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General PoV




Jack groaned.




Groaning again, he rolled over, groping for his cell.




Jack found the damned device a looked at the display screen.

'Crow' He thought irritably. He was so going to kill the boy if this wasn't something important.


Jack flipped the phone open and pressed it to his ear. "What the hell!" Jack shouted into the phone. He glanced at the clock, three AM, great.

"This had better be important you bastard." Jack growled.

A pause…a very long pause.

Jack almost though Crow had hung up when he heard the response.

"Jack…come quick…" Jack frowned at the scared tone the normally hyper red head was using. "Yusei's hurt…"



Jack hadn't waited to hear more. Before he knew it, he had gotten dressed and was mounting his D-wheel to try and get to Crow's as fast as he could.

Speeding through the dark streets of Neo Domino City did little to calm the angry and worried blond. His heart was pounding as thoughts of what happened raced through his mind.

'Had Yusei crashed his D-wheel? Did he get in a fight with someone? Was he jumped by a group of people?"

He knew that last two were unlikely since Yusei was a pretty good fighter unless he was already troubled.

Jack breathed a sigh of release when he saw the apartment building Crow lived in. Pulling into a parking space, he removed his helmet and hurried for the steps. Taking them two at a time, he made it to the red heads door in record time.

As he went to knock, the door creaked open, revealing a tired looking man with red rimmed eyes.

"You look like hell." Jack commented to Crow. Crow didn't even try to offer him a smile. "I only got him stable 30 minutes ago." Jack could feel the panic rise in his chest but squashed it before it could show.

"What happened, did he crash?" Jack asked the first of his theories. Crow looked at him with such sorrow that Jack was sure his shock was clearly written on his face.

"Take a seat." Crow said as he walked over to the kitchen. He returned a few seconds later with an envelope in his hand. "You'll know when you see this." Jack arched one of his perfect eyebrows and took the folder.

Opening it with a sense of dread, he removed a bunch of pictures, all back up so he couldn't see them. Crow spoke up once more. "Flip them over one by one but try to keep your cool. The last thing Yusei needs is your temper."

Normally Jack would have snapped at the other boy and claimed that he knew Yusei better so he would decide. Instead, he kept his mouth shut, somehow knowing that Crow was right.

Taking a steadying breath, Jack flipped the first picture over. He didn't even try to hide his shock.

The picture was of Yusei's face. The shocking part was the huge black eye that covered his right eye. The whole socket was bruised and swollen shut.

Jack set the picture aside, not wanted to see the younger boys bruised face any longer. Turning over the next, he narrowed his eyes.

It was Yusei's neck…with handprints around it. Someone had strangled the black haired boy.

The next two were of his arms. Each sporting bruises, hand prints and minor cuts. The cuts were both scratches and something sharp, a knife being the most likely.

He put those pictures down and moved on to the next. This was of the top par of Yusei's chest and shoulders.

What caught Jack's attention first were the bite wounds on his shoulders and chest. Most of the bites centering on and around his nipples. He had slashes and bruises all over. Many of them were on his ribs. One bruise in particular made him wonder about broken bones.

The next picture was his lower abdomen showed more bruises and cuts but the main focus was a stab wound on his side. It looked like an older wound that had gotten infected. The edges were crusted with green puss and the skin around it was swollen.

Putting that picture aside he flipped the next two which were of Yusei's legs. Once more they had bruises and cuts but what made Jack wince was the hand prints on his upper thighs, just below his boxers.

If there was more damage under the boxers, there were no pictures of them. Jack looked at his hand and saw that he still had a few pictures to go through before he was done. He swallowed thickly, knowing that this meant there were many more injuries.

Jack took another breath and prepared to flip the next picture. This one was of the back of Yusei's head down to his shoulders. Jack released that breath in a gasp as he took in the pictures.

On Yusei's left should there was a horrible burn that had blistered over the whole shoulder blade. The opposite shoulder had Whore carved into it.

The next picture was the middle of his back. To one side there was a bad stab wound that looked newer than the one on his front. Around it was a bad bruise. The middle of his back was covered in old and new cuts as though someone had beaten him with a belt or whip.

The final picture was of Yusei's lower back. More whip marks bruises and knife cuts surrounded another carved in word. "My Slut." Jack read aloud. He looked at Crow who had his face buried in his hands.

"Three broken ribs, two stab wounds, cuts bruises and god knows how much internal damage and he won't let me take him to the damned hospital! I patched him up but I don't even know abut mental damage!"

Jack understood instantly why the red head had called him. He was the oldest of their group besides Kiryu so he was a safe bet and he could be there for Yusei when Crow couldn't.

Jack stood up. "Where is he?" Jack ignored what he had been told and what he saw as best he could. He figured he would just watch over Yusei before he figured out who did this.

"Guest room, two doors down from the bathroom." Jack nodded and walked down the hall until he reached the half open door. Pushing it open all the way, he looked at the boy on the bed.

He sighed as he saw the stark white bandages that contrasted sharply with his golden skin. The bed he lay in was blue and black which only made Jack think about the bruises that covered Yusei's body.

There was a desk in the room with a chair that Jack pulled over to the edge of the bed where he took a seat. His amethyst eyes took in the bruised and battered face of the younger boy as he waited…waited for the brunette to open his indigo eyes.



It was nearing six AM. He had been there for three hours and still the boy showed no signs of waking up. Really, the only reason Jack knew Yusei was alive was the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest.

Jack had made Crow go to bed about an hour before but had refused to sleep himself. He wanted to be there when he awoke.

Jack glanced out the window and noticed the beautiful full moon that shone outside the window. He smiled slightly, Yusei always loved the moon. He hoped the boy awoke before it set.


Jack's eyes snapped back to the face of the brunette. The lid of his undamaged eye fluttered as his brows creased in pain.

He held his breath as the seconds ticked by. It felt like forever before his cobalt eye flicked open. The startling orb was unfocused before settling on a patch of the ceiling.

Yusei didn't look towards Jack for a long moment but when he did, Jack wished he hadn't. The boy finally looked his age, strong front long forgotten.

His eyes showed just how broken he was inside. He looked helpless and hopeless. Jack had never seen him like this.

Yusei looked away from him again, this time glancing out the window. He stared outside for a long time before trying to sit up. Jack wanted to help the boy but when he reached out, he saw Yusei flinch as though he knew the touch was coming but was expecting a blow.

Instead, Jack stood and walked over to the closet in the room where extra pillow were. He propped them behind the other boy, careful not to touch him.

Yusei turned his eye to him once more as though in thanks before turning back to the window, watching the moon set.

"What happened?" Jack asked to break the silence.

He didn't think the other boy was going to answer as the minutes ticked by until he heard a soft cracking voice.

"Crashed." Was the only answer he received. Jack frowned and shook his head.

"No, I saw the photos. Someone did this." He saw Yusei freeze before hearing a soft sigh escape the boy's lips. Jack spoke before Yusei. "You don't have to tell me. You can wait until your ready. You won't be going home though. Until you tell me and I have thoroughly beat the guy or let you beat the guy, you will stay with me."

Yusei looked at him once more before nodded slightly, wincing as he moved his neck.

"Try and rest. You can't move until your ribs heal." Yusei flicked his eye to him again. It was widened as though he was shocked to hear his ribs broke.

"Sleep, I have thing to arrange." Jack stood and watched as Yusei lay down again before stepping out of the room. He went to the kitchen and left a note on the white board on the fridge.

Once he finished, he stepped outside. As he mounted his D-wheel, Jack promised himself that he wouldn't let the bastard that hurt Yusei get away.

If there as one thing Jack Atlas as good at, it was holding a grudge and getting revenge.


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