Panic. Distress. Vicissitude.

Those words seem to summarize my entire life. Whether it be in the form of old coots with shotguns, poisoned food, or the many dangers of a Paris kitchen, my lot in life has been nothing more than, well, a rat-race. Now look at me, I could have avoided all of this if not for the audacity to act on my vanity of flavor. None of this would have happened if I hadn't the desire of a simple dash of saffron. More and more I am beginning to think that this 'gift' is a curse.

I was blinded by it, by my longing to cook, and now look at where I am. In a jar, on my way to who-knows-where. I slump down inside the glass prison, trying to calm down, but I am suddenly slammed into the clear wall. Everything began to shake as I suspect the bike I am traveling on hits some rough road conditions. I quickly realize that a bit of turbulence is the least of my problems, as it becomes difficult to breathe. Looking down at my paws, I can't distinguish one from the other. My vision begins to dim as my breaths become shorter and more rapid. Dizziness sets in, rendering me unable to keep upright.

Is this the end? Is this what dying feels like?

Decease. Expire. Suffocate.

I can no longer move; my limbs are exhausted from the lack of oxygen. Emile was right, this was a bad idea. There is another violent tremble, and I get thrown about in the cramped space. My mind starts to delve into unconsciousness. Without warning, one large thud sent the jar sailing through the air and down towards the pavement below. Obviously, the dim-witted rider didn't notice, as he kept riding away. With a loud crashing noise, the jar collided with the ground, shattering into pieces. I was free, but at what cost? The impact caused the glass to shoot in many directions, including mine.

Pain. Agony. Affliction.

This day seemed to get better all the time. I managed to remove most of the glass, but I could barely walk. Looking down, I could see a pool of blood forming beneath my wounds. Once again, I found myself losing grip on reality. My breathing slowed, and I no longer concerned myself about the excruciating pain I was in. My mind was going blank, I could not think anymore. Closing my eyes, I felt a great calm set in. I had never imagined death to be so peaceful.