Last Resort

Chapter 1



Nearly twenty years passed before the Jareth, the King of the Goblins became desperate. After the mortal girl, Sarah Williams, had defeated his Labyrinth and rejected him, the powers she invoked banned him from physically entering her life. Until she called him to her he was restricted from her personal world. Being only allowed to watch her in his crystals or receive reports of her from her friends or his goblins gradually drove Jareth from his initial depression to obsession.

For the first few years his every free moment focused on anything to do with Sarah; he neglected his duties as king, he ignored the Labyrinth's calls, and he failed to notice that his kingdom's magic weakened. Several more years passed in this manner until Jareth noticed that his own magic waned. Crystals lacked full strength. His stamina shortened. His vitality faded. Once he realized this new development his attention to his kingdom fully returned.

Sarah's journey caused much damage in the Labyrinth. She had created a type of vortex which slowly drew energy and magic away from the Labyrinth to herself. After all, her will was as strong and her kingdom as great; apparently so much so that her victory was tapping the Labyrinth itself of its life force. Which in turn was draining the Goblin King since the King and the Kingdom are one; this could not continue.

Jareth immediately set to work repairing his kingdom. He reestablished communication with the Labyrinth. He spent over a decade creating spells, putting his goblins to work, and researching by any means possible a remedy to save his kingdom. However, he was only able to slow the process and delay the Labyrinth's decline. Gradually he realized that his knowledge and expertise were exhausted and went to commune again with the Labyrinth at its center. This is where our story begins...



"I will not agree to this!" Jareth stated loudly in a voice that brooked no argument.

"Jareth, there is no other choice." The slightly alto feminine voice of the Labyrinth replied inside Jareth's mind.

"There must be. This cannot be our only option." He paced in the small, stone chamber located deep below his castle. His tattered gray cape swirling about his lean, wiry frame; arms crossed at his chest and head bowed so that his feathery platinum hair framed his gaunt face.

"It is not just the only option. It is our last resort. I did suggest it months ago."

"And I liked it even less then!" Jareth bellowed to the ceiling as he continued pacing.

"She can save us all." The Labyrinth coaxed causing him to freezing mid stride. He continued in a softer, almost bitter tone.

"And why should she care to do that? Her friends have not heard from her in years. Not once has she called for me. She left us to our fate without another thought."

"Our fate was not her intention. She knows nothing our plight."

"What? " Jareth looked once again towards the ceiling. "How can you be sure?"

"Unlike you, my King, I have continued to watch Sarah. She is unaware of the situation that her victory created."

"..." Jareth remained standing still with his arms crossed and grunted. "That gives me no assurance that she would be receptive to our needs."

"So you will not attempt it? Does her rejection continue to sting your pride?"

"Damn you! Leave my pride out of it!"

"Jareth, this must be attempted. You must do this to save us all. As king you must sacrifice your pride to this quest to win Sarah's heart and bring her back to us."

The Labyrinth's voice echoed in Jareth's skull; the ultimatum chilled his very soul causing him to sink to the bare floor of the chamber. He leaned backwards to the wall, his head resting against the stone and his legs sprawled directly in front of him; gray boots and breeches covered in dust.

Neither spoke for several minutes as Jareth processed this unwanted information. Only the glows of the light crystals were active in their flickering as the Labyrinth waiting for Jareth's answer. Jareth's mismatched eyes, both blue but one permanently dilated creating the appearance of brown, stared unblinking across the chamber. His arms rested limply in his lap as his respirations became shallow and rapid. Finally, just as the Labyrinth thought the King might be considering turning himself to stone, Jareth spoke in a quiet, defeated voice.

"What must I do?" For the sake of his kingdom, his Labyrinth, his subjects and himself; the Goblin King became desperate.