I know you're b-b-breaking

Falling apart

And I know he hurt you

B a d

And that makes me want to

Throttle him

But, honey

You have to move on


Love, life isn't going to pause

And wait for you to get your shit together

It's continuing

Leaving you in the dust

So hurry up!

Come on, let's get going


I hear you whisper his name

Once, twice,

A million times

To the stars

Because you're lonely and you miss him

But he was nothing but trouble

He didn't love you


And the stars are falling tonight

Aren't they, love?

And maybe you feel like you are falling too

But I'll catch you

Because that's what I'm here for.


You feel so terribly old sometimes,

Don't you?

Like the world is pressing down on your shoulders

And it would be easy

So easy

To let go

To shrug

B u t,

Hold on for a while longer

Because it'll get better


You're so young.

( Bet you didn't think that. )

You are so young and naïve and happy

Why let him ruin it?

( ruin you? )

Because you are not the girl I love

When you change yourself

To be the girl he wants.


That little notebook goes with you everywhere

And I see it hugged to your chest

Put it down

Give it to me

I'll get rid of it

I'll burn away all of his vicious words

You remember through poem

And in the cackling fire

You will find peace


He's terrible

No good

Very bad


But you are wonderful

And you're still here

Still fighting

That has to count for something,


So, don't give up, love

Because I need you

And I need you to see

That you don't need him

And you may need to remember

How to breathe on your own

( in, out,

In, out )


You can do it

I promise


So wish on a star

And imagine a happier tomorrow

Because he's gone now, love

He's gone!

And you can do this on your own

You can breathe

And one day you'll think you are falling

But you'll actually be flying

And then you'll be healed


A/N: This one is for one of my best friends. A guy really messed her up and she needs to get better because I miss, we all miss, the real her.