Kaoru flipped a page of the novel he was currently reading for one of his high school classes while sitting in his chair that faced a desk in his room. Occasionally he would swivel in his chair to occupy his feet from the utter boringness. Meanwhile, Hikaru sat lazily on his stomach atop their shared, king-size bed. His feet were kicking aimlessly in the air as he stared at his brother. His homework was done and all he had to do was wait until his favorite sibling finished a certain page in the book he was reading. Then he could…

"Hikaru, what are you thinking about?" Kaoru critically asked as he snapped Hikaru out of his not-so-innocent fantasies. The older twin didn't notice that Kaoru stopped reading his book and was looking directly at him.

"Don't you already know?" Hikaru teased as his smirk grew larger. He brought himself up in a upright, sitting position.

Kaoru rolled his eyes and muttered "You're such a pervert."

"You are too."

"I wonder why…"

"So, what do you want to do then?"

"I don't know… maybe-"

"If you don't know, then…" Hikaru winked.

"You didn't let me finish!" Kaoru glared at Hikaru who just shrugged and let him continue. "Can't we watch a movie or something together?- and no! Not to just 'get in the mood'." Kaoru denounced his brother's thoughts right away.

Hikaru looked annoyed and then seemed to get an idea. At the same time, Kaoru mirrored the same look. As they smiled at each other, they spoke in unison, "Chase."

This game is basically what Americans know as 'Tag' and is only played rarely between the twins. The loser of the last time they played gets to pick whether they want to be 'it' or be chased. If they ask to be chased, then they have to last 10 minutes without being caught by 'it'. Of course, if they're 'it', they have to catch the person within the same time period. Whoever wins, gets to pick what to do next or decide on any other disagreements that this game can solve. Because the two boys barely quarrel, they consider it a rare treat and haven't gotten bored of this way to fix problems.

The older ginger puffed out his chest in a cocky way while crossing his arms. "Since I won last time, you get to choose who you want to be."

"Hm… Well you did win last time because I couldn't find you when you dashed to a hiding spot… so I'll choose to be chased this time." Kaoru gave the other a smile that declared, 'I'm going to win' as Hikaru gave a smirk that said, 'Not if I can help it'. "Same rules, correct?"

"Yeah. You get a thirty second head start." They both got out their identical red watches and set the timer for ten minutes. The boys looked up at each other and nodded. After that, they pressed the start button simultaneously and Kaoru started sprinting out the room with a cat-like grin.

"He's going to have to find a pretty good hiding spot in order to beat me. If not, he knows I'm faster than him." Hikaru mused maniacally. Tick. Tick. Tick. He started getting impatient. Why was the thirty seconds taking so long? He first glanced at his watch, then back at the clock he had by his bed that had a second hand. Then back at the watch. Then back at the clock. Watch. Clock. His watch was going noticeably slower than the clock. He quickly figured out that it took about two seconds for his watch to register one. By the time he fully understood, his watch reminded him that it was time to search for his brother which technically meant he had given the younger twin a whole minute to hide in their humongous mansion. "How clever of him. That cheater's going to get it this time if that's how he wants to play. Get ready, Kao-chan." Hikaru hissed as he started to jog out of his room.

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