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Naruto looked down on Tia's sleeping form. Right now, she no longer had the upper part of her mask fragment. A nuisance to her beauty, Naruto used the Hogyoku to get rid of the eyesore. Now the only fragment that remained was the pieces covering her chest and neck. Sighing Naruto stood up from the bed, careful in not waking the other blonde.

I think I'll go take a walk…


Ichigo slowly walked towards the school, thinking about the fight that had happened a week or so ago. Even in his strongest form, Bankai, he wasn't able to do much aside from beating up that big guy, Yammy. But even then, when his Hollow side tried to take over, he was practically useless and was beaten up pretty badly. The bandage around his head and forearms were proof of this. What was worse was when Inoue tried to stop the behemoth from killing him and in turn, she was the one who got backhanded into a tree and got the right side of her whole body broken.

That wasn't supposed to happen. The worst part was that he couldn't do anything to stop Inoue from getting hurt!

He was weak. That much he knew.

That's why I need to get stronger!


Ichigo looked up from the ground, hearing the scream of a girl. He looked to the source and was shocked to see where it came from.

"The school"

Ichigo went on a dead sprint towards the school, following the echoes of the voice bouncing around the hallways. He ended up in front of his classroom and didn't waste time in opening the door. He didn't know what to expect but he had his Shinigami's badge in his right hand already, just in case. Sadly, it wasn't a hollow attack or anything special. It was just Chizuru screaming at the top of her lings when she saw the extent of Inoue's injuries. She was only starting her classes today, Ichigo vaguely remembered.

"How… How did you get all those injuries, Orihime?"

The orange haired teenager could only scratch the back of her head at the sight of her 'close' friend's reaction to her injury. She had to think of a lie that was both believable and plausible.

"I… uh… I fell down some stairs!"

Chizuru, in response to the lame excuse, pulled out two handfuls of her red hair, comedic tears running down her cheeks.

"LIAR! You must be lying! How can all of that result from falling down the stairs? You have a broken arm and have bandages over your face! What did you do, jump out of a window while you were at it?"


The worried redhead slammed her head down on her desk.


"Don't 'Ehehe' me! I was so worried you suddenly stopped going to school for five days straight! Don't make me worry like that again!"

Sighing, Ichigo slowly walked up to his friend, whispering her name.


The girls quickly turned at the sound of her crush's voice, looking at Ichigo face to face. She smiled brightly at him before speaking.

"What is it, Kurosaki-kun?"

Ichigo could only stare at her a moment before turning away, muttering a response to her question.

"Nothing… never mind, forget it."

He walked off, not saying another word. Chizuru could only look at Ichigo's retreating form. What could he possibly have wanted? Why didn't he ask Inoue in the end anyways? Chizuru looked back at said girl as she excused herself to the bathroom.

"Ah! Wait a minute Orihime!"


Don't apologize… It's fine; I was the one who ran off on my own. It was my fault that I got hurt. It doesn't hurt one bit! So…

Don't apologize to me, or give me that look…


Ichigo could still remember the day when they brought the battered Inoue to Urahara's shop to get some medical treatment. She was diagnosed with a fractured skull and a broken left hand, in addition with the multiple broken bones she sustained throughout her body. Ichigo had tried to apologize to her for not being strong enough to protect her or the rest, but she vehemently refused the apology, stating it was their fault that they were the ones who got into trouble in the first place.

What the hell… Chad got hurt pretty badly and Tatsuki almost died! It's all because I'm too weak. Aside from apologizing… There's nothing I could do.

He slowly lowered his head in shame, but was stopped when he felt an odd yet strangely familiar presence approaching his classroom. He looked up towards the door…

Meanwhile, outside the classroom, a ruckus was being made by some new arrivals.

"So… Which classroom is it?"

"No idea"

"What? Didn't you bring your note with you when we left?"

"Ah… I lost it~"

"Lost it! What's wrong with you?"

"Stop arguing! We can just pick up on their spiritual pressure."

Five people were walking towards Ichigo's classroom…

"It's the first time I'm in one of these things. I still can't control my spiritual pressure properly…"

"Please excuse his stupidity."

"I'm not stupid! By the way, how can you act so natural in that thing?"

"I mean… this shirt is so tight and restrictive…"

"Then just pull the shirt out like us."

"Idiot! If I pull it out, I can't wear the wooden sword on my belt!"

"It's all because you said we couldn't bring real swords! That's why I'm making do with a wooden one!"

"That was not our idea. It's the law."

"So why can't we carry real swords! That's one crappy law!"


They were in front of the classroom now.

"Don't draw attention to yourselves. Just walk along quietly!"



"Were here! This is it! I'm opening!"

What. The. Fuck.

Was all Ichigo could think of when he saw exactly who were the one's making the ruckus outside.

"OSU! How's it going Ichigo?"

Abarai Renji, Hitsugaya Tōshirō, Madarame Ikkaku, Ayesagawa Yumichika and the new captain of the tenth division, Matsumoto Rangiku has arrived in the Human world!

"Y-You guys! What the hell are you doing here!"

"It's an order"

Renji was the one who spoke, naturally Ichigo turned to look at the man.

"They said to prepare for a direct confrontation with the Arrancar. We were to meet with the Acting-Shinigami group, here in the human world."

Ichigo took on a serious face as he asked an important question, something that was bothering him when Renji mentioned the word.


The redhead blinked and looked at Ichigo, wondering why he suddenly got so serious all of a sudden.

"What's… an Arrancar?"

"What? You didn't even know who they were and then you started fighting! Dimwit, they were the ones who handed you your ass a few days ago!"

A spike of spiritual pressure alerted him to a presence near the windows of the classroom. He looked, and was facing the silhouette of a figure that stood on the window sill. He blinked, and then it hit him. This person was!

"Long time no see, Ichigo!"

"R… Rukia"

The appearance of these new students caused a storm of gossip and chatter among Ichigo's classmate. Rukia looked at the crowd with a neutral look before turning back to Ichigo. She suddenly jumped towards the strawberry blonde and delivered a left flying kick straight to his face.

"What the hell?"

Ichigo stumbled back and was caught by Renji before he could fall on the ground. He was about to thank the man but noticed that Renji was gripping on to his arms tightly. Ichigo looked back to Rukia, who delivered a rain of slaps.

"What's up with that wimpy look on your face, Ichigo!"


Putting on her special gloves, Rukia pulled out Ichigo's soul and leaped out of the window again.

"Come with me!"

As the two disappeared off into the distance, the rest of the Shinigami could only laugh at their antics.

"Just as we'd expected…"

Rangiku supplied as she looked at the 'empty' body that belonged to Ichigo.

"Yeah those two are troublemakers."

Renji was the one who replied.

"Bah, it's normal to get pissed off after seeing that pathetic sad face."

It was Ikkaku this time.

"Really, Gloomy looks can be so attractive."

"NO, that is not true!"

"I wasn't seeking your opinion, Yumichika!"

"Oh really! Then whose opinion were you seeking, Ikkaku's!"

"Don't drag me into this!"

The classroom was now in a maelstrom of gossip.

"They're definitely dangerous people!"

"And they dye their hair!"

"He has a tattoo!"

"Blonde Hair"

"Silver Hair"


"Big Breasted"


Drawing his wooden blade, Ikkaku turned on the humans with a look that could kill and frighten little children.

"Alright, the two who said 'bald' come out now and face me!"

"Don't mind them… They're just babbling humans."


"With a wooden sword?"

"Count me in Ikkaku!"

"Somebody, switch places with me…"

The last sentence was said by an irate Vice-Captain Hitsugaya.


Naruto looked at the small puddle that had appeared in front of him. He wasn't really freaked out really; he has honestly seen more crazy shit happening in a busy day. But what was weird about this puddle was what it was made out of…


And not just any blood, this blood was pitch black and thick. Naruto could even see the chunks of bone swirling inside the puddle. The blonde haired demon sighed as he walked closer to the puddle. He bent down before plunging his whole arm inside it. Now, by this point, everyone would be thinking what the fuck or something in that line. It was a good thing Naruto knew what he was doing.

Ever so slowly, he pulled back his arm, which was now accompanied by another arm. The arm continued to go up and was revealed to be attached to a body. Soon, Naruto had pulled out the body of a woman from the black blood. Surprisingly, she wasn't dead at all. Sadly, the blood clung to her body, not giving out any specific details about the woman's appearance except that she was an adult female and very well endowed.

Naruto released his grip on her, letting the woman miraculously float on top of the water's surface. The woman's arms encircled her, in a gesture to cover her, before she spoke. When she did, Naruto compared her voice to a whisper mixed with the sounds of moaning.

"Naruto-sama, it is a pleasure to see you again…"

"Get to the point, Succubus. What does Akki-sama want?"

The demon woman gave out a tittering giggle before pulling something out of the puddle of blood.

It was another Nodachi, but the difference was that its design was an all red compared to Beninokogiri's Beninokogiri's entire black motif.

"A new weapon she sends you, yes… She is called The Black Fang!"


"Mistress told me that she would be of great use to you, yes…"

And with those final words, she dissolved back into the puddle of blood and disappeared with it. Naruto looked at his new blade with a bit of excitement and awe. He placed the blade on his right hip before walking back to Las Noches.

"Oh fun, a new toy to play with!"


He arrived back to the palace to be met with a room full of Arrancar. In the middle of said room was Ulquiorra Cifer who had just finished showing the whole army what they did when they were in the Human world. Naruto didn't bother listening to the fight between Ulquiorra and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. He calmly walked towards the front of the room where his 'personal' Fracción were waiting for him. Harribel and Yoruichi greeted their master with a smile, although Tia's expression was almost the same. Strangely, Nel was still not here.

As everything was settled with, Naruto felt like doing something reckless and decided to approach the violent Arrancar known as Grimmjow.

"Hey Pantera~!"

A vein was about to bulge on Grimmjow's forehead when he heard that nickname. He whirled on the balls of his feet and gives a nasty right hook to the guys face. That is, until he saw who it was.

"N-Naruto! W-What's the big deal with you calling me that huh?"

Laughing off the question and with a wave of his hand, Naruto approached him and whispered into his ear.

"Wanna get rid of that Ichigo boy?"

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