SUMMARY: Uzumaki Naruto, after dying does not go to the Court of Pure Souls, Seireitei, or Hueco Mundo. Instead he is dragged into Kousen also known as Hell.

No one ever used this plot eh?

This is a teaser chapter. Next one will be longer and stuff.

Enjoy the prologue!


There was fire everywhere.

The streets and the buildings lining it were alight with flames.

The flames were unnaturally black that did not stop.

It burned down everything it touched and as if it had a mind of its own the fire moved on to the neighboring buildings.


This was Konohagakure No Sato, the village hidden in the leaves.

Atop the Hokage monument stood every Shinobi and Villager who had safely escaped the demonic black flames.

But they weren't paying attention to the flames; rather everyone was facing the middle of the crowd.

They were looking at two people specifically.

Namikaze Hyuuga Hinata, The Hokage's wife, was on hands and knees, crying uncontrollably.

In front of her was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, The Rokudaime Hokage of the village.

He was looking up into the sky, arms spread wide as if embracing the heavens.

His white robes were stained with his own blood and a deep cut could be visibly seen on his stomach.

His eyes were closed and his lips were parted into a smile.

The greatest Hokage the world would ever see had passed away.


"So this is death?"

Said Hokage was looking at the crowd of people who were crying for their beloved leader's loss. How he wished he could tell them that he was alright, that they shouldn't mourn for him.

Naruto had died protecting his village and his people. He couldn't think of any better way to die than protecting the one's he loved.

Sadly, he couldn't do anything now.

He was no longer alive and no one could see, hear or feel his presence. He was dead.

Naruto consoled himself, thinking that everyone would move on and think that his soul would move on to a better place, even though he wouldn't.

Beside him stood a woman with long and untamed crimson hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall. Yellow eyes were filled to the brim with glee at seeing the sad faces of the crowd. Her lips parted in a grin that showed pearly white fangs. Her clawed hands were at her side, flexing from time to time.

She wore a black Kimono with red trimmings. The chest area of her Kimono looked like it was ready to burst. Strapped to the small of her back was a Nodachi that was placed in a crimson-colored sheathe. The handle was wrapped in black clothe that looked organic. The handle was abnormally long, at least two feet in length.

Naruto looked at her with anger and disgust.

He was Angry because she showed happiness to the suffering faces of his friends.

He was disgusted not at her but at himself.

A trade was made between the woman and Naruto. He traded his eternal soul for the safety of his people. Now he belonged to 'Akki', the adopted human name of the Juubi.

The reincarnation of the mother of all demons herself now owns his soul.

Akki suddenly turned to look at her new pet, the grin never leaving her face.

"As much as I love to stay here and watch the humans suffer, we have some important matters to attend to."

She raised her right hand and stabbed the air in front of her and caused the space to distort and rip.

Suddenly, a vertical line of light had shot up from the point of Akki's hand. The light had stopped at least thirty feet into the air and in a blink of an eye, a door had appeared.

Fitting enough to be called 'The Gates of Hell' it was chained shut and adorned with the bandaged head and torso of a skeleton on each door. The arms of both skeletons are positioned at an angle to pull the gates open.

With a slow hiss of heat, the door had slid wide open and unleashed a torrent of immense heat that made Naruto cover his face.

On the inside, the Gates appear to be prevented from opening fully by two thick ropes with charms attached to them. Beyond it, only a fiery inferno could be seen.

"Ah, Home sweet home!"

Akki sighed as she was hit with a wave of memories of past events. She stepped through the gate halfway before looking back at Naruto who was still awestruck at the appearance of the gate.

"Stop dawdling Naruto-kun, you can stare at the gates at a later time."

Although her tone was calm, it held a certain tone that Naruto couldn't pinpoint.

Grabbing the chain protruding from his chest, Akki dragged him into her hellish domain.

As soon as they were inside, the gates slammed shut and crumbled into nothingness.

The people of Konoha were none the wiser.


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