Star Trek Voyager

Ghost of Enemy's Past

Chapter 1


"Kathy come on," Janeway's younger sister cried out as she ran up ahead on the dirt path that led through a dark forest. There was some sun light that peaked through the trees, but not enough which made her feel isolated. She hated being in places like these. "We are almost there!"

Janeway exhaled heavily and started to jog to keep with her. Her sister was four years younger than her and certainly more than a handful. Her sister seemed to have the energy of four children and was constantly running around getting her in trouble. Whenever her younger sister did something wron, it was always her that got in trouble; regardless of what had happened. "Wait up," Janeway cried out scared that her sister could get lost or hurt.

Her sister giggled playfully, but didn't stop. Her laugh in the beginning seemed to be a mile away and then grew closer to an echo. She didn't think her sister had the speed or the time to get that far from her, but over time her sister constantly surprised her. The weather started to grow cold and Janeway found herself buttoning her sweater, but it did little help. "Where are you?" She asked looking around as she jogged down the dirt path.

Janeway wasn't sure where her sister was taking her, but she hoped it was nearby and worth all this trouble. The day started with her dad asking to take her on a walk while he was away. She never thought her sister would take her this way, despite her protests. She was not dressed for this kind of walk and didn't want her clothing to get ruined. She was wearing baggy black pants and a light pink shirt that had red buttons, even though it was only for design.

Her sister giggled again and this time it sounded as if it were coming from behind. She stopped walking abruptly confused and scared. She turned around slowly hoping she'd see her sister standing there smiling mischievously. But of course she was not standing there. When Janeway turned around again to continue her way, she jumped in fright. "Damn it!" She said loudly when she saw her sister standing there with a big smile on her face.

"Did I scare you?" She asked her eyes twinkling playfully. "Oh Kathy you look so scared."

Janeway shook her head and grabbed her sister by the wrist. She kneeled in front of her and looked her in the eyes. "Don't ever do that again," She said in a scolding tone. "Do you understand me." She waited for her sister to say something or nod her head in understanding, but when she didn't she continued, "That was not funny."

Her sister's smile faded and she said, "Okay Kathy no more games, " She reached out and touched her sister's cheek, "But let's go already. There is something you have to see."

Janeway stood up and continued walking with her sister. Her sister now had a smile on her face and began to pull her down the path trying to get her to walk quicker, but she had no intention in doing so. "Janeway," A soft whisper said coming from behind her that sent shivers up and down her spine. She felt as if someone were standing there breathing down her neck.

Janeway looked behind her but saw only the darkness of the forest. When she resumed walking, she suddenly found she was no longer holding her sister's hand. In fact her sister was no where to be found. There was another whisper that came from behind her. Janeway cursed and looked behind her as everything suddenly grew dark.

Janeway sat up in bed abruptly breathing heavily. She looked around and was relieved to find her in her own quarters. Her heart was pounding quickly and she had the chills all over. "Damn," She said taking a deep breath as she slid toward the edge of bed. "Computer what is the time?"

"The time is 0700 hours," Was the computers automated response.

Janeway yawned and stood up. She had only gotten four hours of sleep and yet was surprised that her dream felt so real. It was as if she could still hear her sister's giggling. Janeway stood up and walked to a picture that had fallen off her dresser. She reached out and picked it up looking at it. It was a picture of her and her sister taken after she won a tennis game. The picture had a crack in it and strangely the crack was only over her sister's part and not her.

Now Janeway's sister may or may not be younger than her, but here she is younger. I hope you enjoyed it. This is my first horror story written here. Thanks.

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