Broken Open Epilogue

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"Mari! Mira!" Yusei tapped his foot on the ground, his hands on his hips as he called for his two twin daughters. He had been waiting for the two 6 year olds for nearly 45 minutes but it still made him smile, they had wanted to dress themselves. Sure enough, the two black haired little girls came running down the steps, periwinkle eyes bright. "Papa!" They both called as they stopped before him.

Mira and Mari had been adopted by Jack and him when they were two, it had been four years since then…six years since his rescue. As he took in the sight of his two precious little girls, he couldn't help but chuckle.

Mira had long flowing black hair and periwinkle eyes with icy pale skin. Her outfit consisted of a black dress, little white ruffled socks and in her hands she held a bright purple bow. "Papa! Put my hair in ribbons please Papa!" Yusei smiled softly and nodded. "Okay sweety, go take a seat at the table, Papa will be there in a moment." He turned to look at Mari.

Mari had shoulder length black hair that framed her little face perfectly. Her eyes were the same periwinkle as her twin's but they were much more expressive, changing color depending on her mood. Her outfit consisted of a black skort and cardigan with matching ruffled white socks like her sister. "Papa, papa! Do my hair too!" She held out a cobalt colored satin ribbon to him.

"Okay precious, go sit with your sister. I'll be there in a moment." Yusei turned and walked up the stairs where he found Jack sitting on their bed. The older man's black suit hugged his body nicely and the blood red tie he wore stood for exactly what they were going to do. "The girls are almost ready…" Yusei started. Jack looked up slowly and smiled. "That's good…they deserve this."

Yusei nodded and walked over to take Jack's hand. "Come on, we don't want to be late, Crow would kill us." Jack gave a soft laugh and followed Yusei who went over to their daughters to tie up their hair. For Mira, he put her hair in a pony-tail and tied it with the ribbon. For Mari, he tied two strands of hair on either side with the ribbons.

When he was done, Jack helped them with their shoes and the small family of four headed downstairs to the car. When everyone was buckled in, kids music blasting from the speakers, Jack pulled out. "Daddy! Where are we going?" Mira asked, her little head popping up in the middle. Jack smiled and looked at her through the rearview.

"We are going to visit some of Papa and Daddy's friends. I think you'll like them." Mira nodded and sat back. The silence only lasted a few minutes before Mari popped up. "Daddy, why are we all dressed in black?" This time, Jack frowned. "Well sweety…it's what you do when you visit a grave yard…and that's where we are going." Mari tiled her head to the side but nodded, not really understanding but accepting the answer.

After about 30 minutes in the car, jack pulled onto a dirt path. They stayed on that for 5 minutes before pulling up to a gravel parking lot that only had one other car in it. Leaning on the car was a red headed man. When the car pulled to a stop, the red head rushed over and barely waited for Yusei to get out before wrapping him in a hug. "It's been a while man!" Yusei laughed and hugged the exuberant male in a hug.

"Way to long…the girls have missed you!" Sure enough, as soon as Jack had them out of their car seats, the girls tackled the red head. "Uncle Crow!" The twins hugged Crow who was their one and only uncle. The red head leaned down to lift them into his arms. "Omph, you two are getting so big!" Crow started to walk down a small deer path, the other two trailing behind with a picnic basket each.

Crow got over the hill ahead of them but they didn't mind, Jack and Yusei enjoyed the scenery. As they crested the hill, a strong wind blew past, causing Yusei to raise his hand to shield his eyes. When the wind died down, he looked out over the landscape and saw his daughters sitting in a silver haired man's lap. The man was waving from his wheel chair while the little girls held up both their arms heaven ward. Yusei smiled at the sight as his blonde lover walked down to join the other couple and their daughters.

As he took in the scene, he felt something break free from within him and his eyes instantly darted up to the sky.

"Aki…I wonder if you hate me for all that happened. Well…today is the anniversary of your death and we're all here. Kiryu, he gained his sanity after the fall but he gave up his legs in the plummet. Jack has taught me what true love is and Crow has remained my friend even after everything. He and Kiryu are happy together and Kiryu managed to forgive himself. Shame…he is gone now, today, after six years. I think I can happily let him go. Maybe…maybe you can smile over us and let us know we aren't wrong for moving on…"

And just as he finished his monologue, the wind blew strongly again to carry the calls of his loved ones. Brushing a few stray tears from his cheeks, he ran down the hill, smiling brightly.

Aki would always be there somewhere to watch over them and let them know they were okay, Yusei could live with that. This is his future now, this is his chance to move on and create something now. These daughters of his would lead them all to an even bigger future…and still Aki would be there…as Yusei reflected on this he couldn't help the smile that graced his face. As long as he knew the future was out there, Yusei could face anything.

The arm Jack wrapped around him told Yusei he felt the same.

The End




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