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Kaoru looked back mid-run. He needed to make sure he had a good distance between him and his perverted brother. If not, he'd be in trouble. His right foot hurt like hell, but he couldn't tell Hikaru that. The other would probably worry to no ends and then blame himself. It's Kaoru's fault for hiding in such a high tree in the first place, so he shouldn't bring his brother down because of his own stupidity. When he looked back though, he cursed under his breath. Hikaru had the face, the one he showed each time Kaoru fell and hurt himself. Hikaru knew.

Kaoru rolled his eyes and ran faster. Maybe it'll prove his brother wrong? He's okay...


The younger twin hissed. He kept on repeating, only a few more minutes at most. Only a few more. You can make it as he dashed into the living room.

Nine minutes.

Hikaru noticed that big stumble. He bit his lip to figure out what he was to do. Should he win and just make his baby brother stop? Or should he let the boy have what he's worked so hard to gain?

Kaoru looked back again to see if he had enough distance to hide somewhere in the room. Unfortunately, Hikaru was in sight so it would be pointless to hide right in front of him to buy time.

When the younger twin turned, Hikaru looked into those eyes. The ones he fell in love with. They were filled with the cutest tears. Kaoru was just asking for it now. And now he was in the perfect position to pounce. Hikaru jumped and crashed onto Kaoru, making him land on the couch under him. Hikaru lowered his head so their foreheads were touching then declared, "I win, Kaoru." Just as he said that, the beeper on his watch rung to remind them the game ended.

Ten minutes.

Kaoru swallowed back the whimper that was crawling up his throat. He couldn't go back on his promise to abide by the rules of their little game just because of his leg. "Fine. You win fair and square. Let's- Woah!" The younger redhead was picked up bridal-style by his brother and carried to the kitchen. There, Hikaru set the other boy down on a counter and rummaged through the freezer. "What are you doing?"

Ah, What the heck. "Your foot hurts, right? Ice it while we watch a stupid movie." Hikaru gave Kaoru his classic smirk.

"I thought you wanted to…?"

"Nah. Although I always love my whimpering Kaoru," he got the ice pack that he was searching for and threw it to Kaoru who caught it with ease, "I guess I just don't feel like it now."

Kaoru chuckled as he placed the refreshing coolness over his hurt foot. "After all this work and you're just going to side with me anyways?" The younger twin put on his cheshire grin as he continued to make fun of his brother. "You are such the gentleman."

"I blame twin telepathy. It's been persuading the crud out of me." His smirk turned into a genuine smile as he gazed at the boy he loved so much. Yes, he was whipped.

Hikaru picked the boy up again to bring him to the same couch he claimed his victory on. He placed the other there and then turned to look in their closet of movies. After choosing one, he shoved it in and plopped next to his brother. They snuggled closer together as the movie started.

"Mulan? …really?" Kaoru snorted as he turned his head up slightly to make fun of how childish he was being with his eyes.

"Shut up. It's starting."

Kaoru beamed the whole movie. He loved doing couple stuff with his brother. It was a real rare treat. Not only did the public look down on their relationship, but Hikaru usually had more… colorful ideas that they'd spend their time doing.

The credits started to roll and Kaoru was going to get up (his foot felt much better), but something was in the way. When he looked down, he noticed a peaceful redhead had used his lap as a pillow. Kaoru stopped moving and sat more back in his chair. He stared at his brother for a good five minutes before his fingers managed to tangle themselves in Hikaru's hair. The elder moved his head slightly and smirked into Kaoru's thigh.

"I knew you were awake."

"It's not my fault you wanted to violate my hair." Hikaru's voice was too seductive for comfort.

"Were you really sleeping?" Kaoru asked in much disbelief.

"Hm… maybe." Hikaru reached up for the hand that was resting on his head and brought it to his lips. He then proceeded to slowly kiss each finger. This caused Kaoru to hitch his breath. Hikaru was getting the exact reaction he wanted. After he was finished with those smooth fingers, he worked his way up the younger twin's arm until he reached a spot under his ear, Kaoru's weakness.

Kaoru's face flushed. Damn his brother and his knowledge of him. He captured Hikaru's face and brought it right in front of his.

"Hm?" Hikaru smiled just inches from the other's lips.

"I blame twin telepathy." They clashed.

Chase was a win-win game that night.