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Chapter 18: The Epilogue

Years later.

A 14 years old orange haired girl was droving her bike down the street of Miho's high school building, an all girl's school. She didn't want to ride on one of her brothers's car so she deiced to use her bike to get to school, her father Grimmjow was not happy about their only daughter going to school using her bike, he had tried everything to coated their little princess but she was just as stubborn like her parents was when they where young, Ichigo on the other hand was okay with their daughter going to school using her bike only and Grimmjow can't argue with his wife. They already got their first argument when Ichigo was pregnant with their daughter and was not planning to make the same mistake by arguing with Ichigo over little thing.

The girl parked her bike near the bike area of the school building and dashed inside the front door of the building and head for her classroom, both the Jeagerjaques sibling had deiced to go to a different school, their parents where confuse, worried and thought that their 5 children didn't like going to the same school but the their children had explained to them that they wanted to experience of going to a different school rather then going in the same school like they use to when they were little.

Grimmjow and Ichigo was not pleased at first since the couple heard their little princess wanted to go to Adachi's high all alone by herself without her brother there to protect her from a bunch of pervert teenage boys that might hit on her so they insist that she'll go to an all girl-school, their daughter Keita didn't mean it. So here she is sitting in the second sat near the window of her school as she waited for her class to starts, her four older brothers, Alto, Haine, Akihiko and Yuichi where in a different school too, Alto and Haine went to La Noches University since they are now a first year collage student, here in Karakura town, a school for those son of the mafia family members, while Akihiko and Yuichi went into Karakura High where their beloved mother used to school there when Ichigo was in his high school year.

After school she went straight home after saying her farewell and sees you tomorrow for her friend, she open their mansion gate intercom and waited for their guard to pick it up; she and her family had lived through her Father mansion along with her grandparents for almost all of her live. This was also the place where her parents started to be together and lived as a couple along with their grandparents (Amelia and Arturo). "Who is it?" a man asked thought the intercom, she smiled and shook her head when she notice who that voice on the intercom was. "Uncle Di Roy what are you doing in the control and security room? And can you tell the guard to open the gate for me, please?" she said as she giggles, Di Roy was one of her father's friend and bodyguard for her mother. "Yes sir!" he said playfully as she chuckles and heard the gate open as she drove her bike inside the mansion.

The front door open reviling Di Roy coming out and took her bike as he smiled at her. "Your parents are in the living room right now, scowling at your two older brothers." He said. She stared at him with a cooked eyebrow. "Which one?" she asked. "Alto and Akihiko." He said, she sighed. 'I'm guessing that they had another fight at their school or that someone trying to pissed them off again resulting in fighting back!.' She thought as made her way inside the mansion and through the living room and saw his two older brothers where being scowled by none other then their beloved mother while their fathers just stared at his wife while reading a newspaper with his reading glasses on. Alto and Akihiko where silent through the whole speech their mother where saying, they know that if they fight back or talk back to their mother they would get themselves in bigger trouble, their father was every sensitive about their mother and tend to get pissed easily if one of them talk back at their mother or insulted one of their mother word that they didn't agree.

They remember it well, back then in the past where they where just children, when Alto and Haine were 10 years old while Akihiko and Yuichi where 8 and Keita was 6. Alto and Akihiko had gotten themselves in a fight back then at their school resulting for the principal to call their parents, then when they got home their parents where furious at what one of their two eldest sons had done? Getting in a fight, telling their parents that it was their classmate fault calling them a monster and calling their mother a whore for their father just to mate with and to keep the family heritages, and calling them just a mistake from their parents to get together and telling them that they probable where just an experiment babies like their cousin was, which result in their mother crying for a week and locking himself up in their bedroom.

Grimmjow had tried everything for their mother to go back to him and keep him sane but what shocked the children? Their parents ended up having an argument resulting in having a divorced. The next day their father came with the divorced envelop and had handed it to their mother, and was about to leave their father and were going to be raised by their mother alone still their father had told their mother that Alto and Haine get to stay with him since their were his junior and saying that it was part of their divorced agreement which made ichigo regret in having a divorce with his husband but agreed, their divorced lasted still about 2 years still the 3 children ended up in an accident and almost lost their only daughter, they where lucky that she had survived the surgery. So the couple had deiced to go back together as a family again and raised the children, ichigo was more then shocked when Grimmjow asked if he ever did checked the divorce contract if it was signed?

To Grimmjow surprise? Ichigo haven't dared to touch the divorce envelop and checked it that Grimmjow give him that day, so he told him to go and check it and to ichigo surprise? Grimmjow hadn't actually signed the contract, it was empty, he had been had and flocked by his husband, but he was also glad that Grimmmjow hadn't actually signed the contract. If Grimmjow have actually did signed that contract 2 years ago they would go back to stretch in getting re-marriage, which would be a pain in the ass in paying for the whole wedding planner and all those shit they did on their first wedding?.

Grimmjow even told Ichigo that he thought that ichigo had already know that Grimmjow haven't sign the contract and was only playing alone with the whole, being divorced couple pretending thing just for the children to understand how it felt to be having a separated parents and a divorced one? But he was more surprised that ichigo hadn't even known that Grimmjow didn't actually sign the contract? And the two parents had regretted it, the result of it was getting their children in a big trouble and almost lost their little princess in the process even if Grimmjow didn't signed the contract they already feared of ever doing it again. They didn't want to lose their children that they loved and created so much so they will never ever bring up of getting divorced ever again.

When ichigo was done scowling the two eldest children and now a teen, he told them to go in their room and think about the wrong thing their done, Keita sighed and went toward her parents and give them both a 'I'm home' kiss in their check which her parents return the flavor. "So how school?" ichigo asked his daughter as he sat beside his husband on the coach who was still reading the newspaper.

"Boring. But Laice got herself pregnant with her secret boyfriend as the child father.." She said. Laice was Shinji and Nnoitra's little girl. Her parents stared at her. "Doesn't your uncle Shinji know about it?" her mother asked, she shook her head no. Ichigo sighed and pull out his cellphone. "M-Mom?" She asked. "Going to inform it with your uncle Shinji, Laice can't just deal with this on her own? Trust me I been through with dealing myself when I was pregnant with your elder twins brother." He said as he excused himself as he started to have a conversation with Shinji one the phone.

Keita stared as her mother left. Then she turns to stare at her father who had a pen in his mouth and was concerting on figuring something on the newspaper. 'His probable playing some puzzles game in the newspaper again.' She thought. Their father was still very handsome; their father was now 34 year old while their mother was 32 years old but was pretty tall around 6'4, their mother height was around 5'12, but dispatch how old their parents was? Their parents still look young? Around twenty plus.

Not like she and her older sibling doesn't look younger then a high school student? Alto and Haine maybe 18 years old but their face looked around 16 years old, the only different was that they were every tall around 6'1', Alto had the same hair style like their father while Haine hair style was different.

Haine doesn't like putting gel on his hair so he leave his hair a mess one where his eyes could be cover by his hair but still managed to look good, Akihiko and Yuichi are now 16 but looked around 13 years old the only different was their height too, Akihiko and Yuichi where around 5'9, the same height when their mother was around that age, Akihiko's hair was a little long around his neck and his eyes almost cover with how long his front hair was but still look attractive, while she was 14 looked around 12 year old, but her height was around 5'6, she had a hair in front of her left eyes while she had a curly long hair that tied into a neat piggy ponytail with red ribbon around it, she was also wearing her black and red school uniform.

Her skirt was red with stripped black patter around it while her top was a black coat with a red tie and she was wearing a white polo sleeve shirt inside, she was also wearing a black sock that reach her knee and her shoe was white. Her four brother uniform where different. Alto and Haine school uniform where black and white making them look like a mafia guardian instead of a student, while Akihiko and Yuichi uniform color were a white and yellow top while their pants where gray and their shoe was white.

She looked around the living room and saw a picture frame of them as a family when she was around 7 years old.

"What is it, Kei?" her father asked which made her jumped by his sudden question. "N-Nothing, daddy." She lied. "Don't lie ta me dear, I know ya well. Go on and ask me anything?" Grimmjow said still not keeping his eyes off of the newspaper he was reading. She fritted with her school uniform skirt. "I… What mother said about raise alone? Was it really hard?" She asked, this Grimmjow did look at her daughter and sighed. "That not fer me ta answer dear, that will be yer mother job. I wasn't their when he was pregnant with yer elder twins." Grimmjow said. "Oh? Okay." She said. Grimmjow sighed. "Don't worry, ichigo will tell everything about how we meet and all when his ready. Okay?" he said as she nodded.

"Alto, Haine, Akihiko and Yuichi get out from there? I know ya four are sneaking behind us and are listening." He said. The 4 eldest children gasped and felt on the right side of the coach to where they were hiding. Haine glared at their father. "How did you know that we were here and listening?" he asked. "Don't be stupid, I know ya guys like the back of my hand? Yer just like me when I was around yer age. I also a curiosity and wanted ta know all about my parents and how they meet and all those shit!" Grimmjow said. "Ohh. Daddy swearing, mommy not gonna be happy when he know you're swearing in front of us!" Yuichi teased his father who gives him a soft glare.


"Ugh!" Grimmjow whine and moaned in pain. "What the heck—" he stopped when he turn around and saw his wife cooked and glare eyebrow at him while his arms where crossed around his chest. "You where swearing in front of our children? Since when did you started?" ichigo asked. 'Ah-oh! Dad busted' the 5 teenager thought and tried not to laugh at their father. Grimmjow rubbed his back head and sighed before giving up and said.

"Every since Alto and Haine turned 13!" he said. Ichigo gasped and smacked his husband head again. "What the heck? Ichigo!" Grimmjow whine. The 5 teenager got up and deiced to left their parents who where having banter and a playful argument. "I can't believe you? Haven't I already told you not to SWEAR in front of the children?" They heard their mother complained. "Tch! Is not like Alto and Haine where already old at that age? And they know when ta keep and warn their younger sibling not ta swear in front of ya, and tried not to mimic me!" Grimmjow said.

"That doesn't mean that you still have to keep on doing it? Grimm? What will other people say?" Their mother said. The 5 teenager sighed as their parents continue to have an argument in the living room still they heard their mother moaned. "Hmm.." ichigo moaned as they heard their father chuckle, then soon heard their mother gasped then moaned then heard them started to making out in the coach.

The 5 teenager eyebrow twitched. 'Could they just do it in their bedroom?' they all thought it. They couldn't take it anymore so they pull out their ipod and put on the headset and began to listen to the music as they both went to their respective room. 'Well at lest mom and dad didn't get any divorce anymore and now we are one happy family even thought Dad had the habit to swear and molested mom whenever he can get!' they thought.

"Grimmjow! NO! Go use a condom! You idiot! I'm not letting you impregnate me again!" ichigo whine.

Yup! They where one happy family alright even thought they had and up and down relationship as a family.

The 5 teenager children groaned and went to their respective bedroom and tried ignored the love making their parents were doing, they could hear a foot step and a moan coming from their mother as their parents went toward their bed room and had the fun. Alto couldn't bear it anymore and turn on the speaker in a bit louder volume of the TV he was watching as Haine give his older twin a thank you look as the two went to do their homework, Akihiko and Yuichi were doing the same, even Keita was doing the same as she turn on her laptop volume a bit high to try to distract her from her parent love making in their bedroom.

"Mmm! Oh gosh! Harder G-Grimm!" ichigo moaned as Grimmjow smirked and trusted harder using a condom. "AHHH!." Ichigo moaned loudly. "Hnn. Yer so fucking tight honey~" Grimmjow coated. They keeps getting at it still the 5 teenager couldn't take it anymore and scream.

"MOM! DAD COULD YOU GUYS STOP MAKING OUT ALREADY?" They yelled as the parents stopped. Ichigo was blushing hard while Grimmjow was chuckling and had stopped pounding inside his wife entrance and pull out with a lovely pop as ichigo shiver still blushing from embarrassment. When the children was sure enough that their parents where done they yelled the: 'Thank you!'. Amelia and Arturo couldn't help but giggling in their bedroom when they heard their grandchildren was getting annoy with their parents make-up season, even the bodyguard who was guarding the hallway of the mansion tried not to laugh at their boss and his wife.

'Yup! Where somewhat a one happy family alright!' ichigo thought as he settle himself to sleep beside his husband.


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