Star Trek Voyager

Ghost of Enemy's Past

Chapter 2

First Encounter

Chakotay stepped out of the turbo lift and smiled at a young ensign who was waiting patiently by the entrance. He walked down the corridor in silence and stopped by Janeway's cabin. He pressed the button to alert her that he was waiting there. "Come in," She said as he stepped in her quarters. He smiled at her and glanced at the table that was set up with toast, eggs, hot cereal, orange juice, and coffee. "Good morning," She said as he approached the table.

"Good morning Kathryn," Chakotay said as she motioned for him to sit down,

Chakotay sat down and smiled as she sat opposite of him. She poured herself coffee and then handed him the pitcher. He poured himself and the took a sip. "Chakotay please take anything," Janeway said taking a sip of coffee, "I don't want any leftovers this time."

Chakotay chuckled softly as he took some eggs. "You always make too much food Kathryn," He said with a smile.

"Well better than not having enough," Janeway said taking a piece of toast. She ripped it in half and took a bite.

"Amen," Chakotay said taking a spoonful of eggs. "My people have a phrase, teshar mulah fesng gresh tylroi."

"What does that mean?" She asked refilling her cup with coffee. She took a long sip.

"It means food rained down from the heavens and made us happy," He said scooping up some eggs on to a piece of bread. He folded it in half and then took a bite.

Janeway closed her eyes and started to rub her temples. Her headache that she had ever since she woke up was beginning to get worse. Maybe after breakfast she'd visit sickbay. Although she if she did than the doctor would want to get the physical he has kept asking her for, which she kept procrastinating on. Chakotay looked at her with concern, but didn't say anything. "So what's our status?" Janeway asked trying to ignore he headache.

"Nothing major since we have entered this sector," Chakotay said taking a sip of coffee. He set down the mug and then continued, "The most exciting thing that has happened so far, was the asteroid field we had passed two days ago."

Janeway was about to say something, but she instead found herself staring into her mug. She found herself staring at the steamy and murky brown liquid that she loved so dearly. Chakotay looked at her strangely and was about to ask if she were okay when Janeway looked at him and smile faintly. "Sorry I am a bit tired," She said setting down her coffee, "I didn't sleep that well last night."

"We could all use some shore leave," Chakotay said with a smile as he took another spoonful of eggs. He wasn't much of an egg eater until he began his weekly breakfasts with Janeway.

"Bridge to the Captain," Harry said breaking their conversation.

Janeway found herself sighing. She was hoping to get another cup of coffee before she had to go on to the bridge. She sat up straight and pressed her com-badge, "What is it ensign?"

"There is an unidentified vessel two light years away," Harry said watching from his council. "It is on an direct course toward us."

"Life signs?" Janeway asked looking at Chakotay who had set down his fork. He picked up a napkin and wiped his mouth.

"I am picking up one," Harry said scanning the ship. "But it is weak."

"I'm on my way," Janeway said standing up. She pressed her badge again and then looked at Chakotay, "I guess there will be leftovers."

Chakotay stood up and followed her out of the cabin. They walked together silently to the turbo lift. "Bridge," Janeway simply said when they stepped in.

The turbo lift began its decent. Janeway leaned against the wall as she found it strange that for the first time the whine the turbo lift was making as it passed through each section bothered her. She wasn't sure why, but it made her feel uneasy. Janeway closed her eyes and slowly rubbed her temples. When she reopened them, she gasped in shock.

The turbo lift had come to a complete halt, but the doors didn't open and the entire thing was engulfed in flames. The walls were charred black and there was a little girl standing a foot away, her back facing her. Janeway reached out and as her hand got within inches reach, the girl turned around giggling to herself. Her face was full of boils and blood. Parts of her neck was visible as the skin was beginning to melt away. "Kathy," She said in a playful tone, "Come play with me."

Janeway gasped when Chakotay reached out and touched her shoulder waking her from the disturbing image. She looked around the turbo lift, her heart beating rapidly. She was hoping to find something, but she didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "Are you okay?" Chakotay asked with concern. He reached out and touched her on the shoulder gently, "You have a terrified look in your eyes."

"I am fine," Janeway said bluntly as the turbo lift came to a complete halt. The doors slid open and without much more of a reply, she walked on to the bridge leaving Chakotay standing there.


Kes stepped out of quarters with a smile on her face. She had another great night with Neelix and was excited to have breakfast with him. Usually he was up much earlier than her busy making breakfast for the crew members. This morning though, he decided that a nice breakfast with Kes was in store and she agreed with him.

She was so thankful that he was part of her life. Even though she was older and more mature than when she left Ocumpa, she was still insanely inquisitive. Neelix was just the opposite. If it were up to him, he would love to settle down on a planet and become a farmer. Kes on the other had, loved the idea of being space explorers.

Kes walked down the corridor quietly and slowly thinking of her past time on Ocumpa. She missed her home, but she enjoyed being part of the crew even more. Kes stepped into the turbo lift and as soon as the doors slid shut, a wave of terror passed through her. It felt almost as if a spirit was on the ship, but she knew that was impossible. Or is it? She couldn't quite figure what she was sensing, but it gave her the chills.

It felt almost like trying to remember a dream. A dream that slowly faded away the more you tried to remember it. Suddenly she heard a whisper, but wasn't exactly sure what was said. As soon as she heard it, the feeling disappeared and then everything returned to normal.

Kes shook her head and reached out touching the turbo lift wall. She half expected something to emerge from it, but even though nothing did her hand remained there. After a few moments, she removed her hand and then said, "Deck four."


Janeway stepped into sickbay and saw the doctor and Kes treating their guest. Janeway had the alien transported to sickbay and the small ship transported to the cargo bay where Belanna was with Harry studying it. "Status doctor," Janeway asked approaching the bio bed.

Janeway looked at alien on the bed and as soon as she did so, the entire sickbay grew cold. She saw her sister lying on the bed looking at her with big and round curious eyes. "Kathy dear," Her sister said with a big grin. "I miss you. Come play with me."

Janeway closed her eyes and when she reopened them everything was back to normal. She looked at the humanoid on the bed and then glanced at Kes who had a look that Janeway had never seen before. Her skin was as pale as a ghost as she stepped away from the bed wide eyed in fear.