Yes I will finish Come closer, I'm not going to abandon it with one chapter left, but this idea has been cooking in my head for way too long. I had to get it online.

Just some info to keep you in the loop:

The time period is still the present day but the characters are roughly 23 instead of 16

Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt are Roommates, Rachel is a singer but she's struggling, Kurt is a set make-up artist, Mercedes is a law student, Sue is their landlord.

Finn is a big action star, Puck is his publicist, Mr. Schuester is his agent.

Quinn is a famous model, she is dating Finn but mostly for publicity reasons.

The other characters will probably be used, I just haven't figured out what to do with them yet.

"You're insane Rachel, whatever happened to not settling for some dead end job?" Kurt said as Rachel buttoned up her dorky black vest.

"Insane would be to come all the way to LA just to have to move back because I can't pay my share of the rent," Rachel said as she began to fasten her bowtie.

"Rachel's right Kurt. I mean, sure it's not the dream job, but if it'll pay the bills then why not?"

"Stripping or selling drugs would pay the bills too, it doesn't mean she should do it Mercedes," Kurt said. "Compared to scraping the vomit of countless drunken teenagers off the back of a limo night after night selling drugs actually seems like the preferable option."

Rachel gave him a "that's what you think" look.

"What's that look all about?" Kurt said.

"Oh nothing" Rachel said suggestively.

"She's just excited because she gets to drive Finn Hudson to the People's choice awards tonight."

"Mercedes!" Rachel cried.

"What, he was going to find out eventually," Mercedes shrugged.

"How could you keep this from me? You know how much I love Finn Hudson, why do you think I voted against prop 8?"

"Because it's stupid and wrong?" Mercedes said.

"No, so me and Finn Hudson could legally marry and adopt an ethnic baby, did you not read my 20 year plan?" Kurt said.

"Okay, this is why I didn't tell you. If you stalk him I can lose my job," Rachel said.

"You have to introduce me, I'll give you my kidney," Kurt said.

"Whatever would I use it for?" Rachel said, still fussing with her bowtie.

"God, you're hopeless," Kurt said getting up to assist her with her bowtie. See what a good friend I am, helping you look sharp for your first day on the job."

"I can't introduce you Kurt," Rachel said, seeing right through him.

"Why not?" he pouted. "I introduced you to Robert Pattinson that one time."

"Yeah, because you forgot my birthday. I can't introduce you because I doubt I'll even be allowed to talk to him," Rachel said. "He'll probably raise the partition the first second he gets, I hear he's a real jerk."

"Those are dirty lies, the Finn Hudson I dream about at night is nothing if not the perfect gentleman," he said straightening Rachel's perfectly knotted bowtie.

"Kurt, I love you, but you're bordering on creepy," Mercedes said.

"Oh please if I were a girl it would be perfectly normal," Kurt said.

"You never get tired of pulling the gay card do you?" Mercedes said.

"I will when you get tired pulling the race card," Kurt shot back.

"So never then?" Mercedes said.

"Agreed," Kurt shrugged. "I don't get it Rachel, why would they give you such a big job your first day?"

"I have no idea, but I hear he personally requested a young, attractive woman," Rachel said. "It's just more glaring yet admittedly flattering evidence that he's a sexist pig."

"Come on, you're not that attractive," Kurt said.

"I resent that" Rachel snapped.

"I didn't mean it that way, you know I think you're stunning, but you're not exactly the typical Finn Hudson girl," Kurt said. "He's dating Quinn Fabray for god's sake. Although, I for one think that romance is a total cover."

"Whatever helps you dream about Finn Hudson at night," Mercedes teased.

"Come on Mercedes, no straight guy can play gay that convincingly," Kurt argued.

"I forgot about Siren Songs," Rachel said. "He was actually really good in it, too bad he seems to have dedicated the rest of his career to brainless tripe like Battleground 2."

"You didn't like that one?" Kurt said.

"It was ridiculous, it was a new low even for Michael Bay," Rachel said.

"Yeah but Finn Hudson was shirtless through like the whole movie," Kurt argued.

"That boy's abs could cure cancer," Mercedes said.

"And his pecs could wipe out world hunger" Kurt said.

"Okay enough you guys," Rachel said. "I have to go. Promise you won't stow away in the trunk Kurt."

"I'll be good… this time" Kurt said, grabbing Rachel's hat and setting it atop her head for her. "Break a leg."

Rachel approached her shining black limousine, it wasn't her first time driving it, but it felt like the first. She didn't know why she was so nervous, she had met celebrities before, but this felt different. This was the first time she would be working so closely with one, she just wished it didn't have to be as his limo driver. She got into the front seat and took a deep breath before turning the key and putting the car in drive. She took deep breaths as she drove towards her destination, careful to watch the road. She knew it was stupid to be so anxious, it wasn't like she was chauffeuring Barbra or anything, this was just some dumb Hollywood beefcake who probably wouldn't give her the time of day. Most of his movies were terrible, although she had to admit he had crazy screen presence and would probably be a decent actor if given a chance to star in something good, like the little-seen indie film he did a few years back before he was famous. And as much is she hated to admit it, he was ridiculously gorgeous, the kind of gorgeous that made her weak in the knees, the kind of gorgeous that made her want to giggle and twirl her hair stupidly. Stop it Rachel, she thought to herself as she pulled up to his penthouse. He's practically your boss. She pulled the key out of the ignition and got out of the car to greet him. As he exited the front door flanked by bodyguards and ambushed by fans on all sides she caught a look at his face. If it was possible, he was even cuter in person. He greeted his fans and signed a few autographs before meeting her at the car.

Rachel extended her hand for him to shake. "Mr. Hudson, I'm Rachel Berry, I'll be your chauffer for the evening," Rachel said with with a surprising amount of confidence.

"Dude is she for real?" said the well-suited, smug looking guy standing next to Finn. He was about Finn's age and although he was built like a bodyguard he clearly wasn't one.

"Lay off her Puck it's her First day," Finn said, shaking Rachel's still extended hand. "It is your first day right?"

Rachel simply nodded, enjoying the feeling of his big, strong hand in hers too much to say anything.

"Aren't you supposed to open the door or something?" Said the gorgeous blonde on Finn's Arm. She hadn't noticed Quinn before, she was way too focused on her stunningly handsome sort of boss, but god was she pretty. She was so pretty it almost wasn't fair.

"Um, yes of course," Rachel said, letting go of Finn's hand and opening the door for him and his Entourage.

Real smooth Berry, Rachel thought to herself as she shut the door behind them.