out of my mind to say that to him, but right now my body was in need of pleasure and Grimmjow was giving me that. He groaned, "Shit! Ichi! You're… so… tight!" He said as I moaned softly. "This is my… first time… having sex… with anyone!" I said as I grunted. "Ugh!" I gasped as Grimmjow hit something that made me see stars, "W-hat was that?" I asked (breathlessly?). He chuckled while smirking. "That, my dear, is your sweet spot or what they call your prostate." He said. I blushed and moaned loudly as he thrust to hit that spot again.

"Unn… Ahh~! Grimmjow! Faster… Give me more!" I said as I bucked my hips. He grabbed my erection and started to pump it in rhythm with my thrusts. He kept thrusting harder, faster and I could feel I was about to cum. "Grimm… I'm gonna-" I said as he nodded and smiled at me. "Then cum for me." He said in a husky voice as I moaned nad came in his hand and my stomach. I panted heavily as I watched him through the haze of pleasure I was feeling as he shuddered, thrusting harder inside me filling me with heat as he came. I shivered at the sensation of his seed spilling inside me as he bent down to steal a hungry kiss, which I returned just as desperately. When we broke the kiss we stared at each other and smiled as he released my arms. I reached up to cup his face and pecked at his lips and he chuckled. After that I don't remember anything else because I had passed out.

The next morning when I woke up I was alone in the bathroom tub. I groaned as a flash back of what had happened last night came to me and I blushed and paled. "OH SHIT! I'M SOO GONNA BE IN BIG TROUBLE!" I screamed as I put on my clothes and left the bathroom only to come face to face with Rukia, Byakuya's younger sister. I blushed as she cocked an eyebrow at me and she shook her head at me. "I can't believe you fell asleep in the bathroom, Ichi! Are you really such a lightweight as to get drunk and pass out in somebody else's bathroom?" she asked in amusement, I blushed and frowned. "Oh shut up!" I said as I ran a hand through my hair. "Where is everybody?" I asked.

"They already went home Ichigo, it is past 10 in the morning. You better go back home, I'm sure your father is worried sick about you right now!" She said.

"….HOLY SHIT! I'M GONNA GO NOW!" I said as I ran past her, but stopped as I turned around and said. "Thank for inviting me to the party Rukia! I had a great time! But I really gotta go before my dad goes mad! See ya at school on Monday!" I said as I waved goodbye to her.

When I got home, Dad and my two sisters were worried sick and I saw some police with my dad. "Hmm… Dad? What's going on?" I asked as my dad turned to look at me with a worried expression, which quickly changed to anger. I gulped. Yup I was busted. "Where the hell have you been? I was worried sick about you, I even called the police to look for you when you weren't in your room when I woke up!" He said.

I gulped and took a deep breath before answering him. "I was at Byakuya's party, remember? We had a little alcohol, but we all ended up really drunk and fell asleep at Byakuya's house. I just woke up! I'm so sorry to worry you, I won't do it again!" I said.

"…" Silence surrounded the whole house for a few moments, until one of the police men said, "Well, at least he's safe and sound." As the policemen started to leave one of them tapped my shoulder and said. "Next time you go for a late night party, make sure to call or warn your father will ya? Well then, bye and take care kid!"

As the door shut, I watched dad's expression go from angry to relief, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "For a minute there I thought something bad had happened to you! Next time try to be more careful and warn us when you go a party with a friend alright, Ichigo?" My father asked and I nodded. Then his expression lit up and he said, "Well then, go get packing! We're going to Tokyo in one week!" Dad said.

"What? But dad, what about school?" I asked in disbelief. He waved a hand at me and said. "Don't worry, I made a phone call to your school to warn them that you won't be back for at least three weeks, a friend of mine needs my medical help and I can't just leave you three here alone. We will be back in a few weeks, so no worries!" He said as I shook my head and went upstairs to pack the things that I would need for our trip in Tokyo.

End of Flash back

So here I am in the Tokyo apartment that we were staying in for the time being and do you know what funny thing happened to me? Well, remember that drunken sex Grimmjow and I had? Well, I ended up becoming pregnant with his children. I screamed when I found out that I was 3 weeks pregnant. I thought I would be so dead when my dad found out that I had a sex without any protection? I was born a bearing baby, which means I can bear children even though I was male; it was because of an abnormality during pregnancy that my mother had with me. When I was born, I had a baby inside me, the doctor had said. When it was removed, they said they thought it was my twin sister and it had made me develop differently. It was not unheard of, just very rare.

So here I am now, breast-feeding my youngest son. I gave birth to twin boys, who look so much like their father it hurts. They both have blue hair and eyes that I loved dearly. My baby boys are now 9 months old and yes it has been almost two years. I haven't been back to Karakura for the fear of them finding out that I was a bearer and had Grimmjows babies. My crush was straight as an arrow apart from that one drunken night I had thought.

And guess what? When my father found out that I was pregnant he was furious, demanding to know who the person was that had impregnated me and I had spilled the whole story of what had happened that night at Byakuya's party.

He was in shock at first, but soon calmed down. He was disappointed in me but he accepted what had happened since we couldn't do anything about it now and I wasn't prepared to agree to an abortion either. I remember when dad told me that my uncle, Kisuke Urahara, his wife and my other uncle, Ryuuken Ishida and my aunty Rangiku needed to know about this. I really didn't have a choice on the matter since they were family. Even my two cousins Uyruu, Uncle Ryuuken's son, and Toshiro, aunty Rangiku's son, needed to know my condition as well. I told them to keep this a secret between us since I wasn't ready for our other friends to know, especially Grimmjow. I wasn't ready to let him know that he was a father already.

Sometimes when uncle Kisuke or his wife came to Tokyo to visit me they would bring my cousins, Uyruu, Renji, who is uncle Kisuke and aunt Yoruichi's eldest son or Toshiro to keep me company and they offered play with the babies. In fact they loved my kids, even though they hated the childrens' father for some reason.

We were all in the living room where aunt Yoruichi was tutoring me, since she was one of the teachers in our school, and my three cousins Uyruu, Renji and Toshiro were busy playing with the twins.

I was trying to focus on the textbook that aunt Yoruichi had told me to work through. "So, when are you planning to go back home at Karakura, Ichi?" aunt Yoruichi asked, I looked up at her with a cooked eyebrow. "Wha?"

"She's right ya know" Renji said, I glanced at him and frowned. "Let me think? Uhmm how about... Never!" I said and went back to focusing on my textbooks. "Oh, come on Ichigo! You can't run away from your friends forever, especially Grimmjow!" He said, I glared at my textbook instead of Renji and sighed. "Tell me one good reason why I should go back THERE?" I asked.

Renji, Uyruu and Toshiro looked at each other then at me before Uyruu answered. "One, because you just can't keep hiding and running away forever from people, especially HIM! Two, we and your other friends are worried sick about you! And three, Grimmjow's been picking a lot of fights since you disappeared!"

That last part caught me off guard. "Wait! He WHAT?" I asked. Uyruu sighed. "He has been picking a lot of fights and venting his anger towards people. Calming that it was their fault that you disappeared!" He exclaimed. I blinked once, twice before I blurted out a good laugh. Grimmjow? Venting his anger at random kids in school? Oh joy. This, I got to see. "What make's you guys say that? The last time I remember, he was straight as an arrow! There's no way he had any feelings for me!" I said. Renji frowned.

"Really Ichigo? You two are really in denial! Even a ten year old could figure out that you two are deeply in love with each other. If it wasn't for stupid denial and stubbornness that you and he shared you'd probably be together already!" Renji said and I glared at him. "Shut it, Renji, there is no way in hell he has a feelings for me and that's final!" I said.

"Really? How do you know that?" Renji asked. I blushed. "I just do! Now leave me alone and let me focus on this one, would you?" I said. Renji frowned as I looked away and was about to go back and study my homework when Haine, my youngest son, started to cry. I frowned and went toward Toshiro who had my son in his arms and picked him up to cradle him.

"Shh, now sweetie!" I said as I tried to calm him down. Soon he stopped crying and snuggled closely to me as I smiled down at him. He looked up at me cutely as he yawned and went to sleep.

"Aww, isn't that cute?" Renji taunted, I glared at him as he grinned at me. "Renji, stop teasing Ichigo!" Yoruichi said. "Yes ma!" Renji maybe a bastard, but when it comes to his mom he is whipped. Toshiro and Uyruu chuckled at Renji who in turn glared at them.

I was about to say something when the front door flew open with a loud slam, causing the twins awaken and start crying. I groaned and went to the front door and kicked my old man in the gut for waking up the babies.

"Do you think you could you ever come home without slamming the front door? Now you've woken the twins up!" I scowled at my dad, than turned and went back to soothe my youngest son to sleep again. I heard aunt Yoruichi sigh. "I give up! When are you gonna grow up and start acting like a real father? Your son is even more mature then you! I'm surprised that they even survived with a father like you, who can't even raise his own kids!" she said both as my three cousins chuckled at my dad who was red from embarrassment.

'Heh serves you right old man!' I thought, while I was rocking the twins in my arms. Haine snuggled close and yawned, drifting back to sleep quickly so I handed him to Uyruu to hold while I continued to rock my eldest son.

I heard a loud click and turned to my dad who had a camera in his hand as he grinned at me. I glared at him. "What are you doing?"

"Taking a picture, what else son?" He asked goofily. "I can see that!" I said, I was about to add something else, but he cut me off. "Oh, and I have good news! Well for me and the girls, maybe bad news for you Ichigo!" My dad said as I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"What is it, dad?" I asked. He smirked at me. "We're going back home to Karakura, since I have decided that it is time for you to go back to school there and face everyone!" I paled. "OH HELL NO!" I screamed as the twins woke up and cried again. I didn't hear it as I fainted, Renji quickly caught hold of the baby from my arms as I fell.

When I woke up I was on the sofa with Alto, my eldest son, perched on my chest as he giggled down at me and patted my face. I smiled at him as he gave me his toothy smile. "Hey, pumpkin'" I said as I held him close while I pushed myself into a sitting position. "Glad you're finally awake!" my dad said from behind me. I turned around and saw him standing behind me with both of his arms on his chest as he grinned at me. "Dad, are you seriously saying that we're going back?" I asked. He cocked an eyebrow at me and nodded his head.

Shit! He's serious! I paled. "NO!" I screamed. "Mama?" Alto asked as he looked at me confusedly. I just smiled at him and gave him a peck on his little forehead and said, "It's nothing, pumpkin." He giggled at me and smiled. I smiled back. "Awww, come on Ichi, I don't think it's that bad." Renji said. "Easy for you to say, you're not the one who had these little tikes and hid them from everyone" I said. He frowned at me. I sighed. "Ok! Fine!" I said and Renji and Uyruu high fived.

Three days later we went back to Karakura by train and got tour house by taxi late at night. Yuzu had my youngest son in her arms while I had Alto to my chest as he slept.

I went up the stairs to my room and was surprised that all my stuff and the baby crib were there. Aunt Yoruichi, uncle Kisuke and uncle Gin had been kind enough to help us pack and deliver all our stuff back to our house in Karakura. I put Alto in the baby crib and Yuzu soon came in to hand me Haine. As I tucked him beside his brother in their shared crib I couldn't help but smile down at the cute picture they made. Yuzu said her goodnight to me as she went to her room. I went to the computer on my desk and turned it on. I hadn't used this computer since we left for Tokyo and the birth of the twins. As the computer turned on I waited to load up my email to find that I had about four gazillion and one unread emails. I stared at my computer with wide eyes as I took a deep breath and opened one of them. The mail was from Shinji.

To: Berrydeath15

From: ShinjiVizards01

Date: sep 4, 2010


Yo!. Where are ya, berry? Everyone is worried sick about you! You've been missing for the past year now! Are you okay? Where are you? Are you even alive? Did something happen?

Please reply back!

Aka: Shinji (with hearts on it).

I gulped and began to read the rest. They were all messages from my classmates and friends and on the last page of my mail was a message from Grimmjow himself. I gulped as sweat started to form on my forehead and I shakily moved my hand on the mouse to open the message from Grimmjow and read it.

To: Berrydeath15

From: SextaPantera

Date: Oct. 16, 2009


Yo, Fuck! Now how do I say this? I can't even say a hello without feeling guilty. Fuck! I'm not much good at expressing my feelings toward you right now, so if it offends you, then I'm sorry, but please, try to listen! About what happened that night at Byakuya's, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take advantage of you! I know you're probably mad at me right now! And it's the reason why you probably stopped coming to school! Please whatever is it! I'm sorry! Just please come back! We miss you! I miss you! Heck, EVERYONE is worried about you! Fucking Nnoitra found out that we had a one night stand back then at Byakuya's party and is partially blaming me! Fuck! I don't blame him! His right! It was my fault that you ran away! Everyone already knows about it since the bastard told everyone in the canteen last week and now everyone hates me for it! Please Ichi, forgive me! I didn't mean to! It was the alcohol's fault and I know that you know it was a mistake! Just please come back! I miss you! And I want to apologize to you in person for my mistake and for having taken advantage of you! Heck, my apology isn't even enough for me to prove that I'm sorry! So please, please just come back!


I held back a sob as I read it. Fuck! I'm a horrible person! How could I do this? I didn't mean to hurt him! Heck it wasn't even his fault; if anything, people should blame me for what happened that night. Grimmjow sent this message the day I gave birth to his sons? I felt horrible.

I went to pick up my cell phone and left my room. Standing on the balcony behind my room I called Renji's number.

I waited for Renji to pick up. "Ugh! Ichi? What's wrong? Why are you calling at...?" He paused. "Why are you calling at 11pm? Don't you think you should be in bed asleep to be ready for school tomorrow?" He asked over the phone, I sniffed.

"Ichigo? Are you crying?" he asked worriedly "Yea! I'm such a horrible person Renji!" I said as I let my tears fall and sobbed a little. "What? Why? What makes you say that?" He asked. I took a deep breath and answered him. "When I got home and put the twins to sleep I went to check my email and everyone was worried sick about me… Especially HIM!" I said.

"Wha..? Him? Him who?" He asked. "Grimmjow!" I answered; Renji went silent. "I read his message. He's saying that he blames himself for what happened that night at Byakuya's party! He thinks that it was his fault that I was missing for the past 18 months! He even said that his apology wasn't enough to prove that he was deeply sorry for what happened that night! I felt horrible just reading it! I mean, the whole thing was actually my fault! I let him take advantage of me! Got drunk and had sex with him, even though I knew that he was straight and I feel even more horrible for not letting him know that I was pregnant! He doesn't deserve a person like me… Renji!.. He deserves someone who would love him and would not run away from him!" I said as I sniffed.

"Shit! I'm sorry to hear that, Ichi! Do you want me to come over there?" Renji asked, I shook my head and answered. "No… it's okay, I just needed somebody to listen to me! I need someone to give me an idea on what to do? I mean I know I still love him and want him to know that he is a father. But I'm scared over how he'll react! Scared that he might hate me and our babies!" I sobbed.

"Ichi! Calm down! Breathe! Listen to me! Don't go to school tomorrow. Tell your dad that you're not feeling well, I'll have think and talk it over with Uyruu and Toshiro tomorrow at school . I'll think of a plan to help ya, okay? So relax. I'm sure he won't be mad." Renji said.

"Thank you... I'm glad that you're helping me, Renji. But didn't you just hear what I said a while ago. He's STRAIGHT. He likes girls!" I half yelled at the phone. "Sheesh... That was before." He said. That surprised me, I blinked. "What do you mean, before?" I asked as I glanced at the phone in my hand.

"He stopped dating girls the day you gave birth to the twins! He even tried to date guys but he wasn't satisfied with them and ended up breaking up with them! Uyruu, Toshiro and I were suspicious t-that he… might have feelings for you!" Renji said. I couldn't breathe properly "W-what? That's impossible!" I said stubbornly.

I heard Renji sigh on the other side of the phone. "Ichi, stop being so stubborn! You need him! And he needs you! Besides… You can't raise the twins alone! You need his help and he has the right to know that he's a father now!" Renji said. I knew that he was right, but my pride wouldn't allow me to accept that he was right. "I… I…. Alright! I'll see what I can do. K?" I said. "K... See you tomorrow after school." Renji said as I heard him yawn over the phone. I chuckled and said my goodbyes.

I went back to my room and checked on the twins', as they lay sound asleep in their crib. I sighed in relief as I went to my closet and changed into my pajama bottoms and a plain t-shirt and went to bed to sleep and wait for tomorrow to come to start my day.


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